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Mrs. Obama’s South Africa Trip Cost Taxpayers Over $500,000

First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to South Africa and Botswana last week cost taxpayers well over half a million dollars, possibly in the range of $700,000 or $800,000, according to an analysis by White House Dossier.

Many of the trip’s expenses cannot be obtained with specificity, including the cost of local transportation for the first lady, Secret Service protection, the care and feeding of staffers, and pre-trip advance work done by administration officials in South Africa.

But it is possible to estimate some of these costs and put a price tag on one of the major expenses – her transportation to and from southern Africa and her trips between cities there.

While the goals of her journey – “youth leadership, education, health and wellness” in southern Africa, according to the White House – are laudable, many may question whether such an expensive outreach overseas by the president’s wife is worthwhile given the threat of the ballooning federal debt to the economy.

This is particularly true given that the trip, while featuring many official events, also included tourist components such as visits to historical landmarks and museums, a nonworking chance to meet Nelson Mandela that Mrs. Obama described as “surreal,” and a safari. Mrs. Obama also brought along her mother, her daughters and two of their cousins – the children of her brother Craig Robinson.

In a conversation last week with a South African online newspaper, U.S. Embassy Spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau made clear that the trip was partially a personal pilgrimage for the first lady.

“She’s coming on this trip to talk about women’s development and youth development, and South Africa is a leader in that, not only on the continent but globally,” said Trudeau. “A visit to South Africa is important for them as a family. She’ll be visiting many Struggle-era landmarks, including the Apartheid Museum (and) the Hector Pieterson Memorial.”

Based on the plane’s tail number and a description of it in a press pool report, it’s clear Mrs. Obama flew over and back on a C-32, a specially configured military version of the Boeing 757 that also ferries the vice president on occasion and is sometimes known as “Air Force Two.”

According to publicly available Defense Department figures, DOD charges other federal agencies $12,723 an hour to cover expenses for the use of a C-32. Based on the distance traveled and the flight speed of the plane, this adds up to about $430,000 for use of the aircraft alone.

Perhaps the best estimate of the other costs involved in such a trip comes not from official sources but from a reporter, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post. In a 2002 article, he wrote that his reporting had found that a single presidential fundraising trip within the United States by then-President George W. Bush could cost close to $100,000 for items like staff, Secret Service and advance work.

While the first lady would certainly have a smaller retinue than a president, it seems very safe to say that a weeklong trip by Mrs. Obama to a high-crime country like South Africa would involve at least the expense of a single domestic trip by a president ten years ago, and probably much more.

In addition, a military cargo plane typically accompanies a first lady on overseas trips to bring cars and other gear. It is not clear if a cargo plane also went along on this trip, but if it did – as is likely – it could easily have added another $200,000 to the cost, based on Defense Department rates for cargo planes.

Mrs. Obama’s office did not respond to a request for comment.

455 thoughts on “Mrs. Obama’s South Africa Trip Cost Taxpayers Over $500,000”

      1. Granny Jan: Like all wannabee dictator wives, they “feed their faces first.”

        In other news today, wannabee dictator, Obama, is now relying on his own instincts. Hopefully this is the end-stage for him; like other wannabees who in the “end stage” don’t even trust their advisors.

      2. nice one. I was reminiscing back to those wonderful almost post colonial days. thinking of an appropriate icon. Thinking “troubles locations? ” she should go see Selma in July!, take the bus in fact- greyhound with the kids in lap. But what got me, the ONE I await, the last straw..Remember IddI Amin when the visiting Brit dignitaries carried his Dais? Now, it we could just see to invite one of those Islamic North African sorts… and give him the royal welcome…Or maybe a humble Kenyan with 300 cows and 400 wives and we could do a big bar-b-q right there on the west lawn?

    1. Private showers and no malaria? Yep, sounds real luxurious to me, Granny.
      Let’s ALL go to sub-Saharan Africa on vacation next summer – sound good?

      1. Ummmm….I’ve stayed in the Mateya. It’s a five-star hotel in the middle of an game preserve and it is mind-blowingly luxurious. I’ll go with you if you pick up the tab.

    2. Thanks for the link Granny. I did a mock reservation for room cost. The least expensive that came up was 101,200 ZAR or Rand. Converted to American dollars, that is $14,712.02 PER NIGHT. And for how many people?

