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Obama Golfs Twice This Weekend – 75th Time as President

With the first lady still on travel, President Obama today went golfing for the second time this weekend, an outing that also puts him at the three quarter century mark for total trips to the golf course as president.

Obama’s 75 times golfing since Inauguration Day includes 17 outings just this year. He made it thirteen weekends in a row Saturday with a trip out to the Andrews Air Force Base course.

The president today is at the Fort Belvoir couse, taking along a couple of his usual crew of younger staffers but also White House Chief of Staff William Daley.

Mrs. Obama is headed home today from a weeklong trip to southern Africa – but not in time to keep her husband off the golf course.

Also golfing today is White House trip director Marvin Nicholson and former Obama campaign photographer David Katz.

Obama last weekend golfed with Vice President Biden, House Speaker John Boehner, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R).

116 thoughts on “Obama Golfs Twice This Weekend – 75th Time as President”

  1. BHO must not have anything else to do. I’m sure he has his Cool menthols with him too.

    Sure makes me believe he “wakes up thinking about the economy, thinks about it all day and it is the last thing he thinks about before he goes to bed”.

    Yeah right. I just bought some beach front property in Arizona too.

      1. I think you meant, “Does you dad run the country into the ground?” That’s what Obumbler is doing and doing very well.

    1. Your father wasn’t involved in four wars, 9% unemployment, an out of control deficit, dept and unfunded liabilities adding up to 67 trillion dollars. He isn’t trying to destroy the oil and coal industry with regulations and devaluing the dollar. But hey, enjoy your life while you still can. Bad times are a coming!!

      1. At 90, his father could have suffered through the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl (depending on where he was born and lived as a child). His father could have served in 3 wars: World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. His father has lived through Jimmy Carter’s economic mire, the recession in the 80’s, the recession in the early 90’s, the modern collapse of the stock market and the economy (known as the “great recession”… which really is a depression when honest math and measurements are applied). So, to say this person’s father hasn’t seen or been through jack is, quite frankly, stupid.

    2. Your dad is not president, and at 90 probably doesn’t have a job that requires daily attention. I like to golf, I know many people that really like to golf. I don’t know anyone that has the time with their job to golf as much as Obama, and I doubt any of them has a job that has as much on the line as his.

    3. But, your dad took a lifetime to get over 75 golf outings accomplished. Mr. Barry has 75 rounds since taking office as the most powerful leader in the world. And, you and I are paying for all his gold with our tax dollars. What a shame of a president Mr. Barry is.

    4. In one 6-month time frame? Have you done the math on those statistics? Here’s my calculation: 6 months = 180 days. Divide those 75 golf games into 180 days. The man is playing golf on average once every 2 1/2 days…golfing while his czars are running our constitution through a shredder. The constitution he took a sworn oath to preserve, protect and defend. Guess what? He lied…again. He is getting great pleasure out of our suffering, I’m sure.

      1. Susan, read the article again. Obama has played 75 times since he’s been in office and 17 times this year. Today is the 176th day of the year which translates to one round every 10 1/2 days. The 58 rounds he played prior to this year equals one round every 12 1/4 days. He’s been picking up the pace as of late.

        1. I stand corrected. He’s still spending an outrageous amount of time recreating and being “cool” as Axelrod would say.

    5. Bush played 24 rounds of golf in his two terms, total. And he played golf until 32 months in his term. So Obama has played three times more golf than GWB in less time. And Obama takes five hours to play a round of golf.

      1. Bush is not my fav president by far, but justice requires that I point out that Bush stopped playing golf because he felt it was unseemly for him to be cavorting around the course while American men and women were dying in war.

    6. Bush got crushed for golfing and working in Texas while on his ranch. BUT ,He really was working. He may not have done a good job but Obama is not working and he is not doing a good job either!
      Bush golfed say 39 times in 8 years .75 times in less then 3 for Obama. He never played golf before. You don’t come to the Presidency to play sports….jerk! Russ you have a bad brain and bad wiring. Somedays I wish you could see your future you are not going to like it. Unfortunately ….You will probably blame the wrong person. Move to Mexico,it is so beautiful there and the people will love you…..just before they kidnap you!

    7. Yeah you jerk,
      I’ll bet he’s retired too, without a heck of a lot else to do. Like me,
      that is why I am here reading this.
      Is your comment subtle sarcasm are you in fact that vapid?
      Please tell me it is the former, not the latter.
      Rich in New Mexico.

