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A Presidential Gaffe-Off

Gosh, you know, there’s nothing much going on today. President Obama was out in Iowa campaigning discussing manufacturing, and not much news was made, so I figured it was time to roll some presidential gaffes.

For your evening viewing:

First up is the George W. Bush collection which, I think, love him or hate him, you’ll admit probably didn’t take much work to put together. It’s followed by the Obamagaffes. Despite his reputation as a cool customer, he makes plenty of them himself.


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3 Responses to A Presidential Gaffe-Off

  1. As one who has never misspoken a fact, tripped over my own feet, spilled the soup in my lap, slobbered a hot drink, mizpelled a word or been caught doing anything embarrassing, I find these videos of our two Prez’s reassuring.
    Thanks for the laugh.