      Since when do American taxpayers pay for nieces or nephews? Or even mother-in-laws. We don’t owe her brother Craig’s kids a lavish trip.

      You can vet this trip well exceeded a million bucks …EASILY. The Obamaos have absolutely no shame. These two have cost us millions and millions and MILLIONS in lavish trips and parties. And America has nothing to show for it.

      There are adjectives for people like these 2 miscreants, sadly we muzzled from speaking them.

  1. If the lame stream liberal press were to ever get off their stinking @#$ ‘ s
    and turn from Obama celebrity worship to actual unbiased reporting, this fleecing by POTUS & FLOTUS would be less of.. Fat chance of that !!
    This will only be remedied by a swift kick
    at the polls by concerned Americans who’ve had enough…
    If not, we get what we deserve, another 4 yrs, of incompetent tyrannical kingship..

    A wicked society elects wicked politicians
    who impose wicked laws enforced by a wicked government..

    1. The left stream media has lost all cretibility with the American people and this will come out in Nov. 2012. Obama and the queen have nothing but contempt for America, her people, and our laws and values and the American people also know this. Obama and liberals consider this country one of many and don’t see America as the worlod leader and super power that we are. All this will change in 2012. Keep the faith and don’t let the left stream media tarnish your opinion of Gov. Palin. Her and Gov. Christy are the only two politicians who are not afraid to tell what they feel and do what is right not politically correct. Please consider them when thinking about who should run this wonderful country.

  2. The estimate is way low. It costs $45,000 an hour according to the governments own number to operate the aircraft alone. We are already talking 15 hours times 45,000. Her last trip cost the American people $1.5 million and she didn’t take her extended family.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I’m quite sure that if you added a zero to this amount, you would stll be on the low side of the REAL total cost.

    2. Congress should bill them for the trip or deduct it from his pay if they want to flit around the world. Taking on many of the family members to have a hoot of a time is not acceptable.

    1. thanks Aubrey,
      Pig fat cakes is nice way to say:
      FRIED LARD & FLOUR PATTIES.. BTW did she save any for the kids?
      The fries are probably the most healthiest food they’ve eaten on the trip ! While the unemployed & forclosure #s grow, this -in your face- hypocrisy only helps solidifiy their place in history as one of the most “historically” rejected first families on record. And yes , the kids are getting chunky…WOW ! you can’t make this stuff up !!

      1. I found a receipt for Fat Cakes online and they are supposed to be split open a filled with bologna or jelly and are said to be an excellent after-school snack for children.

        1. maybe moochele packed them for their safari lunch boxes..
          should go well with the russian caviar & state dinner leftovers flown in from the white house fridge..

  3. Unnessary expense at a time when the United States is having such a debt crisis. The Obama’s are living it up while the homeless in our country is growing to enormous rates.. How can the government justify this expense.

    1. They don’t have to justify anything. They are da gubmint. They rule over us. We are nothing but their subjects. We are suppose to sit down and shut up – and pay our taxes so they can live large.

    2. Norma

      “How”? you ask. How dare you ask “How”. Is She not the Queen? Is He not the King? Do They not care one wit? //

  4. So why are we spending so much for an unelected person with no official capacity in the federal government to go off sight seeing in foreign countries? The Obama’s are America’s ultimate welfare family soaking us for as much as they can get

  5. These people are just spending our money like it’s nothing. It makes me sick! They have taken more vacations then all the other pres. i just pray they are gone 2012. please god.

      1. Mark,
        Get informed!
        Bush spent most of his vacations at his ranch in Texas, not doing photo ops all over the world and wasting our money dragging his kids around on lavish trips. You libs should really pick up a news paper once in a while rather than just following your liberal Bush-hating group-think answer to everything.
        Now who sounds like a lunatic??

        1. Bush spent ONE THIRD of his presidency on that ranch.
          If he had spent more time there, we could afford these trips, even though there are no numbers here.

      2. Mark, why do people like you always assume that everyone who criticizes Obama’s actions were Bush lovers? Ain’t necessarily so. At any rate, it’s a poor comeback to say, “Yeah, my guy’s doing badly, but your guy did, too.” It would be more to the point for you to demand better from your man.

      3. Mark, you fail so hard its not even funny. I was a bush basher back before this “presidency”… now i feel like THOSE were the good ‘ol days.

