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Obama to Meet With Troops After Speech

Word just out of the White House that Obama will travel to Fort Drum, NY to meet with soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division, many of whom are just back from Afghanistan, as well as with military families.

Not a bad idea. Just met with wounded warriors last week. Acting more like a commander in chief these days.


15 thoughts on “Obama to Meet With Troops After Speech”

  1. “Acting more like a commander in chief these days.”

    That is all it is….acting, and he’s not very good at it. He’s tanking in the polls and his handlers believe visiting our troops is going to help his numbers. It will not.

    1. He panders to the Muslims for unknown political reasons, but sends our military off to do battle with them.
      We get it and so do our soldiers and their families.

    2. I just dont trust Obama when it comes to Militaty matters…
      He may be the “CINC” but I think he has NO clue or respect for the Military

  2. Kind of like the midnight photo-op salute at Dover?

    Notice the Gallup one day 5 point dive in job performance?

    You nailed it Susan.

  3. Just how much is this trip to Fort Drum costing us? Another joyride on Air Force One and Marine One, a never-ending motorcade, all for a photo-op. He’ll stay for an hour and fly right back to the White House.
    He should never ever leave the White House, and should never go abroad for G8 Conferences, and should never go to Camp David or smile, or host foreign dignitaries at the White House, or play basketball to blow off steam or meet with returning troops ever again!!!

    1. Wouldn’t want to be that harsh on him. Maybe he could knock off all the campaigning and spend a few days in his office working. He went to Puerto Rico to campaign and they can’t even vote in our elections. Visiting the troops in Fort Drum is probably just a pit stop on his tour to drum up some more campaign cash.

    2. hman, just to let you know , you forgot his golf obsession & the carton of Kool Menthol 100s in the golf bag…

  4. Pure photo op and publicity. As transparent as a newly windex’d window. Ho’s polling sucks and is getting worse by the hour.

  5. The Cheerleader of Chief is not only trying to Drum up the votes, but also boost the declining morale of our troops. As Country Joe and the Fish sang to us, Hey it’s One, Two, Three, Four, what are we fighting for? Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn, next stop is Vietnam and now Afghanistan or Pakistan or Iran! And So on and so on……..

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