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Obamas to Vacation Once Again on Martha’s Vineyard

The Obamas are headed back to Martha’s Vineyard this August for vacation. The ritzy island was also the summer destination of choice for Bill Clinton. From capecodtoday:

President Barack Obama and his family will spend their summer vacation on Martha’s Vineyard again this summer.

He was here last summer, and he was also here in 2009, when the weather blew rather badly. he just missed a weak tropical storm. He’s 1-1, weather-wise, on his Vineyard vacations. The video is from his 2009 visit.

The First Fam keep their vacation plans pretty close to the vest for security reasons, but people in the Know tell me it’s coughcoughAugustcough.

Those same people tell me that he’ll be in Chilmark, again enjoying the 28 acre Blue Heron Farm.

Thanks to one of our readers, Mark Walker, for spotting this.

33 Responses to Obamas to Vacation Once Again on Martha’s Vineyard

  1. He will need to rest up after micromanaging his political forces to bring the Republicans to their knees until they scream uncle. He will turn the hyenas of MSM loose to demagogue them on any proposed cuts. You just heard a preview of it in the fake presser. If we make any cuts our food won’t be inspected, our kids will be kicked out of college, and granny will get tossed over the cliff. We certainly can’t count on the king and his court to lead by example and propose a plan of their own. All they can do is criticize.

    • Did you like the part where he said yes, some of you peons have to decide between say, food and meds, but we can’t have the govt deciding what to pay and what not to pay.

      • I liked the part where he said that any cuts will “send swarms of flies upon thee, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thy houses: and the houses of the [Americans] shall be full of swarms of flies, and also the ground whereon they are.”

    • I can’t remember any former President that made threats to the American people like this one does. Nor, did any of them call us names, disparage our religious beliefs, or infer that we were enemies to each other. No President ever before blamed our financial problems on people of wealth.
      No President ever tried to scare us, to pit one class against the other or blamed prior adminstrations for their problems.
      Shame on him and shame on us if such a man gets re-elected.

      • Amen srdem !
        .. Have we ever seen so many of our fellow Americans
        blindly follow such a lowly creature who stands for nothing honorable, nothing of humble purpose, nothing but his own twisted glory ?
        The millions who are spoon fed an ugly poison called “the media”
        seem so willing to blindly follow him to the gates of hell…
        (which surely appears to be the direction his agenda is pointed )
        Yes, shame on us if he doesn’t get the swift, “pointed” boot next year.

  2. And he lectured the congress (GOP) this morning on staying and working through the financial mess?

    Ooops, I forgot, its time to take AF1 and the golf clubs on a road trip. PART TIME!!!!!!!!

  3. From today’s propaganda presser: “Are you willing to compromise your kids’ safety so some corporate-jet owner can get a tax break?”

    Does he mean the type who typically vacation at Martha’s Vineyard?

  4. Blue Heron Farm–remember the Great Blue Heron (the GBH as we now call it) that came to my fish pond several times–spooky…I looked it up and the Indians said it could be a bad sign… I don’t think this was in Revelations, tho…Maybe Ornithology?

  5. “…and tell Michelle to make sure she packs my fiddle. There’s a nice rooftop up there I can sit on while I practice”

  6. Oh Boy!!

    Time to invest in Lobster Futures. Oh wait, I think the Dodd-Frank Financial Regulation Bill outlaws Lobster Futures. But then, any lobster that gets near BO and Marie Antoinette, HAS no future.

  7. What a difference between Presidents . . . President Bush would vacation by working on a farm in between working in his “Oval Office” at Crawford. Obama just vacations . . . over and over again without any “Oval Office” away from DC.

    Do I miss President Bush? Yes, I do.

  8. Probably one of the most uninformed, offensive things I’ve read on here. I shudder to think what’ll you say about Herman Cain and his wife if he wins.

    • What is offensive is his constant vacationing, campaigning, and recreating while his toady Czars regulate us into slavery. Herman Cain is a conservative. I would trust him to stomp out the totalitarian hellhole Obama is constructing, and return America to that capitalistic society that made us great. You should see what the liberals say about Herman Cain…it would curl your toes.

  9. Well isn’t that special? He must be exhausted from golfing and campaigning.
    And I guess finding new ways to insult the American people on a daily basis
    is taxing his razor like intellect or as we mortals call it a teleprompter. This is
    the most damaging 4 years in our country I only hope we survive. God
    willing of course it will take a miracle to overcome and rebuild what this ego
    driven child did.

  10. Where else would a limosine liberal vacation?
    Where else would a hedge-fund-style President spend his weekend?
    Other than the golf course or playing basketball, where would Barack Obama rather be, but than here?

  11. If the Obama’s take off for vacation to the Vineyards before the debt crisis is solved or if SS recepients don’t receive their checks as he has threatened today would happen there will be hell to pay. He had every opportunity to get a budget done in the last 2 1/2 years. His joke of a budget that was voted down 97 to 0, just shows what an incompetent fool he is.
    So stop the golfing, vacations (including Moocheles), the parties and the wars before you threaten the elderly that they might not be able to afford food in August.