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Obama Campaign Signals Fundraising Fail

The Obama campaign appears to be signaling that its fundraising totals for the second quarter of the year – the first since President Obama announced for reelection – will not be as robust as the campaign would like.

In an email to campaign supporters today, President Obama unmistakably sought to downplay money.

We’re closing the books on the first fundraising quarter of the 2012 race at midnight tomorrow.

A lot of folks will be interpreting our numbers as a measure of this campaign’s support.

They’re not wrong, but they are wrong about why.

We measure our success not in dollars but in people — in the number of everyday Americans who’ve chosen to give whatever they can afford because they know we’ve got more work to do.*

Campaign officials revealed during the last week that they have set a target of raising $60 million for the quarter from at least 450,000 donors.

But even $60 million would not seem to be a very ambitious goal for Obama. He raised the same amount during the second quarter of 2007, just after he announced his 2008 campaign.

The campaign is hoping to raise up to $1 billion total for the 2012 election.

The email reiterates a call for donors to give at least $5 in order to be automatically entered into a raffle for dinner with Obama and Vice President Biden.

* Bolding is mine, not the campaign’s.

251 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Signals Fundraising Fail”

  1. I would have donated $5.00 but can’t afford it because I live on donations myself that support our work to help the homeless, help the hungry and physically, emotionally and spiritually help as many people as possible.

    But no one has any money to donate because the people who can donate are giving it to the government instead. We must feed the hungry beast. Wish we could just feed it some pizza.

    Maybe Obama can cut some of the new agencies he’s created or take away some of the money he’s given to old agencies. Let him keep a % of what he cuts and keep it for his campaign. America will be better off.

    Today he complained about less food inspections if we don’t raise taxes. What good are food inspections if no one can afford food?

          1. The food they eat is sooo rich I’d need a stomach pump !
            Perhaps a shotglass of hydrogen peroxide to “line the stomach”
            and a swig of what comes from a mason jar afterward (and thats
            for the intros BEFORE lunch)

  2. You would have to be brain dead to even consider giving this socialist SOB a dime, but then liberals are brain dead.

    1. amen to that…… don’t you just wonder sometimes….. what part of reality do the libotards just not see…. its like the lights are on and no one is at home.

  3. I am not too surprised! I would not give a dollar to this guy if you put a gun to my head! Just the thought of it sours the stomach! I can not wait until he is gone. Then maybe we can stand a little taller and our stomachs will unclench! I know mine will.

    1. When you did your taxes this past 4-15 (deadline) did you direct $3 of your taxes to go to this POTUS’s re-election campaign? That was the first thing I said NO to….

  4. If I win the dinner can I eat what they eat or must I eat what Michelle (AKA, don’t eat what I eat just eat what I tell you to) tells me to?

  5. what a spinning answer. i think i got dizzy reading it. the way the economy is the way i have seen the people around where i live and 2010 cycle. it is going to be 1980 all over again. carter won 1 state, this guy will win maybe 6 and all will be close. not to worry america that leaves 50 more in obamas america! lol like 1980. it will be ” are you better off now than 4 years ago” clearly we are getting worse and 2010 proved it. he won in 2008 because of independants, he is losing them in droves as we speak. his marthas vinyard vacation does not help his image one bit either!

    1. What about ALL the vacations Muchelle (yes, I spelled that correctly) takes with all her friends, Air Force One’s costs just to transport the dog separately (Islamic rule), Muchelle taking 40 of her friends on vacation with her, Barack Hussein playing golf (well, trying to anyway) 75 times already and then saying he doesn’t have time to address the mess that our country is in because of him. And then there’s the costs incurred in a 5 star hotel, a huge booze bill and food bill for another big party/trip they made at the taxpayers expense. Makes me sick…they are raping our country in so many ways. Can’t wait until 2012 and we kick them out of the White House.

  6. Hmmmmmm……..

    Keith, you’re pretty good at ferretting this stuff out, so would you be able to find out how many of those $5 donations they’ve received so far? The fact that it keeps coming up signals to me that they’ve not gotten the response they wanted. Kind of like how they didn’t get the response they wanted for the contest for high schools to have Pres. Obama deliver the commencement.

        1. Why not change the venue and do what they usually do?
          Go out back to that picnic table, pop some beers,eat fired pork rinds, play games on their blackberrys & stroke POTUS’ ego..