      4. Bush had a fully functioning operations room at his ranch. Obamao has NEVER had an operations room on ANY of many, MANY trips.

        What does that have to do with Mooch spending millions upon millions on PERSONAL trips all over the world?

        She is not an elected official. Her mother is in NO way entitled to ANY perks from taxpayers, nor are her brother’s kids. Since when do we support an entire extended family on tax dollars?

        Fyi: Amazon has spent more than all her 42 predecessors COMBINED…..(Grover Cleceland served 2 non-consecutive terms – 22nd and 24th president).

        These 2 disbarred, community rebel rousers have managed to outspend EVERYONE who has held a federal public office. I might add, in less than 3 years. You do not need to be a math wizard to run the figures.

      5. Bush’ fault, Bush’s fault—well Bush did this, uh-huh, yes he did—Bush–Bush–Bush—-
        Heh-heh, laughing at you Mark. You have no defense whatsoever of the Disappointment-in-Chief, so you have to resort to the ol’ “Well, Bush did—Bush’s fault—if Bush hadn’t of—”

      6. Hey dumbazz we’re talking about the giant cow that calls herself first lady spending our money. We are not discussing President Bush.

  6. Thanks Moooochelle, You are the “first lady ” of a country that is really hurting right now because of the actions of Barry. (your husband) many people have lost their homes and jobs and had bank accounts disappear. Do you really care , of course not. Would try to save us any money , of course not. The only thing you see is a photo-op and a chance for free food.
    What did you do for America on your trip. Nothing….. 700,000 dollars for you to spend a few days watching people dance and eating french fries. You are a disgrace.

    1. That’s only a month’s pay for that criminal Tressel, why don’t you bitch to your state government about them paying a lying, a cheating pos $5 million/year. By the way, I just bought Troy Smith’s Fiesta Bowl ring on eBay and paid him in tatoos and 40 ouncers.

      1. How very empathetic you are MC. Hope you never have to face your boss of many years who has to shut his business down because of Obama’s alphabet agency czar’s oppressive regulations. Then go home to your family and break it to them that you have to start all over again. Hope you never have to face eviction or foreclosure because you lost your job. My guess is you are either sitting in your comfy government office, or safe in the womb of your parents basement. Enjoy those material possessions.

    1. Why are you bringing Bush up? This story addresses the excesses of Michelle Obama. Citing Bush’s activities does NOT negate the criticism of Obama. NO one is suggesting that Bush should have taken innumerable expensive vacations, now are they?

        1. oh we’ll deal with it alvin ! all the way to the election booth !
          then this “once every 50 yrs progressive experiment” will be forced
          back into the slimy, horrid pit it slithered from & America will regain it’s composure.. it wont be guys always go kickin & screamin. Then you lay waiting, plotting you’re next blood sucking takeover attempt with all the lies, profanity, scare tactics, adultery & abortions you can muster :)

          Enjoy your down time, I know America will !

        2. Right, pal. I didn’t vote for Obama because I recognized that he was a Marxist who had an agenda gleamed from the pages Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. I sure as well will do everything I can to expedite his departure from office knowing that I was right all along.

    2. YOU ARE KIDDING, RIGHT? From Nancy Reagan getting bashed over buying new china to the republican kids all being dumped on REPUBLICANS are tabbed and trashed for everything.

      and Laura’s trips weren’t her photo opping and dancing..and she surely didn’t take 3 the first 2 years……

      However when the Impeached Stain’s wife wanted to TAKE OVER 1/3 OF OUR ECONOMY (healthcare) THE LIBS AND MEDIA WERE ALL OVER IT

      when he used Monica as an ashtry WE BOUGHT HIL A SENATE SEAT……..

      when Bush One ran for president the media demanded every single mile logged for campaigning for him to pay for


      now this freak Moooooochelle got 37 billion from Congress for her nanny state tell us what to eat while THEY EAT LIKE PIGS…..

      the world knows how the media treats the parties different
      that is why with Barry wiping the Democrat party off the face of the earth – this time the damage from a leftwinger is SO GREAT THAT WE THROW OUT THE LYING MEDIA THAT SOLD US THIS IGNORANT MAN

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        I agree. Laura Bush is a classy lady. Mooch needs to work on being a human first before she can aspire to be a lady, THEN maybe try to learn how to be classy. I don’t think Mooch has the guts, wisdom, or brains to be a lady though. Her strength, however, is in spending your money. So she is just going to stick with that.

