As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – June 29, 2011

The press conference has finished.

52 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Press Conference – June 29, 2011

  1. Give me more money or your food will be poisoned, your children will get kicked out of school, and the roads and bridges will crumble. Same BS, different day.

  2. Keith,Now’s the time for your best Arnold Horshack imitation and yell out What about Syria, and what about Iran’s new missile silo’s?

  3. Sure, he didn’t know these questions ahead of time. Is he only calling on the Obama faithful for questions? F Chuck Todd is one of his boot lickers.

  4. Since he deems DOMA is unconstitutional he doesn’t have to defend it? Why do we need the Supreme Court when we have his majesty Obama to deem laws unconstitutional.

  5. What a waste of time and oxygen. Obama slams corporate jets and CEO’s…and he did not violate war powers act, yet soldiers are being paid combat pay…allow all illegal immigrants to stay. Union good, non union bad.

  6. Love how ‘entitlements’ are narrowly defined as SS and Medicare, what about Medicaid, bloated congressional staffing, MO’s trips not to mention the AF 1 taking his majesty cross country on fund raisers.

    • MarjoJimbo, this is why he doesn’t do many press conferences. I just bumbles around looking for an answer. I’m sure they have tried to find a way to give him a ear piece so that someone could provide him with talking points on-the-fly.

      What a spazzzzzz

  7. Why isn’t this at 5 o’clock? I can’t get blutoed at 12 in the afternoon! Oh, yeah, Beck is going off the air in two days, so what’s the point, eh.

  8. maria and sasha do their homework “two days ahead”. REALLY??? How exactly does that work unless they’re working on time travel homework?

  9. Barry O is so full of shit. One example. In Dec I signed a ‘Tax Cut’. Nobody held his feet to the fire. He extended the existing rates.

    • Thank you for the link William. Excellent article by Mark Steyn. He dissects Obama’s flowery words and compares them to reality. I didn’t realize that Western military/aid accounts for 97% of Afghanistan GDP. That country is nothing but a money pit.

      The last two sentences of the article says it all…”In Speechworld, “no hill is too steep, no horizon is beyond our reach.” In Realworld, that’s mainly because we’re going downhill. And the horizon is a cliff edge.” If we can’t stop this march to totalitarianism, we’ll be slipping over the edge of that cliff sooner than we all realize.

  10. It is because of the GOPs hateful rhetoric and deceitful ‘We are looking after the American People’ drivel that I no longer vote Republican. Their allegiance is clearly with the Banks, Wall Street and the large corporate firms who have make HUGE profits at the expense of the world economy. Unfortunately the Democrats aren’t much better. However, Obama is making a valiant effort in spite of the overt hostility the GOP and its media stooges have generated against the president. Imagine what could be achieved if there were no stupid BS to contend with. Just imagine a morally motivated Congress. Of course if that were to come to pass the universe would implode.

    • Like you ever voted Republican in your life. There are very few Republicans among ambulance chasers and their cohorts. In case you haven’t noticed, Obama has been making the rounds collecting cash from all those fat cats you are criticizing.