  7. I’m still wondering if the WH has a permit to operate this raffle. If they don’t, maybe one of the alphabet agencies can activate their SWAT team to shut down the operation.

    1. He *did* violate Campaign Finance laws by filming his plea for raffle entries in the Map Room in the White House. Not that anyone seems to care about that…

      1. One of his aides (campaign staff) told Fox News “the video was not shot in those “certain offices” in the White House where fundraising solicitations are prohibited.”

        I would certainly think the Map Room would be one of those “certain offices”. The problem is the Marxists are running the whole show to include DOJ and FEC. Rule of law has become rule of Obama.

        1. Well, seeing as how it is the same room where Chief Justice Roberts readministered the Oath of Office, as well as the same room from which Obama made a recorded speech the week before, I don’t see how they can claim that “official business” is not conducted in that particular room. I would argue that the entire White House falls under the same rules. But as you say, it’s now the Rule of Obama under which we all must live.

  8. It is always about the dollar$$$$ during a campaign.

    Give me a break about the “we measure our success not in dollars but in people” dribble. Makes me want to revisit my lunch.

  9. I look forward to seeing his numbers since he effectively has never stopped campaigning. Not to mention his fundraisers far outnumber his predecessors as I understand at this point in the cycle.

  10. I’m thinking 5.00 in my pocket is better then 5.00 from the man that has already taken trillions from all Americans. Keep your money because if he gets elected again, that 5.00 might be the only thing you’re left with. Wake up America, this man is a wrecking ball to our nation!

  11. Another supreme lie from obama and his team will be the fundraising. They will count the leftover from 2008 in the “amount raised” at some point. His campaign is not going to approach $1 billion. There are not that many fools left and those that are do not have the money…they want more transfer payments. Soros will not part with $1 billion either. obama is toast.

  12. Obummer has a great advantage over the repub’s he can get money from 57 states and the poor dumb Repub’s can only find 50.

    1. By George, I think you’ve got it.

      I wonder if the press and the media will catch on in time to report it, before the election. Don’t hold your breath.

  13. If you need to spend 1,000,000,000.00 dollars on a single election then that might say something about your popularity.

    Seriously, 1 BILLION dollars.

    And he seems to be targeting the bundle type of donation, i.e. rich coroporations and unions.

  14. Why is there NO “MAIN STREAM MEDIA” REPORTING about US Rep. Laura Richardson (Dem. from California) and her crimes?

    …is it because she is a Black female & a Democrat???

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      Yep, I remember when WHD was an obscure fringe blog that nobody knew about. Congrats Keith.

      Keith, one thing I (begrudgingly) like about your posts is that you are fair. When the Marxist-in-Chief does something good, you give him credit for it. I need to say that because it is a rare occurrence :-) It gives you a huge amount of credibility.

      I try not to be a lib-hater. When I do talk to one, I must admit that they occasionally make good points. Nevertheless, no matter what ‘critical’ social program would be lacking, marxism is not a good direction to point our country toward. If government was drastically smaller, these missing social programs could be easily picked up by non-profits and religious groups, as we will all be more profitable.

      1. Thanks MT, I appreciate it. I hate pissing off my readers, but I have to be true to what this blog is about. It’s journalism, not polemics. Although my own views do creep in, I try to make this blog more about accountability, and that includes giving credit where credit is due. There are enough blogs out there where any of us know what they’ll say and could write the posts ourselves. If I look at things analytically and independently not with an automatic response, I think it makes the pieces that are critical better too. It helps me do the accountability that Obama sorely lacks from the mainstream press.

  15. I seem to recall a few years ago the thought of a presidential candidate raising $200 million was an outrage to Democrats. They demanded that Republican candidates eschew private financing and accept public financing. How things have changes since their man has become the king of fund raising. One thing never seems to change though, Democrats are still flagrant hypocrites.

  16. 1 billion dollars. Where are the bleeding-heart liberals screaming about the elelection being sold to the highest bidder?

