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Todays Obama Poll: Americans Want Out of Afghanistan

The number of people saying U.S. troops should be brought home from Afghanistan shot up eight percentage points in a month to 56 percent, according to a new poll by the Pew Research Center. Only 39 percent favor keeping them there until the situation stabilizes.

From the Pew report:

A year ago, just 40 percent favored removing the troops as soon as possible, while 53% wanted to keep them in Afghanistan until the situation stabilized. Americans continue to say the decision to use force in Afghanistan was the right one, and 58 percent believe the United States will definitely or probably succeed in achieving its goals in Afghanistan.

The White House denies that polls are driving Obama’s decision on troop levels, but they should. A military commitment needs the support of the population to flourish.

On the other hand, Obama rarely speaks about Afghanistan and has failed the sell the country with a consistent message on why the United States still needs to be fighting there. Actually, the only surprise I had about these poll results is that so many people remember we’re at war.

6 thoughts on “Todays Obama Poll: Americans Want Out of Afghanistan”

  1. As you know I am not big on these adventures–I heard some guy over the weekend say oh, don’t worry–pretty soon we can just keep 50,000 there like Korea. No, we can’t. No one has ever defeated this country–in the long history of history! The Taliban live there. They aren’t leaving., We aren’t killing them all. Not many are agreeing to be bought off or stay bought off. There are dozens of other sanctuaries–many in use already. This is completely awful and a waste!

  2. Only in DC do they no longer remember we are in 4 wars. With all the games, parties, and vacations the weasels in DC enjoy, they have little spare time to remember our troops. We out here in flyover country have our family members over there fighting in a war this president doesn’t want to win. We never forget about the brave men and women fighting for the freedom of a people who hate us. Bring them home.

    1. obambo accused Bush of “dropping the ball in afghanistan” while barry himself has never actually FOUND the ball.. wouldn’t know it if it bit em in the buttocks !

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