    1. Obumbler has work boots? Does he even know what they are, since he has never worked an honest day in his pathetic life?

      1. I’ve seen lots of girls who have a better swing and can hit the ball further than the anointed one. He looks and acts like a sissy.

    1. He sucks. Still with a 18 handicap I believe. You would think it would be much better than that too. Goes to show he doesn’t take ANYTHING seriously.

    2. Yep,
      And in the first time in his life he’s going to need a job…Not.
      His pinko buddies will set him up teaching yours and mine children.
      That is scary. He seems to be the gift that will never stop giving.
      We need to get the teachers and Soros, the anti-American Communist Hungarian and his communist unions out and get some Americans in.
      Rich in New Mexico.

  2. Keith Koffler, please become a press leader and begin to take apart this fraud CIC we have in the WH today. He has made a career of having others do the real work. He is a fraud, incapable of actually doing real work. Please, begin the process of dismantling his presidency. You have the voice. He has the record, or lack thereof. Russell is right (below). This guy who thinks he is a president is nothing more than a charlatan.

  3. says:
    President Obama has spent all or part of 26 days “on vacation” during his first year as president, according to CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller.

    Knoller, who has covered every president since Gerald Ford and is known for keeping detailed records on presidential travel, counts the following among President Obama’s “vacations” in 2009:

    * A four-day holiday weekend in Chicago in February where the president played some basketball and treated First Lady Michelle Obama to a Valentine’s Day dinner date.
    * An eight-day stay with his family at a rented house on Martha’s Vineyard in August.
    * A trip out west to the U.S. states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Arizona that combined both business and pleasure. The president held town hall meetings on health care during the trip. And he went fly fishing and took trips to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon with his wife and two daughters.
    * An 11-day stay in Hawaii where the president and his family celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

    Some of the president’s recent predecessors, however, have spent more days — either entirely or partially — away from the White House “on vacation” during their first year in office.

    President Reagan, in 1981, spent all or part of 42 days away from the White House “on vacation” at his home in Santa Barbara, Calif, according to Knoller. President Reagan and his wife, Nancy, also spent three or four days around New Year’s Day each year in Palm Springs, Calif., at the home of philanthropist Walter Annenberg. (In 1993 the late Mr. Annenberg founded the nonpartisan Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, which is’s parent organization.)

    President George W. Bush spent even more time away from the presidential mansion in the nation’s capital than Reagan. Of the 77 total “vacation” trips the former president made to his Texas ranch while in office, nine of them — all or part of 69 days — came during his first year as president in 2001, according to Knoller.

    Bush’s father, President George H.W. Bush, spent less time “on vacation” during his first year than his son, but spent more days than President Obama. According to travel records provided to by the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the former president took six trips — spanning all or part of 40 days — to the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, in 1989. The archivist at Bush’s presidential library told us she didn’t have a list of all vacations but did have the Kennebunkport visits.

    But at least two recent presidents — by Knoller’s count — took less “vacation” time during their first year than President Obama — Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

    According to Knoller, Carter spent just 19 days “on vacation” in 1977. Most of that time, Knoller says, the former president spent at his home in Plains, Ga. President Clinton took all or part of 174 days of vacation during his eight years as president — most of that “vacation” time was during the summer, according to Knoller. But Knoller says Clinton only took 21 “vacation” days during his first year.

    It’s worth mentioning that President Obama has also made 11 trips — all or part of 27 days — to Camp David, the presidential retreat in Frederick County, Md. Knoller, however, says he doesn’t count trips to Camp David as part of any presidents’ “vacation” time. But for the sake of comparison, President George W. Bush, made more trips to that country residence than Obama. According to Knoller, Bush made 25 trips — a total of 78 days — to Camp David in 2001.

    But no matter how much time a president actually spends away from the official residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Knoller says that the commander in chief is never really off the clock. “I have long held the view that a US president is never really on vacation,” Knoller told in an e-mail. “The job – and its awesome powers and responsibilities – is his wherever he is and whatever he’s doing.”

    1. Angie, I hate to break it to you but is just as biased as Mark Knoller. Don’t you see the love he has for Obama? “The job – and its awesome powers and responsibilities – is his wherever he is and whatever he’s doing.”

      Knoller never used the word awesome and Bush in the same sentence. I guarantee.

