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Obama Ditches Mao Suit, Dons Epaulets

In 2008, America elected Comrade Obama. He promised to spread the wealth around, to raise taxes on the Kulaks, to usher in hope and change and to improve the condition of the common man. He’d create universal health care and save the environment.

Forget all that. The economy is not doing well. The environment for polar bears may be getting better, but the environment for doing business is not. Obama has even failed to raise the landed gentry’s taxes. And it turns out you don’t want universal health, you ungrateful masses.

Bin Laden underwater
Yes we can!

So in 2012, you’ll be asked to vote not for Comrade Obama, but Commander Obama.

Though he’s short circuiting his success by bringing the troops home too soon, the president’s surge in Afghanistan has produced some positive results. And of course, he’s killed Bin Laden, with some help from military and espionage capabilities developed by George W. Bush.

And now, you’re going to hear about it.

“We pummeled al Qaeda. We took out bin Laden,” Obama announced at one fundraiser in New York City last night.

“We brought the Iraq War to an end, and we’ll have all of our troops out by the end of this year,” he declared at another.

Well, in Iraq, he’s basking in a a successful surge there by Bush that he opposed, but hey, the man was on a roll.

Yesterday, the president’s chief White House political adviser, David Plouffe, used the new White House email list I signed up for to let me know that Vice President Biden also had some things to say about operations in Afghanistan. Wrote Plouffe, the 2008 campaign chairman:

Good morning,

In December 2009, President Obama promised the American people that we would begin the drawdown of troops in Afghanistan in July 2011, and last night he announced his plan to make good on that promise. By the end of this year 10,000 troops will return home and that number will reach 33,000 troops by next summer.

To put this important decision in a larger context, Vice President Joe Biden took a few minutes to share his thoughts about the promises this Administration has made – and kept – when it comes to the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, and our commitment to defeat al Qaeda:

And at 1:23 am this morning, 2012 Obama campaign chairman Jim Messina was nice enough to get in touch to remind me of Obama’s martial success.

Keith —

If you missed it last night, you should take a few minutes to watch President Obama’s address to the nation about our policy in Afghanistan:

The President’s address marks a major turning point in a nearly decade-long conflict. He announced his plan to start withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan next month, fulfilling a promise he made a year and a half ago to begin the drawdown this summer.

To put it simply: when this president took office, there were 180,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, the combat mission in Iraq has ended, Afghanistan will be fully responsible for its own security by 2014, and there will be fewer than 100,000 American troops in the two countries by the end of this year.

As President Obama decisively concludes two long-running wars, he is refocusing our foreign policy to more effectively address the threats we face and strengthen America’s leadership in the world as we do.

Quite an irony. The community organizer will be running in part as Dwight Eisenhower. If he finally kills Qaddafi, lookout!

27 Responses to Obama Ditches Mao Suit, Dons Epaulets

  1. Pardon me but Ike? I live in Kansas and can hear Ike turning in his grave in
    Abilene. There is no Eisenhower in Obama now or ever.

  2. If I had to get these emails, I would put the computer in the dumpster and drink Drano. You are better than I am! And I am going to let you be.

  3. Really? It was Dec. 2009 when he said we would be out by this July? I could have sworn one of his campaign promises when he ran in 2008 was to have us out within 18mos of him taking office. hmm…

  4. Let me be clear: MrO has never “pummeled” anyone, ever.
    The “we” he refers to is not him and the mouse in his pocket, but our American soldiers who put their lives on the line for our country.

    By all means, pour yourself a glass of wine and listen to the dolcet hissing of our dear Leader whilst he gives a campaign speech that irritated both the Dems and the Repubs, the left and the right leaning and gave solace to our enemies.

    • “Let me be clear” hmmmm – where have I heard that line before? Good one, srdem. I am still trying to recover from MOH disgrace.

  5. Great work Keith. This guy is sure stepping over the line of propriety with the eerily similar emails and that Biden propaganda tape. Maybe Biden was the only sucker he could find who would toot his horn for him. Poor Biden doesn’t realize he will be dropped like a hot potato once Obama gets what he wants out of him.

    That campaign visit to Fort Drum was supposed to make him look like a real commander and all he managed to do was look like a fool and embarrass himself in front of the troops. He should have hired the crew from “What Not to Wear” for this makeover. He looks more like Gadaffi with those epaulets on his shoulders than he does Eisenhower.

  6. Remember when Bush was president, and Rumsfield, Franks, and Cheney did all the talking? Maybe I’m dreaming, but I don’t remember him taking personal credit for military action all the time. (I did, I decided, I pulled out). Can’t remember ovomit (i borrowed that from a commenter. Hope you don’t mind — it’s great) every mentioning his generals. He only mentions the troops ‘cos he thinks that’s what Americans do.

    Was thinking — who could be a leftist these days? Even if I held leftist beliefs

  7. Who could be a leftist these days? Even if I held the beliefs, I’d be ashamed to admit it, ‘cos they are so vulgar and ill-tempered. Some of the things I’ve read, particularly about conservative women, are…indescribable. I see these leftist sites, where they recommend these vile stories to each other, and I wonder why there is no shame. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

  8. Um, when Obama took office there were 32,000 troops in Afghanistan; there are now over 100,000 troops there. Obama added 30,000 troops BEFORE he sent in the 30,000 for the surge.

    So when he brings the troops home, it is only the surge he is bringing home.

    So, of the 180,00 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, 100,000 of them are in Afghanistan and HE personally sent over 60,000 of those!

  9. And I just have to add this:

    889 of the 970 U.S. casualties in Afghanistan that have occurred during the Obama presidency—or about 92 percent—have been combat-related casualties.

    • Forgot this part:


      During the Bush presidency, which ended on Jan. 20, 2009 with the inauguration of President Obama, U.S. troops were present in Afghanistan for 87.4 months and suffered 570 casualties—a rate of 6.5 deaths per month.

      During the Obama presidency, through today, U.S. troops have been present in Afghanistan for 29.1 months and have suffered 970 casualties—a rate of 33.3 deaths per month.

  10. And so it goes. Obama seeks a “decisive conclusion” to the wars — but does not mention the word “victory” even once, much less give a picture of what “victory” would entail or look like. Not surprising, since we continue to suffer casualties in Iraq and the government there is increasingly repressive, Karzai wants us out of Afghanistan altogether, and the administration will not speak openly about the real goals of the Libyan rebels.

  11. We need to stop training these Muslims. We need our soldiers here on the home-front to protect us from BO and his ISLAMIC cohorts. They HATE us and given the chance they will kill us all. How many of our soldiers have been killed by people our men are training??? What about the Ambassador to Libya. SLAUGHTERED, raped and dragged through the streets like garbage. How about soldiers invited to dinner then killed by the police chief? WAKE UP.