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Obama Out Golfing for 13th Weekend in a Row

President Obama hit the links today, making it 13 weekends in a row that he’s gone golfing.

As some of you speculated, with Michelle on safari in Africa, golf was pretty much a lock this weekend.

After having to basically clock in at work last weekend playing with the VP, Speaker Boehner, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), he’s on the course today at Andrews Air Force Base with his usual relaxing crew of younger staffers.

From the pool report:

He’s wearing light brown slacks, a black golf shirt, hip Blackberry, iPad and some reading material, and no hat. Golfing with Trip Director Marvin Nicholson, Press Aide Ben Finkenbinder, and former campaign photographer David Katz.

For those of you playing along at home, this is the 16th time Obama has golfed this year and the 74th outing of his presidency.

58 thoughts on “Obama Out Golfing for 13th Weekend in a Row”

  1. Gotta give him this much…his presidency is “historic” in every sense of the word.

    All those record breakers you listed earlier got me to thinking. How many AF1 flights (official and otherwise) has Obama made so far this year? Perused the daily schedule you publish to get the answer. Breathtaking.
    1) Hawaiian Christmas vacation – 22 Dec 2010-3 Jan 2011
    2) Tucson, AZ – 12 Jan 2011
    3) Albany, NY – 21 Jan 2011
    4) Cambridge, MD – 21 Jan 2011
    5) Green Bay, WI – 26 Jan 2011
    6) University Park, PA – 3 Feb 2011
    7) Marquette, MI – 10 Feb 2011
    8) Baltimore, MD – 14 Feb 2011
    9) San Francisco, CA – 17 Feb 2011
    10) Portland, OR – 18 Feb 2011
    11) Boston, MA – 8 Mar 2011
    12) Latin America Vacation 18-23 Mar 2011
    13) Landover, MD – 1 Apr 2011
    14) Philadelphia, PA – 6 Apr 2011
    15) New York City, NY – 6 Apr 2011
    16) Chicago, IL – 14-15 Apr 2011
    17) San Francisco, CA – 20-21 Apr 2011
    18) Reno, NV – 21 Apr 2011
    19) Los Angeles, CA – 21-22 Apr 2011
    20) Chicago, IL – 27 Apr 2011
    21) New York City, NY – 27 Apr 2011
    22) Tuscaloosa, AL – 29 Apr 2011
    23) Cape Canaveral, FL – 29 Apr 2011
    24) Miami, FL – 29 Apr 2011
    25) New York City, NY – 5 May 2011
    26) Indianapolis, IN – 6 May 2011
    27) Ft Campbell, KY – 6 May 2011
    28) El Paso, TX – 10 May 2011
    29) Austin, TX – 10 May 2011
    30) Memphis, TN – 16 May 2011
    31) New London, CT – 18 May 2011
    32) Boston, MA – 18 May 2011
    33) European Vacation – 23 -28 May 2011
    34) Joplin, MO – 29 May 2011
    35) Toledo, OH – 3 June 2011
    36) Morrisville, NC – 13 June 2011
    37) Miami, FL – 13 June 2011
    38) Puerto Rico (American Territory) – 14 June 2011
    39) Fort Drum, NY – 23 June 2011
    40) New York City, NY – 23 June 2011
    41) Pittsburgh, PA – 23-24 June 2011

    1. Great job on compiling all the eco-friendly (cough cough) travel. What’s even more astounding is that doesn’t even include Michelle’s private travel. Yes, they are historic and not in a good way.

      1. Great job. With some effort it could be made into a video ;-)

        Up, up and away , fly me to the moon, around the world in 80 days and leaving on a jet plane are just some of the many song possiblities.

        1. I like your style Granny Jan. That is travel for the first 6 months of this year. Your video would be a feature length film if it included an entire year!

    2. Susan, great job documenting the travels. BHO seems to be on a perpitual road trip with no idea of what is going on around him. Travel, gold and Wednesday evening concerts with a State Dinner thrown in every now and then. What a life. He has proven that you can snatch a communtiy organizer off the streets of Chicago and make him prez. Percy Sutton should be really proud of his creation.