    2. So let’s see….

      Carter could spend time at his home in Georgia & it’s not counted as “vacation”. Yet all of the times GW Bush spent at his home on his ranch is. And never mind the long list of foreign dignitaries the Bush’s hosted at their ranch.

    3. Oh, wait; I thought you all have not taken a different view and decided that Obama COULD do his job wherever he is — something you’d never admit about Bush or any other president.

      Face it, this guy is in over his head and doesn’t really like the job.

      Plus think of all the military people who cannot play because he has hogged that course for TEN HOURS this weekend. Probably more time to clear the course.

      He’s useless.

    4. Bush wasn’t fundamentally changing the country and he worked from the ranch in Crawford. Obumbler is wasting more tax payer money with his Wednesday night parties at the White House, AF One Date nights and trips all over the world to apologize for the US being the great country we were until this dirt bag took office. He can’t spell work , much less know how to do any.

    1. …no wonder NO ONE is allowed to see Obama’s “GPA or college records” from “Columbia” or “Harvard Law”…

      (meanwhile I have to explain my entire Life on a SF 86 form…)

  4. To russ in nc — You must be kidding! Nice that your Grandfather is almost 90 yrs old and played LOTS of golf. We are talking about the President of the United States here whose country is in an incredible mess — & people are greatly suffering. His outrageously poor decisions got us here. — & he’s on the golf course! Do you get this ???

    1. Amen, Laura. Amen. Just goes to show that Mr. Barry Obama is a president in name only. And, if only he’s spend all his time on the golf course.

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  6. High time to get rid of the Vacation President. Obama’s arrogance is exceeded only by his incompetence. He fooled us once but never again.

  7. One would think Obama would be a pretty good golfer by now, but by all accounts, he still SUCKS! He can’t break 90 on his best day, despite 17 rounds already this year! Spaghetti wrists have something to do with that – he’s a short hitter. Oh, and an abysmal president, I should add.

  8. But, it was Obama’s freedom of choice . . . either be in campaign mode,
    satisfy his urge to play golf or visit the devastated communities hit by recent floods.


    1. oh hush alex…never mind that I have 5 children born in Hawaii and never mind that I actually know, first, that the hospital he claims to have been born at did not bear the name on his supposed birth certificate and second, that there is no watermark/state stamp….never mind. It’s not like it really matters at this point that the man IS NOT A US CITIZEN. Hey…thats all in the fine print, right?
      Just shoot me now.

  10. and Why Does NO ONE in the “media” report this…?

    QUESTION: The Obama’s + “Church” = NO STORY???
    Just Curious…because every US PRESIDENT & First Family before BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA had some interest in “Church” on Sundays

    …still wondering what BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA thinks of “religion”…

    1. Barry behaves like a Muslin demanding that Israel go back to the 1967 boundary. He also thinks the Mulsim call to prayer is the sweetest sound on earth. Reckon he may be a Muslim?

  11. He’s a doozy all right. If he’s ever up this way I’m gonna lure him into a game with Mr. B by using my stuffed pork chops as bait.

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  13. Man, I am so tired of this Obama guy. Ok, I give the grifter credit; he conned a bunch of dopes into voting for him. Good con; well done. But don’t fricken destroy the country! Everything this guy touches turns to crap. Pleeese people, I appreciate that some of you are not the brightest bulbs on the tree; but don’t pull this stunt again. None of us can afford it!

  14. Why should the citizenry begrudge the great one’s leisure activity? After all our economic situation is terrific, his immigration policy is sound, and the USA is on a roll! Sister Benedicta

  15. Small wonder he has no time to bone up on ‘little details’ like learning the names of people who died fighting for our Country. Appalling…but expected.

  16. He ties up these military bases golfing on them.. then our military cannot go any where near where his highness might be.. so it ruins their week end of golf, but not the kings

  17. The president should be given 10 holidays and 10 vacation days each year. If he chooses to take more time off than that his pay should be docked, and all expenses such as secret service protection during his unpaid vacations should be paid for by the President, not the taxpayers. We have a President , not a king – he should act accordingly.

    This should have been done years ago, not just for our present President, but since it wasn’t we need to make this change ASAP. The government debt and deficit is out of control, EVERYONE must sacrifice. We need a leader that will lead in instituting fiscal responsibilty. The President should also be required to pay into social security and medicare and not be given better benefits than is given to working class Americans in the private sector. The same should apply to all of our elected and appointed officials, as well as all Federal employees.

