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The Obama Morning News || June 23, 2011

President Obama announced a plan to remove 33,000 troops from Afghanistan, faster than Obama’s commanders requested but more slowly than many of his political allies would like. The real surprise was how much time he spent clothing his decision in domestic concerns with an eye to U.S. politics, according to the Los Angeles Times.

If Afghanistan doesn’t fit President Barack Obama’s definition of a “dumb war” – his famous description of the conflict in Iraq — he’s no longer entirely confident it’s still a smart war worth blood, treasure or his own political capital, POLITICO writes.

Republican reaction was all critical, with Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty saying Obama is moving too fast, while Jon Huntsman said not fast enough.

New emails obtained by The Daily Caller contradict claims by the Obama administration that the Treasury Department would avoid “intervening in the day-to-day management” of General Motors post-auto bailout. House Republicans charge that the administration is aiming to establish a “propaganda office” in the Commerce Department for Democratic initiatives on global warming.

The bipartisan deficit-reduction talks led by Vice President Biden grew more contentious as Democrats and Republicans became increasingly entrenched on key issues.

The timing of the fundraiser Obama will attend today with gay and lesbian backers couldn’t be any better for supporters of gay marriage — or more awkward for a president “evolving” on the issue.

The economic recovery is slowing and the outlook for next year has gotten worse, Federal Reserve Bernanke said Wednesday, backing away from the view that the slowdown of the past few months was merely temporary.

Former Vice President Gore is criticizing Obama’s handling of climate issues. A group of environmentalists and liberal celebrities are organizing civil disobedience protests at the White House against a proposed oil pipeline

Tim Pawlenty can’t pay his aides. Sarah Palin ended her U.S. tour ahead of schedule and trekked back to Alaska. She said she’s returning for jury duty. Bristol Palin’s memoir hits stores.

And during a speech in Soweto Michelle Obama urged young leaders to fight poverty, AIDS and injustice.

4 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 23, 2011

  1. Regarding “the speech”….at least now we know why our Wounded Warriors received visits at Bethesda and Walter Reed. I wondered what prompted the visits: now the mystery is solved.

    • Yes, whatever POTUS does, there is almost always a not so hidden reason behind it… if he truly believes what he’s doing isn’t wrong ,
      then WHY does he conceal , deceive & lie ?

  2. “And during a speech in Soweto Michelle Obama urged young leaders to fight poverty, AIDS and injustice.”

    Certainly, that message required her to take her fat *ss, her mother, her kids, and two tag-along cousins to South Africa. I guess it is a country without telephones?