          1. That’s 100% true. The MSM and even most conservatives ignored it just like they’ve done to Jack Cashill.

            A “spokesman” for Sutton denied it and implied that he suffered from old age when he said it.

            I actually feel more resentful to conservatives for shirking from the truth because I don’t expect any better from the MSM.

          2. Wondered how he was admitted to Harvard and then became the President of the Harvard Law Review with no published articles. Solves a lot of unanswered questions. Just ordered Jack Cashill’s book.

          3. Russell, I knew who and what this guy was before he ever got elected. Trump was on his bandwagon up until recently. Hope comparing me to Trump wasn’t meant as an insult ;-)

          4. Nope, not comparing you to “The Donald” at all. I just got a kick out of your comment. :-) I too knew who Barry was before he was elected. I think more and more now realize it too.

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    1. Very powerful video Granny Jan. Emphasizes what an arrogant, self-serving, and disgusting man he is. He is just giving Rep. McCarthy the middle finger salute for having the audacity to suggest he get off the golf course and do some work.

      1. Thanks. I didn’t have time include BO not saluting Sgt Giunta as he was supposed to but hugging him instead.

        I couldn’t remember McCarthy’s name. I saw it on Drudge but he’s since taken it off.

        1. Wonderful video as usual Granny…I especially like the dissolve effects at the end. This whole episode has made more disgusted than usual. It proves without a doubt, he reads what has been prepared at these ceremonies and there is no mental or emotional connection with what he’s doing. What a disgrace.

          1. Thanks! BO is our modern day Zelig. He has to incorporate himself into every situation. He attempted to make himself part of the 10th Mountain Division but it came back to bite him.

    1. Great one Granny Jan. Especially nice that you are now including the consecutive weeks. You’re going to be busy editing. It still makes me furious that he golfs so much when we are suffering out here. We have been through so many climatic disasters and he is punishing the red states. Did you hear that FEMA denied Alabama federal disaster aid because of ‘insufficient damage’? Obama didn’t act like it was insufficient damage when he traveled to Tuscaloosa for the photo op. That is the whole reason they took separate planes to Cape Canaveral for the shuttle launch that was cancelled. He had to make a fast trip to Alabama to pat the heads of the small people and it was way too nasty a mess for Michelle to visit. Then he turned around and figuratively sucker punched Alabama by denying aid. Similar to the laughter after the shovel ready jobs question.

      1. It’s the outrage like you just showed that motivates me even though I know it’s not really going to do much good because it’s always been in the hands of the MSM and that’s out of our control.

      2. Here in northern New Mexico we have been breathing the Arizona fire smoke for weeks now. You can bet AZ will not be getting any FEMA aid either. Obama is probably praying to allah that the whole state goes up in flame. Oh wait….he is a good Christian. Somehow that slipped my mind…

        1. We Texans have already been denied FEMA aid for the recent wildfires that destroyed millions of acres of farmland and livestock. Arizona fires have suspicious origins, and I’m sure Obama is pleased to see how his open borders policy has caused so much devastation to a state that he despises.

  3. I guess he had to golf to get over the pain from his callus and uncaring remarks about the soldier. He must feel so bad. If only he did care but he
    has made it clear he comes first he must be happy and have fun or why be President? It’s not like he does anything. We can’t let the American people
    get in the way of parties, trips and fundraising. And of of course Michelle’s
    vacations and new clothes and jewelry. She on a safari today you know a
    must on an official visit. Please I feel a bit sick now.

  4. Between all the golf and vacations (paid for by the taxpayers); it’s no wonder so little is getting accomplished in Washington D.C.. Throw in his adherence to his ideology and you wind up 16 Trillion in debt and swirling deeper.

  5. Reading material? When does one read while playing golf? During the drives from one hole to another. This must be how he gets so tense as Michelle described from working and ending up knowing more than the people who are briefing him.

