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Top Republican Ditches Deficit Talks

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the House Republican point man in the deficit talks led by Vice President Biden,  has walked out of the negotiations, saying Democrats must take tax increase off the table before he comes back.

“Each each side came into these talks with certain orders, and as it stands the Democrats continue to insist that any deal must include tax increases,” Cantor said in a statement. “There is not support in the House for a tax increase, and I don’t believe now is the time to raise taxes in light of our current economic situation. Regardless of the progress that has been made, the tax issue must be resolved before discussions can continue.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) also insisted that President Obama needed to get more directly involved in the Biden-led talks.

According to a GOP source, Cantor has been viewed by House conservatives since the start of the negotiations as the man who would get up and leave the table if talks were moving in an unacceptable direction. Many conservatives were unhappy with the deficit reduction deal struck earlier this year between Speaker Boehner and President Obama, believing Boehner got too little from Obama and that some White House concessions were illusory.

14 Responses to Top Republican Ditches Deficit Talks

  1. Fox is reporting that Senator Kyl also left. Looks like there is extreme pressure being exerted. What I have read and heard on XM radio is that both Cantor and Kyl want the prez to get involved in the process. The other news is that both are citing that they are being pressured to raise taxes.

    I suppose we will get to the 11th hour and 58th minute and they will ‘strick’ a deal. Which means we will be once again screwed.

  2. Here’s a piece of advice for when the checkbook is empty: STOP SPENDING. Constantly squeezing the people for more money is not the answer.

  3. If Pres. Obama is the “DEAR & GREAT LEADER” why dosent Obama pull an LBJ and go over to the Hill and actually “lead” these Deficit Talks…?

    I know the answer already: Obama has NO LEADERSHIP SKILLS and WILL NOT take responsibility for something as serious as Deficit Talks

    It would be nice to see the ‘main stream/sycophant media’ report Obama’s lack of leadership.

    Heaven Forbid! Obama does some political work that he might get blamed for when it dosent work! that means Obama wouldnt be ‘re-crowned’ in 2012.

  4. For some reason, all the Southside VA music stations reach into their bag of little-played-for-a-reason music for the drive home from work, so I flip over the the local talk. Down here, they can’t stand Cantor and he is routinely excoriated as a RINO. But they love what he’s been doing in these deficit talks.

    • The talk is the same in this neck of the woods. Conservatives were disgusted with the piddly $300 million cut the Republican leadership agreed to on the budget talks. They could have defunded Obamacare in that fight and they cut and run. I’ll withhold my praise of any of them until they do the job they were sent there to do. If they agree to raise taxes, the Republican party will go the way of the Whigs. They were given one final chance to redeem themselves and they have been failing badly so far.

  5. Hrm…

    Someone showing some BALLS? I guess it would be interesting if they hold true to the convictions against raising taxes.