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Top Ten Consequences of Breaching the Debt Limit

The Obama administration has warned that exceeding the debt limit will be the ultimate nightmare scenario. Here, in case you missed it, is White House Press Secretary Jay Carney several weeks ago describing what could happen.

White House Dossier recently obtained a private White House list of specific possible consequences of the U.S. exceeding the debt ceiling. We share the ten most significant of them here.

1. Every fourth person’s head will explode.

2. Sky will fall and be too heavy to put back.

3. U.S. must start charging admission to Cleveland.

4. China will gain a controlling interest in American Movie Channel.

5. U.S. forced to use Discover Card and get money back.

6. Treasury Secretary Geithner forced to break open piggy bank stored under his desk.

7. “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned” substituted for “In God We Trust” on money

8. Chinese restaurants allowed to start charging for fortune cookies.

9. Office of Management and Budget director forbidden to play Wii while at work.

10. When on vacation, United States no longer permitted to charge pina coladas to the room.

15 Responses to Top Ten Consequences of Breaching the Debt Limit

  1. The only problem that I see with the above is that what they are actually predicting are far worse. I’m sure however, that these will give them some great ideas! Love it.

      • no.11 obamas will have to down size lobster consumption to only
        5 luncheons per week (the usual 7 nights of lobsterfest will remain)
        no.12 the white house helicopters will park closer so obama will have a shorter walk in order to reduce his “carbon footprint”..
        no.13 Moochie must reduce the lard content in her newly acquired
        obsession : Pig fat cakes… (so sad) maybe she can compensate in other ares of her diet !

  2. Should we put a bag on the head of every fourth person? At least it would provide some containment. But that begs the question “who is number one?”

  3. I say let her rip, not anything there we can’t live without. Don’t worry about the lack of cloud cover srdem, they always give the worse case scenario. If the sky falls, we can certainly put it back up.

    Remember these golden oldies:
    1) If TARP isn’t passed, the markets will collapse…and we’ll all die.
    2) If porkulus isn’t passed, unemployment will go above 8%, the bridges will collapse, and all the roads will develop gigantic potholes…and we’ll all die.
    3) Unless Obamacare is passed, people without insurance will be denied care…and we’ll all die.
    4) Unless Dodd-Frank is passed the financial system will collapse, and we’ll all die.

    We’re all going to die sooner or later so might as well take a chance and call Geithner’s bluff. This is just another manufactured crisis to scare us into letting these crooks raise our taxes. Don’t cave Republicans…

  4. The MSM seem unified in their prediction of dire consequences. Credit ratings, bond rating impact…on and on. But given the situation in Ireland, Portugal, Spain and especially Greece, wouldn’t the world organizations concerned with this be more wary of our inability to control ourselves?

    If the U.S. gets into a ‘Greece’ situation, who ‘bails us out?”

    As some have noted, our current revenue can pay debt, it’s that other things would have to be put on hold to do it.

    The battle then becomes what do you stop doing? This is where the yellow underbelly of the Administration shows itself. It cynically hints that, like local areas do in similar situations where the first to go have to be police, firefighters and teachers, that public safety will necessarily have to be the first to go. The media support this nonsense and refuse to supply suggestions for things that simply don’t need to be done.

    I’m to the point where I say…”Let’s do it” and see what happens.

  5. Charge to go to Chicago.

    What I want to know is, does anyone really know what will happen? So, if I understand the progressives correctly, the only way out is more revenue and spending continues unabated. I would like the conservatives to hold firm and not cave. My confidence is not very high that they will.

  6. Sometimes I think people just don’t believe any of this. Yes, yes, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office or this or that sez, but I think a lot of Americans think–come on, these idiots did NOT spend all the money!

  7. no.11 The administration will instruct the helicopters to land much closer to
    shorten Bombo’s “carbon footprint”.
    no.12 The White House lobster consumption decrease to 3 luncheons per
    week..( the evening lobsterfest will remain at the usual 7 nights per
    no.13 Moochie will slightly down size the lard content of her newly acquired obssession : “Pig fat cakes” she binged on in Africa.
    no 14 A shortened vacation to Martha’s vineyard this year: instead of a returning flight at 10am, the obozos will respectfully return at a 5pm departure.
    (early tee time the next day).