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Obama Schedule || Friday, July 1, 2011

4:30 am || Departs for Camp David

All times Eastern

6 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, July 1, 2011

  1. Wondering how long he will be there before he heads out to the golf course?

    Ooops, I thought he would head to captiol hill and participate in WORKING throught the financial crisis.

    • This creature is on the executive gravy train..(jets included)
      His daily schedule indicates how he hasn’t a clue or desire to
      actually WORK on the issues he is responsible for. He smacks our country in the face with his unplugged, do nothing, ego stroking, $$$ wasting,lobster depleting, public lecturing occupation of OUR
      White House.He’s never worked a day in his life so why start now?
      (actually ,given his nack for destruction, do we really want him to be more assertive?)
      This obozo could take a successful lemonade stand owned by a
      typical 5yr old and in one day have it running in the red!

  2. What? After all the belly aching about congress taking vacations and not doing their job he flies to Camp David at 4:30 am? I guess he wanted to leave town before the sun comes up lest he run into someone who had work for him to do! The man is pathetic and then you have his wife wife droning on about hard his job is on him and their family and how he’s still paying her back for the sacrifice (see Drudge link to her Boston fundraiser.)

  3. Once again, I shake my head and mutter “Seriously?”. I think if I were talking down to the Republican senators and telling them how lazy they are, I would at least add something to my schedule besides fundraisers and lunch with Biden.