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The Six Greatest Sports Streaks in History

1. Cal Ripken, Jr. – 2,632 consecutive games played

2. Joe Dimaggio – 56 consecutive games with a hit

3. Edwin Moses – 122 consecutive 400m hurdle wins

4. Wayne Gretzky – 51 consecutive games with a point

5. Johnny Unitas – 47 consecutive games with a TD pass

6. Barack Obama – 13 consecutive weekends golfing


8 Responses to The Six Greatest Sports Streaks in History

  1. Is thissome sort of prezidential record? I mean, really, is it? i know Ike hit the links often but give me a break here. I can only image if GW did this.

  2. He’s giving golf a bad name. I surprised the PGA doesn’t get after him. He’s making golfers look like a bunch of do nothing loafers.

  3. Hey Keith, what about the Greatest Liars. Shouldn’t Barry rank above
    “Junior” on HEE HAW who shockingly lied about the whopper fish he caught ?

    • That would be epic, Barry on HEE HAW, mixing it up with Junior. These comments are getting better and better!