  17. The discrepancies between Obama’s campaign rhetoric and his actual executively implemented policies are astounding. As Obama himself has said, the teachings of his communist mentor, Saul Alinsky: “Are seared into my brain.” The man certainly learned the dialectics of ‘deception’ well; but, recent poll results suggest that the majority of Americans now see thru the Obama ‘CON’. The ‘byword’ with Obama is: ‘Diligently scrutinize what the man actually does; and, IGNORE the hi-sounding teleprompter drivel that he is well tutored at espousing.’ Does any realistic individual with even a remedial level of economic acumen, believe that the average small business, the engine of job growth, is going to invest in expansion and additional hiring with the array of Obama socialist policies hanging like a guillotine over their future profit potential? For certain Obama’s deceptive teleprompter campaign rhetoric will accelerate to even more obnoxious levels over the next several months; but, simply remember the ‘byword’ ; and, refuse to again succumb to the garrulous ‘CON’. Greg Neubeck

  18. I suspect many voters who supported Obama in the past, like myself, have realized he is an economic illiterate.

    I will not vote against my own financial interests.

    1. That’s rare. For the typical democrat it’s more important to be right than to do the right thing. No matter how much suffering his policies

  19. Obama’s campaign will never run out of money. If they can’t raise enough through donations, he’ll just have little Timmy print more, much like they’ve done for every other financial crisis over the past two years.

  20. If only the reduction in campaign funds could put a dent in his voter-fraud-programs, we might see him run out of office; but, unfortunately there are enough rubes and dead people available to get him re-elected. Sad.

  21. Someone should tell Obama the opinion of the majority of Americans is such that he would have to pay them $5.00 to dine with him.

  22. A billion dollars isn’t going to be enough to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Even with the help of all the King’s men mainstream media shills.

  23. Whatever happened to the liberal demand for public financing of presidential campaigns to remove the corruption inherent in any such campaign?

    Just wondering.

  24. I guess Recovery Summer 2.0 isn’t exactly working the way it was supposed to. Nobody has any money left to throw at a two bit politican and a political party without a lick of common sense.

  25. It would be a white lie if I said I would even consider giving a red cent to this yellow liberal after the black eye he has given the old Red, White, and Blue.

  26. He’s either still delusional or he’s really getting nervous (as well he should)! I saw his ad on TV last night begging for people to pay $5 for a raffle ticket for a chance to eat with him and Biden (gag)! What an embarrassment to see a US President raffling himself off for a $5 ticket. He is scratching the bottom of the barrel. He better enjoy his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard again this year; his days of free-loading off the taxpayers are almost over!

  27. Three years of Obama has given us:
- $14 trillion deficit
    – ruined economy

    – gas/food/clothing prices skyrocketing
    – 5 wars, one with a record death toll
    – foreign policy disasters

    – raiding the public pension fund to avoid the debt ceiling

    – lost 800+ seats for his own party
- poll numbers in the toilet
- 44 million Americans on food stamps

    – 1 in 4 mortgages under water
- ATF gunrunning scandal unfolding

  28. HIs campaign had signaled earlier that Obama would focus on raising money for the DNC first. He will have plenty of money backing him. This is just a tactic to lull opponents into a false sense of security.

    1. He could raise $500 BILLION (the amount he stole from Medicare for Obamacare) and he still wouldn’t win. Don’t get me wrong, I know he’s trying hard. He’s toast no mater what he does…back door amnesty, activation of his ACORN brownshirts, or collecting cemetery votes…none of it shall sell Marxism to America. The great Progressive Experiment has failed, thank God. Liberals just haven’t faced reality, but they eventually must. Almost like getting a drunk to admit they have a drinking problem.

  29. Anyone who gives one bloody dime to this completely un-American total, Marxist fool should immediately submit themselves for shock treatment. Class warfare, lying b*stard.

  30. Fund raising suggestion.
    Obama could stand on street corners holding a sign that says:
    “About to be “homeless” all you folks I’ve demeaned give me your
    money please”

  31. MT for re-redistribution

    I guess that tells the story. The less-than-talented ones will still back him (for more hope and change?), but they are more broke than ever now. Nice job B.O. Maybe next election they will have starved to death?

    1. yet they will still vote for him, again. The liberal democrats and media are not about to allow rules and ethics get in the way of this election.

      Consider the Democrats 2012 election strategy-
      1. Vote early, vote often
      2. Today’s illegal immigrant, tomorrows vote
      3. Recount every vote until it favors the liberal
      4. Deceased democrats will not be disenfranchised. They will be allowed to vote.

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