        Oh wait, it’s chinese borrowed money she is actually spending. Well that’s even better, right?? That’s what the typical dem thinks, if you can borrow it, it’s not your money, so it’s not your problem.

      2. Please don’t Laura Bush sat by her husband side and watched as thousands of young men were killed in a war he started. I don’t know how you people can sleep at night. Michelle has the class

        1. Really?!?! The rate of deaths in Afghanistan is FIVE times the daily amount since Obama took office. Americans are dying daily. Do the Obamas even seem to acknowledge that?!?! Nope, he goes on politicking, golfing, spending money on his friends, giving away America. he even has CHINA making top secret parts for our weaponry !! yeah, real smart. She vacations, politics, eats, shops tells us what to do and eat and to sacrifice, but throws a confectioners buffet for our military and their family. Hypocrisy does not even begin to define this family. Obama cannot even tell a deceased hero from a live one.

        2. If she is so concern about her own people, why does she have to go to Africa?”Read the news and see what her people are doing here in cities like Chicago,Philadelphia,Cleveland,Peoria etc.They behave like wild animals.She should be here trying to calm them down and help to put them in cages, were they belong.That will give her some class.

        3. looks like the DMC put their forces at work to attack & poison this site with their polluted words… why dont you minions go back to
          CNN & PBS where you can be coddled ? ya wont get that here !
          What you WILL get is something you’re not aware of : THE TRUTH

        4. Remember, Congress voted to go to war in Iraq. It’s on all their hands. Obama has committed our Military to the war in Libya without a vote. Libya is his war. He also said the Afghan war is were the fight should be. We need to “finish the fight in Afghanistan” and now he is setting it up to cut and run before that has been accomplished. He is playing politics with our military and all the deaths will be for nothing!

        5. Would that be the same Laura Bush whose husband went to Congress before going to war? Would that also be the same Laura Bush whose husband decided to stop playing golf because he thought it was in poor taste to be seen enjoying himself during war time? That Laura Bush?

    3. Laura and her daughter set up an AIDs foundation while they were there. I remember her daughter came back and was so affected by the AIDs crisis in Africa she wrote a children’s book and the proceeds when to help that cause.

        1. Mallia is old enough to write a children’s book – just saying. I’m not sure that she needs to in order to prove anything — Sara is saying that the Bush twins were profoundly affected by their trips, not that the Obama kids need to follow suit.

    4. The reason nobody would remember the cost of a trip Laura Bush took is that she wasn’t constantly taking Lavish trips to begin with! If you aren’t willing to recognize the extent to which Mobama has exceeded the norm as far as availing herself of world travel on the public dime, you are just being willfully obtuse.

    5. Oh brother! Mrs. Bush was serving as goodwill ambassador in Africa for President Bush. It was an official visit. Amazon’s is NOT! You might also check further on the expenses for the daughters. Because they were not part of the official delegation, Mrs. Bush did not allow photographs of them and their expenses were paid for BY Bush. It’s on record if you want to check with the GAO.

      Might also note, NONE of the Mooch’s trips have been in an official capacity. Mrs. Bush also focused her trips on AIDS and malaria in Africa. She was even lauded by the left for her work in these areas. Mrs. Bush also visited area that were loaded with diseases. Did MO? NOPE! Even the liberal AP praised her.

      What the h*ll has this other thing done? NOTHING! You cannot fix “youth groups” in a country that is dictated by tribal rules. Being the hypocrite she is, she is seen buying pure cholesterol while harping on “healthy eating”. What a fubar comment where people are starving and diets are limited. Call it what it is….insensitive, ignorant hype spewing from her mouth..

      How many libs here actually bother to request GAO records? Instead of shooting your mouth off from your 4th point of contact, try researching. Start with Pelosi and the Obamas on just the alcohol bills these 3 have run up on YOUR dime. Just those 3 ought to make you shake with rage.

      Here is a real simple math problem for you.. That plane holds approximately 11,400 gals of fuel. Depending on all variables, weight, speed, tail winds etc. will determine mpg. That particular plane gets maybe 5-6 miles per gal. From D.C. to South Africa, it is 8,125 miles. Jet fuel is running at about $5.40 per gal. I guarantee you the cost of fuel roundtrip is more than $12k.

