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The Obama Morning News || June 30, 2011

Obama struck a combative new tone in his Wednesday press conference. The president edged closer to supporting gay marriage. He termed debate over the legality of his Libya actions “fuss” and “noise.”

Obamacare survived its first test before a federal appellate court, which concluded that the law’s insurance requirement is constitutional.

The Obama administration has concluded in a newly released counter-terrorism strategy that precision strikes and raids, rather than large land wars, are the most effective way to defeat Al Qaeda.

Obama’s plan for pulling U.S. troops from Afghanistan will intensify risks in the thick of next year’s fighting season, but he was right to factor in waning support at home for the war, said outgoing Defense Secretary Gates

The U.S. recognized the Muslim Brotherhood, a move to resume contact that could further alienate some Jewish voters already skeptical of Obama.

The debt ceiling talks may be going better than everyone is letting on.

Michele Bachmann said the media “want to see two girls come together and have a mud wrestling fight,” which we think is just ridiculous but absolutely promise to live stream it if it occurs. Bachmann blasted the first 29 seconds of Tom Petty’s “American Girl” before announcing her bid for the presidency. Petty’s camp promptly sent a letter asking her to knock it off.

George W. Bush was no fiscal conservative – “never was” – and his work on tort reform paled next to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s achievements, the governor said.

Obama holds a lead over former Gov. Sarah Palin in a hypothetical head-to-head presidential race, according to a poll of likely voters in Alaska.

And Lindsay Lohan criticized Ben Bernanke. Really.

8 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || June 30, 2011”

  1. MrHalperin, of TimeMagizine, who voiced his opinion of MrO on MSNBC yesterday, can probably quit looking for his invite to the next shindig at the WhiteHouse.

    MsLohan’s impressive knowledge of BenBernake’s actions puts her way above the average voter in the US who wouldn’t even recognize his name, much less what he does and where he does it.

    .Our “feisty”, “gutsy” Prez, who orders others to “do their job” is just like the incompetent boss who delegates everything and takes credit for any success, but blames others for any failure.

    MrsBachmann and MrsPalin are seen by the male-dominated press, not as attractive political figures, but as sexually attractive political figures. The expectation that American women involved in national politics should resemble German ChMerkel , Israel’s PMMeir or England’s PMThatcher makes it harder for sexually attractive women to be taken seriously.

  2. He termed debate over the legality of his Libya actions “fuss” and “noise.”

    “And this suddenly becomes the cause celebre for some folks in Congress? Come on.”

    Does anyone else get the impression that what he really wants to do is shout, “How dare you question me?” While I do doubt the Constitutionality of the War Powers Act, it is completely within the scope and duties of the legislative branch to question the legality of his action. This is just unmitigated gall.

  3. Lindsey told the Ben-ster–well, tweeted–that he should quit printing up so much dough–it was raising the price of food. From the mouths of babes.

    1. This will be the tweet that is heard around the world. When airheads start to see what is happening to the dollar, you know people are waking up. Most of her followers probably didn’t even know who Bernanke was before that tweet, but now they do.

  4. Good point about the link between Jewish voters and the Muslim Brotherhood. POLITICO ran a great story yesterday that the dam is about to break as more Center-Left Jewish voters begin jumping ship for one simple reason: What the President SAYS is one thing. What he DOES is another. If Center-left, pro-Israeli Democrats are leaving, look for Obama to make a pro-Israel/pro-Netanyahu speech in the next several months.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      I agree. His desperation is going to prompt him to really lay it on thick in the coming months. Hip boots are going to be required attire around him. In Mooch’s case, they will be $800 hip boots.

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