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The Obama Morning News || July 1, 2011

Treasury Secretary Geithner has told President Obama that he is considering stepping down soon after policymakers agree to raise the government’s borrowing limit. Obama urged a debt deal by July 22.

The Justice Department has opened full criminal investigations of the deaths in CIA custody of two detainees, including one who perished at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison. Justice allowed the release of Marxist radical and domestic terrorist Marilyn Buck from prison because officials believed she learned her lesson and had “expressed a dramatic change from her previous political philosophy.”

Obama may be ignoring efforts by Qaddafi to get a deal.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney called MSNBC to complain after commentator Mark Helperin called Obama “a dick.”

Campaign fundraising reports could be out as early as today. Obama’s political team raced to collect every possible dollar before Thursday’s midnight deadline.

Jon Huntsman raised $4.1 million in the second quarter. Mitt Romney is keeping is targeting his rhetoric at  his sights set on Obama.

Obama wrapped up a month of fundraising with two more events amid an emerging rift with Jewish donors and accusations he is exploiting the White House in his hunt for campaign cash. Speaking at a fundraising event in Philadelphia, Obama maintained the antagonistic tone he has taken this week toward Republican.s

Obama gave Defense Secretary Gates the Medal of Freedom on his last day.

10 Responses to The Obama Morning News || July 1, 2011

  1. The real reason Tax-Cheat-Geithner is leaving: he will go back to making $$$ on Wall Street like the rest of Obama’s cabinet.


    I am suprised that Marilyn Buck was not invited to the WH. Marxism is politisuance dujour, and part and parcel of the Obama Administration. Buck was one of the people Obama wrote that he was in search of…


    It was right for MSNBC to suspend Halperin (idiot #1), but they should have also suspended Mika and Joe (idiots #2 and #3) for egging on Halperin and telling him, he was covered by a 7-second delay. MSNBC will eventually *implode* in the next several years and close.


    Gates received a Medal of Freedom? WTF? What about the 18-year old Marine Private in Khandahar province who fought off 20 Taliban at the cost of 2 Marines? What about the other 40,000 U.S. service personnel who are in harm’s way? Sheesh …

  2. Should we be surprised that Eric Holder is releasing Marxist domestic terrorists when we know his history? Marc Rich and the FALN pardons comes to mind. I’m sure we will be seeing Marilyn Buck working in the Obama administration in no time flat.

  3. Another stunning revelation on MSNBC’s morning show; MsMika asked the guests if they support the President and the answer was “yes, we support the President, but not necessarily Obama”. MrJoe then said that the “WhiteHouse” was complaining that they don’t have enough guests on the show that support the President, even though the historic ratio of Dems to Repub guests is about 10/1.
    The “WhiteHouse” obviously believes that the MorningJoe show on MSNBC is an arm, not of the Dem party, but of the re-election campaign of MrO. Their immediate response to the editor of TimeMag’s assessment of MrO’s behaviour at the presser by MrCarney and the bended-knee apology by the managment of MSNBC shows a news outlet under the thumb and direction of the “WhiteHouse”.

    • Joe Scarborough is the token quasi-conservative on MesSNBC. Now they want to remove all appearances of fairness for the title of official state-run media. I can’t understand how anyone with a shred of self-respect could work for that network when they know Chairman Obama can and will fire them if they don’t dance to his music.

      • Yeah, young Jay went boohooing after Halperin committed truth. Halperin is usually a toady–I bet it did shock them. He probably should not have been so honest. That never ends well.

  4. People have to understand that cutting the government budget simply means laying off government employees. Assuming that the average government job costs $100,000, this means that $1-Trillion Dollars in cuts means 10,000,000 people laid off. That’s 10,000,000 new jobless competing with the current jobless for the few existing positions. Isn’t that a brilliant way to boost employment ?