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Campaign Downgrades Obama Raffle by Including Biden

The Obama campaign has mysteriously downgraded its $5 Dinner With Obama raffle by forcing the winner to have dinner with Biden as well!

Okay, if this sounds mean spirited of me, please ask any Washington journalist who has had to listen to Biden for any length of time. It’s excruciating. At least lower the minimum donation to $2.50.

Here’s the email I got yesterday from the campaign. I was flabbergasted. And how is it fair to pull this on those who have already entered? I mean, talk about bait and switch!

Keith —

I just got an unexpected update about the “Dinner with Barack” contest we kicked off last week that I think you’ll want to hear.

The President wanted to tell you the news himself, so he recorded a short video with the new details.

I can’t tell you anything more than that — but let’s just say if you haven’t yet thrown your name in the hat for this thing, I have a feeling this announcement might change that.

Watch the President’s video, and then donate $5 or more to be automatically entered for the chance to have dinner with him:


Jim Messina

Campaign Manager

Obama for America

30 thoughts on “Campaign Downgrades Obama Raffle by Including Biden”

  1. Seriously? Can we have fried fat cakes and lobster? Not that I would spend a nickle on it, but I do wonder what the menu will be….

  2. Now who would miss a chance to dine with this creature ?…especially since I hear Moochele got the african recipe for fried pig fat cakes.. after eating several lbs. of these morsels on safari, she has decided to put her personal touch to it by adding 2x more lard.. When you think about it, you’ll get more out of a conversation with the fat cakes than you will with joe …

  3. Just like the ads (AsSeenOnTV) you now can get twice the product for the original stated price, S&H free. I might be interested if they would throw in some of those vegetable choppers.

    1. Susan, I watched this as reported by Fox & Friends this morning. I’m glad you added it here. I’m sure Holder is right on top of this and persue it to the fullest extent of the law!

      Maybe Keith will ask about it today.

  4. MT for re-redistribution

    Yep, campaigning in the White House. The King can do as he wishes.

    Didn’t he go to law school? Oh wait a minute, that’s actually a really good question… Who the hell IS this guy? What has he NOT faked? The only thing that comes to mind is the pathetic golf swing :-0

  5. I just can not image having a meal with BHO let alone Biden. Biden has said that he thinks that he is the smartest person in the room, so what conversation would little ol’ me be able to offer that would stimule good old Joe?

    I can see BHO and JB sitting at the table trying to convice the other just how smart and special they are.

    1. Yes Russell , but both of them would use you as a mere pawn in their conflict of egos as they battle to manipulate you into submission..
      Your only relief will come when they go out back for a smoke.
      And you better eat & drink fast ! !.. those fried lard cakes,french fries,
      and Schlitz malt liquor wont last for long with those dudes around..


    Is anyone allowed to see VP Biden’s “Daily Schedule/Events”?

    I heard that VP Biden’s “Daily Schedule” is OFF LIMITS… no one is allowed to see what VP Joe Biden is doing.
    No One in the ‘main stream media’ ever follows or questions Biden… Why is that?

  7. Glad you posted the gist of the email Keith, anything sent to me from that domain automatically gets zapped to the spam folder.

      1. this lunch raffle with dumb & dumber is so regressive ,I didn’t believe it, thought it was gag, a joke . now I find that it is both !!
        whats next? a beer drinking session with obozo & hulk hogan raffle?
        a clearing house publisher’s “you may have already won an all expense free campaign trip with the prez??
        a place at the table with fellow contestants barry & moochie for the first annual “fried pig cakes eating contest ?
        you cant make this stuff up !!!!

  8. I think the original slogan of “win the future” or WTF as it was called is very suitable for this contest if you go with what most people consider WTF to mean.

  9. hold on, if you order now, you can get a 8×10 glossy photo of joe bidens’ hair plugs…and ….a box of left-over fries from mitchell’s dinner last night…….- call jim messina(,1-800-i’mpathetic)…..these people are turning Americas White House into an overnight motel and game show … how low class can they go?

  10. What happened with the Obama lunch raffle? I haven´t heard anything about it since June. Did it happen? Why no news coverage? Did it not happen? Why no news coverage.

    it´s as if they took the money and just let the whole thing fade away…

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