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Obama to End 33,000 Troop Surge by Next Summer

As you may well be aware, President Obama tonight called for reducing forces in Afghanistan by 10,000 troops by the end of the year and for bringing home the remaining 23,000 that constituted the Afghan surge by next summer. The official White House transcript of the speech is here.

I’ll have a careful analysis of Obama’s remarks tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I hope you will leave a comment and let everyone know what you think.

12 thoughts on “Obama to End 33,000 Troop Surge by Next Summer”

  1. I think it is so stupid to announce when we will have our troops leave. I think it will empower the taliban/al qaeda and things will revert back to the way they were before, or worse. And all of the people who died the last 10+ years in Afghanistan will be in vain. Just my opinion….

    1. Funny, it took him a summer of endless meetings, golf outings & hand wringing for a troop surge decision.. now he quickly grabs prime time to in an attempt to help his pitiful ratings.. rejects military advice, has never served the armed forces.
      Even as a young boy, playing army with my friends, we would NEVER tip our hand to our enemies..

  2. Didn’t even bother to watch….nothing that man says is worth listening too anymore.

    My response to his speech…


    1. I usually want to smack my kids when their response is “whatever”, however you have found the perfect situation where it is perfectly suited. Bravo!

  3. Our son has been deployed 5 times to Middle East since 2002. (3x Iraq and 2x Afghan) We understand that our president is uncomfortable being commander in chief, but this takes the cake. My concern is that there will be fewer troops there which means fewer troops which means/well you get it. Bring them all home now or let your generals direct this war. We lived Viet Nam and politicians make lousy generals. We don’t want to lose our son because there were too few troops.

  4. Of course the Generals don’t want a drawdown in troop deployment; if all our troops came home the Generals would have to go back to their desks at the Pentagon. Just as in our non-war in Libya, there is no objective, no definable win in the “stan states, but a stalemate with the radical Muslims.
    If the Prez wants to bring our troops home, then he should do it all now.

    I think I caught some allusions to putting America first in his speech. A call to spend more money on infrastructure. Again. He can’t just give up that clean energy theme that no one is buying and his insistance that only Government intervention will make us whole again. There might have been some veiled support for amnesty for illegal aliens, too. Something about the American dream for all people and embracing our differences.

  5. He might as well let the terrorists have access to our troop movement plans. That is basically what he accomplished in this speech. Bring them all home and carpet bomb the terrorist strongholds.

    Another thing…since when does an American president made a foreign policy speech with not a single American flag in the background? Something doesn’t smell right here.

  6. Of course, the promise (to bring the troops home so they can vote for him) will need the old “Trust but Verify” caveat. You remember Libya, where we do not have troops, he says, but some people somewhere are getting combat pay for Libya service.

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