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Obama Campaign Signals Fundraising Fail

The Obama campaign appears to be signaling that its fundraising totals for the second quarter of the year – the first since President Obama announced for reelection – will not be as robust as the campaign would like.

In an email to campaign supporters today, President Obama unmistakably sought to downplay money.

We’re closing the books on the first fundraising quarter of the 2012 race at midnight tomorrow.

A lot of folks will be interpreting our numbers as a measure of this campaign’s support.

They’re not wrong, but they are wrong about why.

We measure our success not in dollars but in people — in the number of everyday Americans who’ve chosen to give whatever they can afford because they know we’ve got more work to do.*

Campaign officials revealed during the last week that they have set a target of raising $60 million for the quarter from at least 450,000 donors.

But even $60 million would not seem to be a very ambitious goal for Obama. He raised the same amount during the second quarter of 2007, just after he announced his 2008 campaign.

The campaign is hoping to raise up to $1 billion total for the 2012 election.

The email reiterates a call for donors to give at least $5 in order to be automatically entered into a raffle for dinner with Obama and Vice President Biden.

* Bolding is mine, not the campaign’s.

251 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Signals Fundraising Fail”

  1. By this time next year Hillary Clinton will have won the Democratic Party nomination for 2012 in one of the biggest primary upsets in history!

    1. What a real plus that will be seeing that the only thing she seems to be able to do is get Lady GAGA for a gay pride parade in Italy.

  2. Just wait, you’ll soon be hearing that Obama is going to make campaign stops in France, Germany, China, etc. After that, funding will not be an issue. Democrats are not going to allow rules and ethics to stand in their way of retaining the White House.

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  4. Obie is trying to raise One Billion in vote buying money and he wants us to think it all comes from “small donors” (like GE and Goldman Sachs). Cha CHING.

  5. Yup, we “all” voted for him to prove we are not racist, then HE appoints one as attorney general (note the “our people” remarks from Holder). We won’t get fooled again. Let’s NOT go after thugs who stand outside a polling place and try to scare white folks away, after all, those thugs are “our people”.

  6. Think about what this really means just for a second. We need to whore out the favors of government in return for bribes in order to buy votes from the airheads who are influenced solely by 30 second TV spots 1 day before an election.

    We are too dumb for self rule. The only meaningful vote that will change this is a vote registered with the party of gunpowder.

  7. Obama’s fundraising raffle: 1st prize – a dinner with Obama and Biden; 2nd prize – two dinners with Obama and Biden

  8. I think it’s totally humiliating that a sitting president would allow himself to be auctioned off like a contestant on the Bachelor. I guess Obama doesn’t believe in upholding the dignity of the Office of the President of the United States. Besides, who could possibly keep their food down with Joe Biden there? What’s next, Shasta and Malaria gonna go door-to-door and sell tofu cookies and beg for votes!?

  9. It is nice to hope. Wiat hope and change YES that will happen in 2012 he is going to hope he is re-elected and We the people will be CHANGING him.

    Then he can go back to hell where he came from, the worst President America has EVER had.

  10. Gee I don’t know. Could be people either;
    1) are out of work and can’t donate to your campaign.
    2) see through you and realize you shouldn’t be president
    You wanted transparency, you got it! We can all see right through you.

  11. This arrogant clown is starting to smell like a looser. We all know the smell kind of like a fish that has been left in the hot sun for 2 or 3 days.

  12. I think you should not raise any monies and not only stop your campaign for a second term, but resign from your current term after all the damages you have done. Good Bye

  13. So, are they going to disable the standard credit cards controls again that enabled countless illegal contributions from ‘Mickey Mouse’ last time, so they could skirt individual giving limits and enable foreign donations?

  14. As the 2012 election gets closer, Obama is going to find it harder and harder to raise money. As we get closer to the election it will become obvious that Obama is NOT going to be re-elected…..and folks just don’t want to donate to a loser. There is no way he will raise $1billion.

  15. Maybe they can add Michelle and Hillary! to the “menu” to increase sales. What they really need to do is have a dunking booth out on the front lawn and sell throws for $1 a ball. The campaign would clean up.

  16. George Soros will likely give Obama most of his billion dollars.

    Still, America is doomed if Obama steals the election – and there is NO OTHER WAY HE COULD POSSIBLY GET IT.

  17. You think ol prairiedog gonna be fooled again man no way the brother done screw up and he ain’t gett’n no mo money no way man.

  18. Gambling and Lotteries for the rich to have access, but what about the poor who can’t afford to blow $5.00 just so this rich guy can buy commercials from the rich Advertising Agencies and Mass Media?

  19. I will donate $10 to Obama if he promises to leave me out of his stupid raffle. Oh, wait …

    The presidency was purchased for Obama in 2008, and there were a lot of people taken in (not me) but Soros will never be able to fool that many people again.

  20. We measure our success not in dollars but in people.
    I am a happy conservative to gear that! Those numbers
    are going down as fast as the economy! HA HA HA HA HA!
    I’ve noticed Obama is escalating his war on the private sector
    middle class. I suppose he’s figured out he’s only getting one
    term, ergo one chance to destroy the essential fabric of America.
    He doesn’t appear to know it, yet – but he will FaiL at that, too!
    I want to go back to the days when Michelle isn’t proud to be
    an American anymore. It was a much better country for everyone.
    NO-MObama;s in 2012!

  21. Why did the prez ever have an association with Bill Ayers and his wife as they never did serve jail time as it should be. And why is his agenda always anti-wealth and anti-business. Always locking the votes as a modern day Robin Hood to give back to able-bodied folks on the dole with deep seated: Self-Pity.

