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The Obama Morning News || June 29, 2011

Jewish Democrats are losing faith in President Obama, according to Ben Smith of POLITICO.

The Obama administration will not move forward on a controversial proposal to have “secret shoppers” pose as patients to investigate how difficult it is for Americans to obtain primary care.

The White House defended use of a room inside the building for a campaign video, saying no lines were crossed by using federal facilities in a political pitch.

With little he can do to jolt an economy stuck in neutral, President Obama urged people to be patient and to resist the temptation to “turn cynical” in the face of the bleakest job market in decades. The White House has been resorting to some unconventional measures to try to boost growth.

Obama is pushing a blueprint to resurrect manufacturing years from now instead of policies that could quickly galvanize hiring, industry advocates say.

Democrats rejected significant cuts in Medicare, a bad omen for the budget talks. At a press conference today, Obama-starved reporters are likely to ask about the debt ceiling and the War Powers Resolution.

A deal was reached on combining assistance to displaced workers with trade deals for South Korea, Colombia and Panama, but some Republicans are opposed to the new spending.

Senators from both parties rejected the administration’s contention that it doesn’t need Congress’s permission to continue the military campaign in Libya.

In New Hampshire, Michele Bachmann mocked Obama and pledged an end to the teleprompter. Bachmann’s husband’s mental health clinic has received $137,000 in funds from Medicaid, the program she has accused of swelling welfare rolls. Sarah Palin landed in Iowa, but she’s still thinking on it.

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  1. I watched the story of the “secret shoppers” unfold over the last couple of days. I find it interesting that when the administration gets caught doing something similar to this, they always retort that “previous administrations did this also”. Really? Other admin’s sent out “secret shoppers”?

    “Secret Shoppers” (the new ‘SS’). Wow, so the idea was to have actors call into clinics and inform them (from a script – similar to a teleprompter) that they are a medicad patient and want a appointment to see if the clinic could absorb a flood of new patients. What?!? So, what you are in essence saying is thet you know that there will be a problem when a influx of new medicad patients want treatment that this will cause a backlog of appointments. Right. So the idea is to go ahead and flood the clinics with fake calls and watch what happens. How bizaar and the politico’s wonder why their approval rating is in single digits? Sigmond Freud would have a hey day with these folks as this is near insane to me.

    1. If i were a provider I would be pissed that some government lackey wasted the valuable time of my employee. Count up the hours that the secret shoppers would have wasted and apply a wage rate and see how much is would have cost. Another stupid idea. Not quite as stupid as the gun runner, Fast and Furious program was.

  2. President Obama urged people to be patient and to resist the temptation to “turn cynical”
    I don’t know about you, but I’m way past ‘cynical’!!

  3. As a member of the tribe myself, I’m amazed my fellow Jews had faith in Obama to begin with. I never saw anything in Obama that said he’d do Israel and Jews right, but for some reason it seems that democrats can take the Jewish vote for granted just as much as they do the black vote. Maybe (hopefully) that’ll change in ’12.

  4. If the electioneering going on in the WH is considered by the administration to be a “raffle”, did his campaign staff get a raffle permit? His brown shirts are roaming the streets shutting down little kid’s lemonade stands because they don’t have a permit, so when can we expect the raid on the WH for conducting a raffle without a permit?

  5. NOT TURN CYNICAL? Is he serious? You mean not conclude all politicians are posturing liars? You mean not conclude that his family is in this for the trips and perks and not to help the “mean” American people? You mean not to notice that all the money he let his buds Nancy and Harry give to their friends and contributors did not stimulate squat? Cynical? Us?

    1. Really, and this weekend he is commanding that congress stay in section, while he goes to Martha’s Vineyard this weekend with his wife,daughters and the mother-in-law. Their second vacation this week and the six this year, all on our dime, while we are losing our jobs, homes and life’s savings. And it’s not just a white problem.

  6. From the Politico article: “federal investments are providing new and meaningful opportunities for Americans to join the health workforce”.

    When my daughter was in undergrad she was pre-med, and wanted to spend her life helping others as a doctor. Her grandfather was a doctor (retired now), and is in many ways a hero to her. When she was in her junior year she was given the opportunity to work with the staff, doctors and nurses, at a local hospital. Her grandfather and numerous other doctors told her NOT to go into medicine. Their reason – medical malpractice. Even though the majority of these doctors had never had a malpractice claim or suit filed against them, the cost of medical mal kept increasing annually.

    Her second semester of her junior year she changed majors, and is now a science teacher at an inner city school. Her first year teaching she was stabbed in the hand by a student. She still teaches and loves what she does. She has followed her passion to help others even though she has the risk of being attacked or injured as a teacher (at least when I was in law enforcement I could shoot the bastard).

    IF this administration and Congress wanted to increase the number of doctors in America one of the first steps they would take, after repealing the “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) would be to take on the rising costs of malpractice. But they won’t go against their friends at the American Association for Justice (formerly the Association of Trial Lawyers of America). There is too much money to be made by lawyers picking the pockets of doctors and companies.

    Until Obamacare is repealed and there is reform in malpractice, I predict we will continue to see a decline in the number of American doctors.

    1. Shofar, Texas legislature passed medical malpractice tort reform years ago and most recently passed loser-pay lawsuit reform. We need to get the feds out of our business, and let the State enact laws to protect their citizens. I say repeal Obamacare and don’t create any more federal laws that impede States rights.

    2. Obamacare has already changed Medicare as we know it, that’s what the republican’s and the tea partiers were trying to tell us before it was passed.

  7. I would throw a voicemail queue up that says “Due to insufficient reimbursement levels and slow payment we are accepting Medicare/Medicaid patients who agree to pay for their services at our normal rates and understand they have to seek partial reimursement from their State. Payment in ADVANCE will be required from ALL such patients prior to treatment…”

    Stick it Obama !

  8. Is the writer suggesting that Rep. Bachman’s husband shouldn’t be making even the 60% that is paid by medicaid? He could refuse medicaid patients completely,but thank God for Dr and Rep Bachman. They could be receiving 100% of his fees for mental health counseling.

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