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The Obama Morning News || June 22, 2011

The president’s prime-time address on plans to gradually withdraw troops must remind a skeptical electorate and a concerned Congress that the country’s longest war remains worth fighting — and funding. But the drawdown speech may not please anyone.

Democratic Budget Panel Chairman Kent Conrad of North Dakota wants more like $4 trillion in cuts than the $2 trillion being discussed.

The investigation into the federal operation that sent guns to Mexico is likely to result in the sacking of the ATF director and may reach even higher.

Obama’s plan to scoop up money from small donors may not work too well until something excites the base.

Jon Huntsman announced his candidacy, positioning himself to the left of the field. He appears to be banking on electability. Michele Bachmann will launch her campaign Monday.

Newt Gingrich, who is not banking on electability, had a second line of credit at Tiffany’s for as much as $1 million. His finance team has quit. Tim Pawlenty tries to show he’s not wimp.

Leon Panetta was unanimously confirmed as Defense Secretary.

The Obama administration unveiled graphic new warnings for cigarettes.

And Michelle Obama met with Nelson Mandela as she launched her tour of southern Africa.

33 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 22, 2011

  1. What does Obama think of the new warning labels on his cigarette packs?
    …is anyone in the ‘media’ even allowed to mention Obama’s smoking?

      • Our governments efforts to keep us healthy get so confusing with their convoluted thinking: don’t smoke those cigarettes but go ahead and smoke that marijuana, don’t drink and drive but drink all the alcohol you want, and wear your seatbelt to protect you in case of a collision because we’ve mandated that all autos be made out of aluminum foil.
        We must now buy curly lightbulbs to save the earth, but we can’t dispose of them because they’re made of toxic chemicals.
        Our Surgeon General is pushing us to eat healthier so that we’re not obese, but she is a very large woman.
        Very confusing.

  2. With as poll driven as this WH and Congress are, I am reminded of an old Bloom County comic strip. If I remember correctly the polls said that the voters wanted politicians with pickles in their nose and spam on their heads. Poor Opus was running for office and walking around with pickles and spam.

    Can we get a faux poll that says Americans want their politicians in Washington to wear KISS makeup and only answer questions with quotes from Warren Zevon songs? I would love to see Obama made up as Ace Frehley.

    Question: “Speaker Boehner what do you think of the President’s response regarding the Libyan situation?”

    Answer: “Send lawyers, guns and money, the shit has hit the fan!”

  3. Why does anyone care whether or not New Gingrich has a line of credit at Tiffany’s? Who cares what he does with his own money? People should care about what politicians are doing with tax money.

  4. As to Mo’s ‘meeting’ with Mandela; Initially he sent his regrets, then suddenly felt well enough..Oh please, he got pressured to give her the photo op she needed for the campaign video.
    Even the dirtbag President sent his Minister of Prisons to meet her, and had no ‘time’ in his schedule for her..How convenient for both of them. But ‘minister of prisons’….priceless..

  5. The investigation into Operation Fast and Furious and Project Gunrunner will involve much bigger fish than the patsy ATF director. He may be taking the fall but he isn’t a rogue operator. The AG has to be involved in any operation that concerns a foreign nation so nobody is buying the story that Holder knew nothing about it. Holder doesn’t do anything without the permission of his micromanaging boss, so my guess is this leads to the top. Keep searching for the truth Issa. Agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata deserve justice. Unfortunately, we have nothing but crooks running the place, so their justice may have to wait until after the regime is toppled.

    • Susan, I suspect that you are correct. Holder reminds me of Janet Reno. She (and my guess is Holder too) was hired to steer through the legal waves so as the gov-ment could do what they want to, no matter if they were caught. Just like this Operation Fast and Furious. Holder will hold the questions and inquiries at bay. Maybe even blame it on Bush.

  6. It would clearly seem Obama’s strategy to reach out to the small donors (ordinary every day folk as POTUS would if he were down south) would certainly backfire. WE”RE BROKE.

    • According to Mr&MrsO’s campaign speeches, he’s working night and day but needs more time to finish whatever his ulitmate goal is for our country. Lots of ordinary folks fall for that kind of stuff and they have $5 to send to their hero.

  7. The Bush clan struck out with Mitch Daniels so they are putting their bets on Huntsman. He tried to connect with the base by channeling his inner Ronald Reagan, but it isn’t going to work. Mark Levin, who actually worked in the Reagan administration under Ed Meese, calls the current crop of RINO candidates nebbishes. I agree with him. There is no room for timid, meek, or ineffectual people in this battle for the future of America.

    • I am ABO, so my choice is pretty simple–I know who not to vote for. But as I watch the others show off their wares, I am feeling sort of manipulated–like the so-called “smart” people want me to want Romney or thie Huntsman person. Pushed. I don’t like that feeling–it’s like when the media pushed you know who. Huntsman wrote a toadying letter to Obama, Romney simpers and tied his dog on top of the car in a cage for a long trip…What abvout two Mormons running–should this matter? Does it? This may sound ignorant or biased, but out here Mormons have money and seem clannish, to stick together–sort of like scientologists in H’wood…not that I know enough to compare these two…Little tidbits stick with me as I watch the passing parade.

      • I’m with you Star. I’ll vote for whoever wins the Republican nomination, but I’m going to fight like heck to make sure it isn’t another RINO. This election is much too important to get side-tracked by popularity contests. I’m looking for someone who can overcome the PC rhetoric and go after Obama, the man behind the policies. Reagan won when he pummeled Carter and his policies. We need another Reagan to win this election. I’m just waiting to see who that person will be.

  8. MoochMORE didn’t “meet with” Mandela. He has advanced dementia. She plunked herself down beside him for a photo that she’ll be using in her Senate and Presidential campaign. It’s sad this elderly man was used as a prop.