      *Note: The Air Force buys fuel in large quantities so they probably get a discount. Plus if they are smart they also have futures which means they got a better price by buying fuel 2 years ago for today’s use.

      Last year Mich had taken EIGHT trips alone (no Barry around) in 8 months, then 2 more with Barry. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the cost of transportation. This doesn’t even include the 2nd plane loaded with vehicles or the gas for the vehicles. Marine 1 costs even more to run. Every time, which is every Sunday almost, Obamie plays golf…we pay through the nose for his chopper and security vehicles.

      The most extravagant and expensive duo to EVER live in the WH.

        1. And on the Mexico holiday, she took a special plane with the Princesses Obama to see the Mayan pyramids after BO decided that he didn’t want to see them and so they were off his itinerary for the trip. But Michelle Antoinette just could not miss one perky perk that she could gouge from the American people, so ordered a plane and off the three Obama females went.

          This is partly Michelle Antoinette’s revenge for not getting a salary as FLOTUS, I believe. But by now she’s taken out her $350,000/yr in trade and is just working the perks.

          Prez and Mis WerkthePerks.

      1. yes alvin, she does look good alright:
        1. to a (drunken) man who’s been in the slammer for fifty years.
        2. If you’re selling her for stock at the Ohio state fair.
        3. If you’re a half blind hyena 30 days out from it’s last meal.
        4. If seen by a firmly entrenched sloth tick, immediately willing to leave it’s host to be with her.
        5. If seen in the middle of a group of lepers by the guy who starred in the X files.. forget his name.. (sex addict david douchebitch?)
        6. to head lice which surely now occupies the seats on Air force One &Two
        7. to Rev Wright’s muslim step-son who hates barak for “stealing’ her away.
        8. to a wart hog who recently saw her on safari,, followed her smell in the land Rover 10 miles till he fell dead exhausted & broken hearted.
        9. to a sober Barak after closing his eyes & imagines kissing Haley Berry

        See alvin I agree, SHE DOES LOOK GOOD !

  7. Just another junket by the most wasteful administration we have ever had. Why couldn’t she have done the same thing here in the U.S., with American children? Isn’t “youth leadership, education, health and wellness” just as important here in our country as in some 2nd rate country on the other side of the world? Guess not, considering meeting Mandela was “surreal”, which I assume the first lady felt was worth any amount of OUR money to experience. GAWDAAMIGHTY!! Is it November 2012 yet???

  8. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA………….17 MORE MONTHS OF TAKING TRIPS and sending the bill to the unemployed Americans………..

    we can’t afford you guys, and you made 2 million dollars last year, these vacations are disgusting honey and when our kids are Depression era homeless – AND YOUR GOALS WERE :

    “”While the goals of her journey – “youth leadership, education, health and wellness” in southern Africa, according to the White House – are laudable….””



      1. twill be nice when you bore of your useless, unimaginative, childlike,
        indoctrinated,narrow minded,infantile responses and leave this site to clean up your room like your mommy has been telling you..
        Its not your fault, many kids your age are spoon fed this poopie by
        your teachers & MTV.. You should be outside enjoying your summer .
        At least go back to your play station, I hear its safe now..
        Go grab some ice cream.. turn on cartoons. you’ll be alright..
        Soon you’ll shed that embarrassment around girls.. your voice will stop cracking.. who knows you might learn to actually kiss one..
        And maybe have a REAL LIFE..

  9. Her husband is in over his head as far as doing his job, but she certainly isn’t in over her head as far as taking full advantage of raking the taxpayers of this country over the coals. I put the blame squarely on the idiots who put this couple in the White House.

  10. You know, I didn’t vote for this President, and I suspect that those who did, did not vote for Mrs. Obama.

    That said, why does she and her children get vacation trips on the taxpayer’s dime?

    For those of you who voted for President Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t a racist, please vote for someone else in the coming election to prove you aren’t an Idiot!

    1. “For those of you who voted for President Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t a racist, please vote for someone else in the coming election to prove you aren’t an Idiot!”
      That was the best line I have read in a long time!

