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Obama Was For the Jet Tax Break Before He Was Against It

This one is really cute, on several levels.

First of all, the Heritage Foundation dug up that President Obama actually SIGNED AN EXTENSION OF THE PRIVATE JET TAX BREAK he criticized about 74 times in the press conference Wednesday. The extension of the existing tax benefit was part of the Obama stimulus.

Which of course means that at one point, Obama thought tax break would help the economy, perhaps because it will be good for the private jet manufacturing industry, which consists of non-fatcat honest workers, some of whom will be screwed and probably unemployed once the benefit is revoked.

Well, it turns out, Heritage got it a little wrong, initially saying that Obama actually created the tax break instead of that he endorsed it as a stimulative measure by extending it.

This gave the Heritage’s opponents an opening to try to discredit the whole piece.

Blogger Matthew Iglesias charged that “We may be in for a dozen rounds of this kind of myth-making.” Iglesias himself is obviously not worried about his own myth-making, since he irresponsibly assumes without evidence that Heritage was lying and not merely mistaken.

Media Matters then swung into action with an article titled “Heritage Lies About Origin Of Tax Breaks For Jets.” The headline itself contains its own inaccuracy, since there’s no way to tell that Heritage was lying and not making an error.

And then into the fun jumped White House Communication Director Dan Pfeiffer, who Tweeted to the world a link to the Media Matters piece

Dan Pfeiffer
pfeiffer44 Dan Pfeiffer
This post corrects @Heritage ‘s claim that the Dems created the private jet loophole that the GOP refuses to close

As Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin once said, and it makes me wonder.

Pfeiffer’s charge, you’ll notice, is restrained, saying Media Matters “corrects” a “claim” by Heritage. The other two are malicious and possibly inaccurate.

We know that a White House aide, Jesse Lee, was recently put in charge of both rapid response and outreach to progressive bloggers.

So does this mean the White House is going to enlist the left wing media to do its dirty work, spitting out the kind of attack and smear stuff that wouldn’t look too presidential, but which goes on in the blogosphere all day long? Is that what happened here?

Sorry if I stuck Stairway to Heaven in your head, I know you’ve heard it too often.

13 Responses to Obama Was For the Jet Tax Break Before He Was Against It

  1. Obama is in bed with “media matters”, however I kinda feel sorry for Carney as he has to deal with this mess. His boss simply reads a teleprompter. How convenient.

  2. You should know by now that conservatives have to be 100% correct in their statements or the leftist media will jump all over them. Never mind about all the lies told by them on a routine basis. Media Matters is another Soros funded organization anyway.

    So FLOTUS had to use a teleprompter at a small venue tonight. Guess that ‘toll of the job’ speech is getting a little hard to repeat on the fly.

  3. As Hitler stated: A lie told large enough will be beleived. Obama understands this political trick. He *lied through his teeth* at his presser on Wednesday, shocking even some Dem’s with his fibs. THE ENDS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS: lies and distortion are necessary for Marxists like Obama to win the 2012 election.

    ITEM: *Everything* in life is political (to the politically inclined American liberal).

  4. Obama is “against” Corporate/private jets?

    But when Obama is DONE! in 2012 and is a ‘private citizen’ he will only travel in private jets.

    So why is Obama against something he & queen Michelle will be using soon…