  22. This President has managed to take all the grace and class out of the Whitehouse. Now he is raffling a dinner??? Will they be serving French fries and Fat Cakes??

  23. Obama is still swilling the kool-aid, even though the wreckage of his incompetence lies all around him.

    This guy has caused massive problems all over the world, I don’t think there is anyone he hasn’t offended, but the bitter and dishonest democrats and the MSM continue to strut and cover for his crimes and his failures.

    We need a serious social correction in the USA, boycott his supporters.

  24. Maybe the prospective donors are holding back something for paying the 2012 tax hikes and loss of the tax breaks that Obama has been promising to give them.

  25. Who would waste their money on a nabob of a President like Barry Obama? Does anybody really want to see 4 more years of this lying, narrassistic, racists playing “President” and his boorish wife while the country goes further into a debt-ridden Marxist hole? Not a chance!

  26. This campaign will incite people just look at Chicago and Phila to name only two cities. Then add in Baltimore and Georgia. Pathetic. This party is playing the class card against the hardworking people in this country. Just look at the headlines today. Maybe they will get some of the hoods in PA and Chicago to buy a Raffle but then again I wonder if they would be allowed to attend oh I forgot they are the same people that the community organizers were pumping up years ago and even in the last election. Yep they probably voted and thank you very much our country is just beaming with pride because of it.

  27. Not to worry.

    The Community Agitators formerly known as ACORN and SEIU/NEA/UAW/IBEW have all the fraudulent votes lined up that they need.

    Unless somebody comes up with the bright idea of a voter ID card, but that would be RACIST.

  28. During his last campaign, someone stole my card number and used it to donate to his campaign– $5.00 I didn’t notice until several months later–too late to file a complaint. I never got the money back. I’m wondering how many others had a stolen $5.00 contribution made from their credit card w/out their knowledge and consent. Wish someone would investigate the source of that problem. I’d still like my money back.

  29. It’s no secret why the Obama campaign is trying to build impressive numbers of campaign contributors, even if each donor only gives $5. Same thing happened in 2007-08. It allows the campaign to misrepresent the actual sources of the campaign’s funding.

    Lots of people–millions, in fact–made small $5-$20 contributions. They raised hundreds of millions of dollars that way. But the other half of the recording breaking Obama fundraising came from a small number of Wall Street firms and extremely wealthy businesses like Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Google, GE, and on and on. In addition, much of the money was raised online, and the tracking collector was turned off, so no one knows who gave what to the Obama Campaign, nor from where in the world they came. When you added up the hundreds of millions contributed by the few and the hundreds of millions contributed by the few million and divvied the total by all the contributors, the Obama campaign crows that millions of people contributed an average of a few dollars each in Obama “peoples” election. Which was technically true, but a total misrepresentation of reality.

    Clearly, the Obama campaign wants to use the same set of tricks in 2012. And, I would bet, new ones as well. These people are determined to win, and relentless in their strategies to prevail. ACORN may be gone, but its strategies and staff to carry them out, is still around. And even still have some government funding, I suspect.

  30. Jerzey –

    Do you really want to replace Alinskey acolyte Obama with Alinskey acolyte Hillary? Both Obama and Hillary are Marxists. You knew that, or should have known that, before you voted for the twit. Marxists apply Marxist policies. Obama did that. Marxist policies get Marxist results. Obama did that. No one likes the results of Marxist economics, particularly people who have lived under Marxist economic policies: in Eastern Europe, China, Nork, Cuba. I am astonished that Americans are such slow learners, given the universal failure of Marxist policies.

  31. Hey Barry, I’ve got a good idea… Why don’t you just donate the 1 BILLION Dollars you’ve raised and apply it towards the deficit you’ve created, Forget about running again, and we’ll call it good? Deal?

  32. If Obama wins another term, it means that the people will get just what they deserve. This man is the worst president we have ever experienced, and I know this because I am kinda old. He constantly tries to play the us versus them mentality. It is O.K. for him and his family to spend, spend, spend. However, if we spend like drunks we are called the evil ones. I really feel badly for the US of A.

  33. I think we need an independent counsel for his campaign crimes already. It should be an ongoing operation through the election. Isn’t there a law against lying, blatantly lying as he did over andover this morning? You would think that based on what he said that if we just tax the CEO’s who fly their corporate jets that they would fix the deficit by themselves, and still have money to fly their jets.

  34. Did I read that right? Obama is requiring people to pay money to his campaign in order to have a meeting/dinner with the President of the United States. This has got to be illegal.

  35. There was a call last week for Obama to get engaged on the budget talks, but there was a typo and the ONE thoght it said enraged. The speech this am was the worst that he has ever read, then stammered through when he had to speak without the prompter. He’s unable to adapt.

  36. Hopefully his funding will continue to drop as the American voters see how they’re getting screwed by him and his corrupt cronies!

  37. $5 dollars to eat with the President and his wife? I would rather eat with Hugo Chavez, at least that would be entertaining. Time for this fool to announce a different career, like being paid to give speeches to the black campuses who thinks something was accomplished. I am thinking Jimmy Carter the only other moron wouldn’t touch this plague in hopes of being polled better. What a sad state of affairs we have. Do us a favor, and just resign. I am willing to bet we can raise money for your vacations and lobster for you to do so.

  38. This president may go down in history as the worst president since Jimmy Carter. How naive he is about where America is today.

  39. The man is desperate, but hey, for the first time in a long time, this election will not go to the one with the most money, but to the one the people want, and believe me, Obama is going to get his *ss kicked.

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