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Obama Combines Troops and Politics

President Obama tonight is busy working three fundraisers in New York, headed back to the city yet again for more of its voluminous cash.

That’s fine. What’s not so fine is the role our fighting heroes are playing helping him drum up money.

The other day I wrote what a nice thing it was that he was going to meet with servicemen and women following his Afghanistan troop reduction speech. Some of my readers were skeptical. Some of my readers were right.

It turns out the Fort Drum, N.Y. meeting is the only official event on the schedule, and so the solemn affair will defray the costs to the DNC of Obama’s travel to New York City.

Meetings with military members and their families should be meetings with military members and their families. And nothing more.

And – oh yes – Seal Team 6 is also making its contribution to the reelect effort. From one of tonight speeches:

I ran for President because I believed we needed to refocus our efforts in Afghanistan — and we’re doing this, too.  We pummeled al Qaeda.  We took out bin Laden. And because of our progress and the extraordinary sacrifices of our troops — because of the extraordinary sacrifices of our troops, we’re now fulfilling the commitment I made to start reducing our troops this month so that Afghans can take responsibility for their own security.

Well, the president is quick to invoke the  heroism of the troops. But we know whose heroism he’s really talking about here.

14 thoughts on “Obama Combines Troops and Politics”

  1. The voters who get their news from the MSM and never peruse the political pundit sites on the internet know nothing about these “official” trips that both of the O’s have been taking. There’s nothing “official” about MrsO’s trip to Africa; it’s a special vacation for the Obama clan.

    The Prez”s visit to FtHood was patently a ruse to make his trip to NYC an “official” trip. His remarks to the soldiers there were meant to show a commander who understands the dangers of their service to our county but only showed a Prez who didn’t remember that the last MoH recipient died in the line of duty.

    1. I saw that. As a former member of the 10th Mountain (a unit for which I still hold a bitter disdain) I was deeply insulted by his remark as was the vast majority of those present. Having had the honor of meeting one (1) MOH recipient in my life (Ed Freeman), and having served in the 3d ID at the same time and near the same place Paul Smith earned his MOH, I was shocked at the fact that he could mess something up like that. It is truly appalling. He has no clue because he doesn’t understand the big deal; a man who has not the moral and physical courage of a Jared Monti or a Salvatore Giunta and couldn’t summon it under any circumstance.

    2. Unbelievable. He doesn’t even remember the names of the few Medal of Honor recipients he presented medals to. I guess I should say whoever writes his speeches doesn’t remember them. He is such a busy man, reading all those policy statements so that he knows more than his advisers. We can’t expect him to remember the names of our most honored patriots. He is truly a disgusting man.

        1. This is unintentionally hilarious.

          President Obama said today he not only had the privilege of awarding the Medal of Honor to a living soldier, but he also gave it to a young man “as humble as he is heroic.”

          We could also say that the CINC is as “humble as he is heroic” and vice versa.

  2. Thank you for admitting you misjudged his intentions. Just goes to show your honesty. I have had to swallow my pride and do the same thing many times before. Now I just mistrust everyone until they prove me wrong.

    Did you notice how he brought up his visit to Walter Reed in his speech last night? It is like everything he does is planned around his campaigning. He could care less about our troops. He could care less about any of us. It is all about him.

    1. not to mention the slime… should we call ghostbusters?
      the WH seems vacated and the lights have been off in the oval office
      for some time now…

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