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Obama Loses Key Golf Partner

President Obama will lose one of his key golfing partners as Press Sherpa Ben Finkenbinder leaves the White House to join the campaign.

Ben is one of a handful of junior staffers who regularly hit the links with the president. Ben is a double loss to the president, since he’s also been seen shooting hoops with him.

His day job at the White House is basically to corral the press for various events and travel, which you can imagine, is not a simple job.

Ben is unfailingly nice, calm, and organized working a job that never stops demanding – and a press corps that never stops demanding.

Hopefully, the requirements of working on the campaign won’t force him to turn into a jerk.

20 Responses to Obama Loses Key Golf Partner

  1. Hopefully, the requirements of working on the campaign won’t force him to turn into a jerk.

    He sounds so decent–this is horrible, sending him off…

  2. Uh, huh. Sure. He’s going to the campaign in Chicago because there’s no campaign activity in the WhiteHouse.
    Yep. SecGeithner is resigning his position in August because his son wants to go to high school in NewYork. Family concerns, you know.

    The Prez is going after corporate jet owners and hedge fund managers because they’re ruining our economy and not because corporate jets are flying his Repub opponents around the country or the hedge fund managers that he bailed out aren’t kicking back to his re-election campaign.

    • But they will probably vote for him to protect their rears–supposedly. He can kick them, get their vote, and probably still milk them, too.

    • Wonder how Ben made his bones? Obama must see him as good lieutenant material. I’m sure he will learn well in Chicago.
      Geithner is actually having to do some work moving money around to pay the bills. He is just taking the opportunity to get out of Dodge before the proverbial excrement hits the fan.

  3. Ben is such a hunk. I’m sure he’ll be missed.

    Is there a golf course at Camp David or will BO return via helicopter for an afternoon?

    Can you believe that the Repubs got the golf statistic slightly wrong in this video?

    I liked the video sort of. It’s a short version of mine.

    I doubt they ever saw mine. 12,300 people so far have seen it but I’m sure no big wig conservatives or Republicans ever did. There’s the ins and there’s the outs. I’m happily an out, but I enjoy ragging on them whenever I can.

    • The NRSC is famous for ripping off the ideas of others without any attribution. You only have to look at the candidates the NRSC ran in the 2010 elections to understand they have few principles. Charlie Crist? Give me a break. I haven’t sent the NRSC a dime since then. I donate to Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund and personally donated to Marco Rubio’s campaign, a true constitutional conservative.

      • I really don’t think they ever saw it. Hot Air and other bigwigs never have supported me. I go over there and rag on them in a joking way all the time but they don’t read the comments or their email. I consider them inside the beltway conservatives.

        At this point I really don’t need them, but I think their readers would enjoy some of my videos so I’ll link to them in the comments.
        National Review is the same way. They won’t even let me link to my videos when it’s obvious they have no ads.

        The American Thinker, too, for some unknown reason won’t let me publish any comments. Other people have had similar experiences there.

  4. Looks like the campaign was breaking the law by filming that video you received in the last campaign email. The video was shot in the Map Room which is used for business.

    According to federal law (Title 18, subsection 607 U.S.C.), “It shall be unlawful for an individual who is an officer or employee of the Federal Government, including the President, Vice President, and Members of Congress, to solicit or receive a donation of money or other thing of value in connection with a Federal, State, or local election, while in any room or building occupied in the discharge of official duties.”

    Where are you Eric Holder? Busy indicting members of the CIA and turning your Marxist and crack-addicted convict friends loose on the streets.

  5. He needs to quit playing and take some lessons. He has a horrible swing. Or find something else to do, like maybe stamp collecting It’s evident he is not athletic (I have seen his ball handling in basketball, also). Or maybe he could read some history books (American) when he’s not reading People Magazine. He’s such an effeminate man;)