  18. We can wish that this was the 2000 th, time this nincompoop had gone golfing, the economey may have recoverd if he had no time to foul it up.

  19. This is the news that makes the DN? What a disgrace. This paper is a joke. How about printing the fact that African American flash mobs are overunning US Cities with no concealed carry laws while the Husseins are in South Africa eating fries and playing golf. Guess I have to keep going to Drudge for the news that really matters. Get ready for the long hot summer people. Here come the riots. I’m glad I’m locked and loaded :)

  20. See Susan’s list of obama’s flights on earlier string; her reply June 25 2PM
    Just got some facts from AMC – reliable source – for comparison.
    Ronald Reagan flew total 233 flights aboard Air Force 1 during 8 years in office. He logged 675,640 naut. miles.
    That works out to 2.4 flights / month.
    Using Susan’s metric, and assuming only AF1 flights are tallied, obama has clocked 8.2 flights / month in a span of just 6 months.
    BTW, Reagan was always sincerely attentive to all air / ground AF1 crew. And, the troops loved him.
    AMC Airmen are true professionals. The President and his family should be grateful for their service.
    AMC airmen are professionals of the highest order.
    Our Presidents and their families are fortunate to be in their hands.

    1. Thank you for the analysis Noma. Our presidents and their families are extremely fortunate to have such loyal, dedicated airmen in their service. I thank them for their service to our country and for insuring the safety of the first family.

  21. Let’s see. 1/2 of a beer per hole. Eighteen holes. That’s nine brewskis for the course. Yeah, that should be enough to numb him enough to face The Amazon when she shows back up. Fired up and ready to rumble.

  22. With three wars going, the economy in the tank, unemployment in double digits, the list goes on and on, but there is good news. Obama is on the golf course again. It takes about 4 hours to play 18 holes, this is his 75th trip to the links, add 2 hour travel time and you get 450 hours, that is 18+ days, or 2+ weeks that he’s slacking off. If he had a real job, he’d be fired. in 498 days he will be. He has done more to disgrace the office than anyone since Wilson.

  23. And President Bush spent 487 days at Camp David and 490 days at his Texas Ranch during his presidency. Looks to me President Obama works much harder and plays less

    1. And those people who worked with President Bush said he rarely quit working no matter where he was. The Crawford Ranch had a complete office set up so that he could continue to work. Obama . . . do you think that they are setting up an office everywhere the Obamas go? Don’t think so.

      And about Camp David . . . Bushes used holidays at Camp David so that those people who had to be in close proximity in case of an emergency could still spend time with their families at their homes. Obamas force people to spend Christmas away from their families in Hawaii.

      Now going to Hawaii isn’t bad, but being away from the families is bad. And then there are the tourists who spent money to vacation during the holidays have it ruined because of security surrounding whatever area Obamas decide to vacation.

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  25. Another 30 visits and he’ll be closing in on his score. Maybe he can begin using his well-developed slice on spending instead of golf balls.

  26. when in the hell is this nman going to do his job,his wife at the feeding troth in afrika and he’s playing with his putter.

  27. He’s won a Nobel Peace prize, and the president of South Korea awarded him a black belt in karate. I’m guessing Obama will soon be declared the worlds best golfer.

  28. News as a concept is supposed to encapsulate recent events that are noteworthy, thus the word NEWs. Obama going golfing isn’t news anymore; it’s just the norm, so I hope to never see another silly article about it again.

    Maybe the writers at the White House Dossier can write about important, real news like the “kinetic action” developments in the Middle East. But then again, with five wars going on–whether operated from the ground, seas, or the skies–war is is slipping dangerously into un-newsworthy territory.

    1. Good thing the “writers at the White House Dossier” can write about whatever subject Keith decides. Also good thing you aren’t the arbiter of news. Keith is an honest journalist who writes many hard-hitting articles. In other words he can walk and chew gum at the same time. He keeps us informed about the Obamas’ activities, something the rest of the MSM refuses to do.

  29. With Obama, 75 golf outings and counting is a very hostile “In your face, America.” This clown is arrogant beyond belief.

    1. You are So Right but let’s call it what it is- FU america -and be done with it-

      it is so obvious he doesn’t give a sh*t and neither does his wife and his two scowling darlings

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