  11. Not to mention the $500 shoes and various designer outfits she wore while there.
    LMAO over the idiots who voted for this jerk and his wife. Typical socialists. Its OK to spend other peoples money.

  12. It’s outrageous that the taxpayers’ money is being used for all these vacations for the Obummers when so many people are out of work. I’ve been laid off twice and my husband’s contract job ends on September 30th. For the fifth summer in a row we had to tell our kids there would be no vacation and that we don’t know if we will ever have the money for another vacation before they are grown (they are 14 and 15).

    When the nest administration takes over the Obummers need to be prosecuted for all the money they have stolen from the American people. We are probably paying for all those ugly, expensive dresses that Moochell is wearing too.

  13. Will post my post? I’ll try again.

    America what a joker you have elected, and you call him president!
    “Did Barry register for the draft?” CITIZENS do, foreigners don’t.

    From A to Z: What’s wrong with Obama’s birth certificate?
    Examine for yourself mounting evidence that president’s document isn’t genuine

  14. Honestly, that’s not as bad as I thought. When I read the headline I thought it was going to say 500K/day!
    I’m as big of a republican as you get and this is whatever. I’ve seen CEO’s spend more to go hunting for the weekend in Wyoming.
    I lived in Ghana when Laura Bush visited doing her tour of Africa and I’m sure the cost was comparable. And when President Bush came to Ghana, he had three supplies planes in addition to AF1 and a 25+ car entourage that drove right by my house. Probably a couple million for that trip.

    For once, I’m not mad about something like this. This is politics.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      You are right in a way Kyle. However, the country is in a really bad economic spot, the dems budget and the implementation of it have been a complete disaster, and the pres and first moocher keep pontificating that the people need to make tough economic decisions. The sentiment here is that the tough decisions need to made by supposed ‘leaders’ first in their personal lives (which are not so personal by their own choices). They are flaunting the fact that they can do whatever the hell they want in their position, fueling the image that they have created for themselves that they hate the United States and the principles that define the country (the Constitution). Nero is fiddling again.

      1. “first moocher” — I laughed a good bit when I read that.

        All good points. I agree. It’s not good or necessarily acceptable when african american unemployment in the US is at 17% and overall unemployment still somewhere around 9%.

        I’m just saying I’m not all too surprised.

    2. Kyle G.: CEOs spend private money whereas Obamas use our money, taxpayers’ money. There’s a big difference. Private industry workers can be fired, transferred, laid-off, or whatever. We have to wait a total of four years to get rid of the Obamas. Then they have huge pensions and perqs to tide them over for the rest of their lives! It’s like comparing apples and rotten eggs.

    3. Uhmmmm Kyle…at the rate she ran around to various places, I bet it came close to $300,000 a day. Her “short” trip to Spain cost more than a million bucks.

  15. If she can take all of those extra passengers why didn’t she take Aunt Zeituni along and drop her off where she belongs?

  16. …’While the goals of her journey – “youth leadership, education, health and wellness” in southern Africa…’

    Will someone wiser than I kindly point out where in the Constitution our First Lady is charged with fulfilling such a responsibility. I am sick to death of the imperious attitude of our ruling class whose members believe that only they can teach the ‘great unwashed masses of the world’ how to live their lives. Here’s a thought-let’s assume that they can do perfectly fine on their own, shall we?

  17. All I know that on Friday night in Gaborone, it took me 75 minutes to get home from work – a journey of less than 2 miles. This was due entirely to the first lady’s desire to travel around the city at this time. Lesson 1 in how to make friends and influence people.

    1. Why do you think that The Politician’s WIfe cares about your friendship or your feelings? If you were driving yourself, you must be one of the Small People and She is far above that crowd now.

  18. So, are you suggesting that she should have taken the bus to the airport and taken a cheap flight from a discount airline? Just wondering. This is part of the equation if you are the most powerful nation on Earth. I never saw anyone bitching when Laura Bush, or Barbara Bush, or Nancy Reagan went overseas. No seriously. I didn’t. Because most rational, well educated, well traveled people know that it is important to project power abroad if you want to remain being perceived as a powerful country.

    1. Don’t try and deflect the point here.

      Her HUSBAND said this is the worst economy since the Depression, and told Americans that they might have to miss their summer vacations.

      But it does not apply to HER.

