As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || June 28, 2011

A behind-the-scenes White House push is aimed at winning over skeptical big-dollar donors needed to finance growth in Obama’s battleground-state machinery. Despite President Obama’s comments about “fat cats,” a number of bankers quietly continue to back him.

Obama hosts debt talk sitdowns as leaders remain divided over spending reductions and tax increases. The White House insists today’s stop by Obama in Iowa is about jobs, not politics.

The Environmental Protection Agency has doled out nearly $100 million in grants to foreign groups and governments over the past decade, according to a new congressional report.

Joe Biden tries to lead a “regular life.” Defense secretary Gates may not be remembered for any grand ideas but for his stewardship of two wars.

A federal jury convicted former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on 17 of 20 counts, including trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat.

Mitt Romney issued a call for bipartisanship and said the nation would be better served if Republicans and Democrats could find “common ground.” Two top aides to tea party candidate Herman Cain resign from the campaign over “strategic differences.”

Michele Bachman has a thin legislative resume, POLITICO reports. On the day she announces, she mixes up John Wayne and serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

The Sarah Palin film premiere in Iowa stirs a frenzy. A former Iowa GOP executive director says he got a call from a Palin backer asking for a meeting.

18 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 28, 2011

  1. “Despite President Obama’s comments about “fat cats,” a number of bankers quietly continue to back him.”

    And why shouldn’t they? As we all know by now, Obama’s talk is just talk. The bankers know this and they know that they’ve gotten wealthier all over again while he’s been in office even as Obama denigrates them for the little people.

    • from the candidate who ran a campaign of hope, change & bipartisanship obozo has shown us his true agenda is far from those hollow words he uttered. Its the classic case of a politician weaving a web of lies & deceit.. saying anything the people want to hear just to win an election. Only this time around, he thinks he’ll buy his way
      with vast resources of $$$$$$$.. The voters wont let this happen..
      Im feeling better as 2012 nears as we’ll see this national
      nightmare being put to rest. History will not be kind to him or her.
      Be warned ! he will turn up the deception factor to levels not seen in order to keep his incompetent tyrannical crown..

    • The fat cat banker is thinking that if BO loses and a republican wins, they stand a 70% chance to make $$ as the economy rebounds without the marxist anchor on it. However, if they pony up some campaign contribution, they have a 80% chance to make $$ in purchased favors. Either way, they win. They’re just hedging their bets, and throwing the economy under the bus. Thanks guys.

  2. Well it was bound to happen sooner or later. Michele Bachmann is getting the Palin treatment. What is it about liberals and their hatred for conservative women? Despicable MSM journolistos are nothing more than Obama brown shirts. The only way this guy could get re-elected is if he gets his goons to destroy every other candidate who poses a threat. Well get ready because this election will not be about gaffes or thin resumes it will be about the man in the WH and the direction he is taking this country.

    • Well, we can’t act like we didn’t know it was coming. At least by paragraph six Politico got around to mentioning the ultra-thin resume of then-candidate Obama. Don’t expect that to happen again.

    • Part of the conservative base does still have a problem taking women seriously I’m afraid. Their bad. It is ghastly to watch libs heads spin around and see them wet themselves at the mere mention of Sarah Palin.

      • MT it is the establishment and Bush branch of the GOP that has a problem with conservative women. They are always chasing the elusive independent voter who, they believe, is looking for a squishy moderate. Well Reagan wasn’t a moderate and he was able to bring Americans together to defeat an incumbent president. Reagan was despised by the establishment GOP as well. We just have to keep reminding the naysayers of the virtues of constitutional conservative women and they will come around.

        • Agreed. I just hope that in the big picture we get a prez (man, woman, black, white) that can reverse the juggernaut of increasing taxes and increasing government. That is contrary to human nature to make such a change, but I really believe the gov needs to back off, by a LOT.

  3. MrsBachmann is now officially the new female target of the MSM and, to our amazement, FOX’s ChrisWallace who asked her if she was a “flake”. There’s something about the Repub women that the Left, the MSM and just about all the political pundits seem to dislike. Maybe they’re just uncomfortable supporting intelligent, attractive women.

    • That Chris Wallace interview was the biggest hit job I’ve seen yet. I stopped watching his Sunday show when he booked Jon Stewart. That was the last straw for me. I did see the clip of Michelle Bachmann’s interview and was outraged. Even his apology was weak. Can you imagine a journalist asking Obama, “The rap on you in Washington is that you have a reputation for being a Marxist. Are you a Marxist?” Never going to happen I guarantee.

      • Yeah, that was a pretty bush move on Chris’s part–or as I call him, the yappy terrier. I sort of gasped. So rude and so “transparent” as they like to say now–as in Your Motivations Are Showing…

        • Also, Juan, or as Miller calls him, Senor Williams, asked Rove–what will you do if you are stuck with Bachmann? I guess she’s toast on Fox now, too,

  4. I stated in a comment the other day, and I will repeat my prediction, that BO and Mooch will soon unveil some amazingly benevolent act they are undertaking. They haven’t done jack for anyone but themselves since being crowned (I mean anything ‘good’, they put the economic recovery off by 5 years at least, put race relations back by 25 years, and put the US onto the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ internationally, etc.). But now with an election coming, they are going to ‘wow’ their base again with some fantastic display of superexcellentness. Rainbows and unicorns are coming folks. And many will fall for it…

  5. The way I got it she said John Wayne lived in Waterloo–his fam did before he was born, but he had lived nearby ass a child. The John Wayne Gacy thing was just to smear her by putting her in the same sentence with him.

    • And that was on Fox… Check out Krautie always saying if he would just do this or that, she might be OK for VP. Might. He would decide. I am not necessarily for her, but the knives are out!

  6. We’ve got to put our money where our mouths are. The O wants to raise a billion, then we have to too. You know the outcome of elections is who has the most money to spend!