    By the way, if he knows more than his briefers, let’s fire them and save the taxpayers a little $.

  6. Drudge is carrying a story on the weekly radio address Obama gave today. Wonder if he did it before or after the golf game? So he tells us we can’t cut our way to prosperity, as he schedules his day of golf and Queen Michelle and her posse are enjoying an African safari. This is the most disgusting man to ever hold the office of presidency.

    1. What grandeur and opulence on the malaria-free Madikwe Reserve. The entire continent would be malaria-free if it weren’t for Rachel Carson and her book of lies about DDT.

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    1. Fat cakes? She already has some of those in her back pockets doesn’t she? It was hilarious how she was playing hot potato with them at the end.

      Granny Jan, as narcissistic as these folks are, mirrors are one thing they have an abundance of. You would be wasting your donation.

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  9. My uncle brought up a good point. I’ll let him explain……

    And not once—not once—has any story mentioned his score or whether he plays by the rules. The newsies were always quick to tell us that Eisenhower was a bad player and sometimes rolled his golf ball out of bad lies with his foot. We knew that Ford was a poor player and hit too many wild tee shots. We knew that Clinton was wild, rude, loud, boisterous and took too many Mulligans.

    So what DOES Obama shoot?

    1. Brian, I thought that a good progressive didn’t keep score. That way, no one could get their feeling hurt. You know, every kid gets a trophy and everyone wins dribble? We certainly wouldn’t want to start comparing Barry’s scores to someone else’s would we?

  10. Here is another list for you Keith. These are his official campaign jaunts from the daily calendar you publish. Michelle’s are not included. If I didn’t miss any, he has made 27 official campaign stops in three months, 4 Apr 2011 (campaign video release) to 23 June 2011. More to follow…

    Chicago – 14 Apr 2011
    1. 6:25 pm Central Time|| Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser #1; N9NE Restaurant, Chicago
    2. 7:35 pm CT|| Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser #2; MK Restaurant, Chicago
    3. 9:30 pm CT|| Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser #3; Navy Pier, Chicago
    San Francisco – 20 Apr 2011
    4. 6:15 pm || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser – private residence; San Francisco
    5. 8:30 pm || Delivers remarks at second DNC fundraiser- Nob Hill Masonic Center; San Francisco
    San Francisco – 21 Apr 2011
    6. 9:40 am || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser; St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco
    Los Angeles – 21 Apr 2011
    7. 5:30 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #1; The Commissary at Sony Picture Studios
    8. 6:55 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #2; Soundstage 30 at Sony Picture Studios
    9. 6:55 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #3; Tavern Restaurant
    New York City – 27 Apr 2011
    10. 6:00 pm || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser #1; private residence
    11. 9:25 pm || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser #2; Waldorf Astoria
    12. 10:15 pm || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser #3; The Town Hall
    Austin, TX – 10 May 2011
    13. 5:50 pm CDT || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser; Moody Theater
    14. 7:25 pm CDT || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser #2; private residence
    D.C. – 16 May 2011
    15. 6:55 pm || Delivers remarks at a DNC event; Washington
    16. 9:25 pm || Delivers remarks at a DNC event #2; Washington
    Boston, MA – 18 May 2011
    17. 6:15 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #1; Boston Center for the Arts
    18. 8:25 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #2; private residence
    Miami – 13 June 2011
    19. 5:50 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #1; private residence, Miami
    20. 7:20 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #2; Adrienne Arsht Center, Miami
    21. 8:10 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #3; private residence, Miami
    Puerto Rico – 14 June 2011
    22. 3:50 pm || Attends fundraiser; Caribe Hilton, San Juan
    D.C. – 20 June 2011
    23. 7:25 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #1; Washington
    24. 9:10 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #2; Washington
    New York City – 23 June 2011
    25. 7:05 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #1; Sheraton Hotel and Towers
    26. 8:00 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #2; Daniel restaurant
    27. 9:50 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #3; Broadway Theater

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