      Also, how is sending the WIFE of the President seen as allowing the US to be “perceived as a powerful country”?


      for this witch to flit around the world, and where have you been???THE MEDIA AND DEMOCRATS BASHED EVERY KID AND WIFE OF REPUBLICANS – ROFL

      Roy is right, the way you boys all CRY ‘THEY ALL DO IT’ whenever your idiot schemes are outed is criminal!!

    3. Riding around the city sightseeing during commuter hours is not taking a bus from the airport or taking a cheap flight. How anyone can not be angry with all her worldwide jaunts on our money is beyond belief.

      Both Obamas fall short when it comes to being role models when the country is suffering and they are dilettantes escaping all over the world while Rome burns. The fact that she wasn’t even elected to anything further provokes the citizenry.

  19. That Woman Must Spend Hours Sitting On The Toilet. All That Eating, French Fries, Fried ‘Fat Cakes'(Should Be Her New Nick Name) Etc. Does She Ever Give Her Mouth A Break? If She’s Not Stuffing It Full Of Food, She’s Yapping It Up Over How We Should All Be Eating Healthier.

  20. Mrs. Obama’s South Africa Trip Cost Taxpayers $500,000 Shut this kind of waste down! VOTE OUT OBAMA 2012!!!!! The king and Queen of the United States.

  21. While I am a staunch conservative republican, I have to admit that I would have difficulty turning down her “goodwill” missions. It is probably incredibly addictive to be treated like royalty and the opportunity to give your kids the sun, the moon and the Stars (maybe literally), hits many parents at their weakest point. I have always joked that while God has blessed my family a very comfortable lifestyle, if I had more, my kids might have been spoiled beyond comprehension. What I fault the Obamas and other “elite” democrats for, is their hypocrisy. They demonize those making 250k for wanting to hang on to their earnings (you know, money people actually work for), gripe about climate change, and then indulge themselves in things most of us only dream of, but they tell us it is selfish and bad for us to want the same things. What the Obamas have enjoyed the past few years is the American Dream. Many of us want the chance to WORK hard for it and give it to our own kids. Thats all we want–don’t tax us so much we lose our incentive to even try.

  22. Great analysis Keith. It does appear to be a conservative estimate based on the luxurious digs and the tourist destinations. Do you know if the travel costs for the tag alongs are reimbursed? It may sound petty, but it is bad enough we have to pay for Michelle and the girls to go on safari, it really grates on me that we are paying for the entire entourage.

    If we ever get out of this mess, we need to put the brakes on First Lady “official” trips. They haven’t been elected by the American people so they have no business representing us overseas. It is evident that the Obama’s are abusing the privileges of the office, so we can’t allow their actions to set the bar for future presidents and their families.

    1. I have written to the White House more than once to inquire what the rules are about “personal expenses,” within which I would include the tag-alongs.

      No response.

  23. You are surprised??? Why is this news ? Lady Michelle, ‘Let them Eat Cake’ is, as always on the longest vacation…It started 3yrs ago and (I hope) will end next year. The amount of money we spend for ALL government trips and affairs is way too high.. The people who don’t have a job or food to eat really are happy how wonderful Michelles trip was. Those who talk about making things more balanced an equal among the masses aren’t talking about these things..

  24. This woman takes her kids and mother on more trips around the world on the taxpayer dime than any other First Lady. Her and her husband have more time on Airforce 1 than working for the people of this nation in the White House they wanted so much!!!

  25. What the F–K!

    I haven’t had a vacation in 31 years and that stupid ass family seems to enjoy their vacation just about every F–King week!

    Bunzi says: SKROOW them!

  26. I think the American TAXPAYER has had enough of Michelle’s vacations with Grandma and the girls. Enough is enough, this country is BROKE and this stupid woman thinks she is Marie Antoinette!

    One and Done in 2012!! We can’t afford 4 more years of this administration!

  27. And what did we get out of the trip?

    Spend as much as you can Obamas. Take, take, take, but in the end, you will be booted out.

  28. These people have raped America for the past 3 yrs. Its disgusting. They go on vacation after vacation under the guise of official business. She does not hold an official position in government nor does her closest 40 friends or her mother. Why should we pay for them?

    1. Don’t forget Auntie Zeituni. Massachusetts taxpayers have been paying her ALL illegal immigrant freight — housing, food, spending money — for ten years or more now.

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