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Mitch McConnell’s Dumb Idea

Are we doing this or not? Are Republican leaders just appeasing Tea Party activists, or are they serious about putting  the screws on to a result out of the deficit talks? If they are, why is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell already talking about extending the talks? Anyone?

Mitch McConnell
Hi, I'm Mitch McConnell, and I've got a dumb idea.

Congressional Republicans are supposedly threatening not to raise the debt limit unless they get real cuts in spending. They’re responding to grass roots pressure and the demands of GOP lawmakers elected to change the way Washington operates

But, alas, House Speaker John Boehner and McConnell are veteran Beltway insiders, happy hagglers who generate long filthy tubes of legislative sausage. They spend their lives making deals. As if to accent the point, Boehner tagged along with Obama Saturday onto the golf course, the place where sensible businessmen make deals.

But, my word, the deadline for raising the debt ceiling is now about six weeks away! THERE MIGHT NOT BE A DEAL.

And so we get the white flag from McConnell on Face the Nation:

The president and the vice president, everybody knows you have to tackle entitlement reform . . . If we can’t do that, then we’ll probably end up with a very short-term proposal over, you know, a few months, and we’ll be back having the same discussion again in the fall.

That is, we’ll raise the debt limit enough to last a few months so we can talk in the fall. What, pray tell, will we know in the fall that we don’t know today?

The awful irony of this is that McConnell is dressing up his prescription for inaction by pretending he’s only making tougher demands that appeal to conservatives. But instead of saying “Entitlement reform or bust,” McConnell is demanding: “GIVE ME ENTITLEMENT REFORM OR GIVE ME AN EXTENSION!”

Well, the White House will be only too happy to comply. Who knows what will happen in the fall? Perhaps the economy will get better or a new report will come out showing an increase in revenues, reducing the pressure for budget cuts.

The refuge of someone who doesn’t want to do something is procrastination, right?

Let’s get inside McConnell’s head and see what’s going on in there. I’ll just use this handy Dossier remote brain probe. I’m setting it to the coordinates of McConnell’s cerebrum. Give me a second while it syncs up. Here we go now, I’m getting something .  . .

Oh my God, these Tea Party people are nuts! Exceed the debt limit? We’ve never done that in Washington. Ever! If we exceed the debt limit, the Chinese will be so mad! The Europeans will think we have no class. God, what if the president finds out I’m not serious?? But, gosh, I’m up in 2014 – I don’t want a PRIMARY CHALLENGE!

We’ve got to stall . . . I know, I’ll raise the ante . . . I’ll, I’ll pretend I’m merely making more demands! I’ll tell them we must have entitlement reform, and that will take more time. Then in the fall, the presidential campaign will be heating up, and we can call a truce, raise the ceiling, and say the voters must decide! That’s it! Or something like that.

Oops, lost contact. But that’s okay. I think we get what’s going on here.

22 Responses to Mitch McConnell’s Dumb Idea

  1. OMG! you have a remote brain probe! Just promise you won’t point it our way…whew.

    The debt reduction has less to do with tea party thinking than it does to the FUTURE OF OUR NATION, you dimwits. Quti worrying about your own job and tend to the problems that you and your freespending ways have caused.
    This isn’t a political moment, not a Dem or Repub problem, it’s a national tragedy that has to be addressed.
    Lower the deficit, or else. Cut the spending, or else. We’re watching.

    • So true. Such basic things. There was a Saturday Night Live skit where a credit counselor was trying to help two people who were in debt. The couple kept suggesting things they wanted to spend money on, and the counselor kept saying “Don’t buy it.” – “How about this?” – “Don’t buy it.”

      There’s some advance credit counseling – if you don’t have the money, don’t spend it !

      • I remember that! Maybe they could retool the skit for the government. The politicians could ask, “So if I want it, I can buy it now and make my grandchildren pay for it later?” The counselor could reply, “No. Do not buy things you cannot afford.”

  2. I think this is just another example of how out of touch the Politicos in Washington (and our state capitals) are with the every day people.

    A politician is an elected position–not a life-long right as many seem to think. We are really dumb to continue to re-elect people over and over again.

  3. Throw some cash here, throw some cash there. Spend as hard as I can try, there’s a neverending supply!

    Send Mooch to Timbuktu, pack extra lobsters too!!!

    Little people losing their shirts? My golfer’s elbow hurts!

    What, 40% unemployment? Just call it ‘early retirement!’

    Come November, make sure you vote, and I’ll buy you a boat!

    Oh, no, my hair is turning gray, or is it today?

    Country is going broke? Think I need a smoke!

    Let’s just call the budget “lean”, so I can hit the green!!

  4. McConnell = a RINO in RINO’s clothing. He’s a professional pol and needs to get out of Washington. Our founding fathers never ever envisioned professional politicians! And to think they were most worried about a standing army.

    • You are right Maryb, full time politicians is one of the key mistakes that this country made. Sounds far-fetched to think this country could run without full timers, but it’s true. It should be a requirement that congressmen and senators have other gainful employment, not to mention that they should not have their own sweet retirement package. That is sooo wrong. Their pay for congress work should be moderaltely low, to encourage an attitude of “service” over the current attitudes of power and influence.

      • Tie Congress and the President’s pay to the GDP and unemployment. If the GDP is up and unemployment down they get paid, but not what they are getting paid now a days. Their pay needs to be the same as the mean average income for the LOWEST income segment ($40,500 for blacks in 2006, US Census).

        Add to that a life time ban on ALL lobbying activity after they leave office. Further, any honorariums they receive while in office are to be given to the general operating fund of the state they represent. They are not to be eligible for any retirement fund that they do not fund themselves, and they need to participate in any “healthcare” program that they deem the American people should be subjected to. Or buy their own. Close the Congressional gyms, and cafeterias that are for the politicians only, let them eat cake with the rest of us.

        Institute these kinds of changes, and all you would see is a**holes and elbows with the amount of people leaving town. The only folks that would even want to serve in Congress or the WH are those that truly care for and about this country.

        I know some would say that only the rich would run because they would be the only ones that could afford this kind of austerity, however, if the politicians did their jobs, they would be able to get raises and improved benefits because the tide in the country would be rising, and a rising tide lifts all boats.

  5. I wish I was a MORON, CRIMINAL or PERVERT.
    Then I could have an elite, use-less, out-of-touch career in the US House or US Senate as a “Dem” or “Rep” because it just dosent matter anymore…


  6. The (spineless) GOP is waivering and will probably compromise with BHO:

    “You’re not going to be able to have every detail completed in time for Aug. 2,” said Rep. Dave Camp, the Michigan Republican who chairs the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee. “That’s why there’s some talk of maybe a short-term extension” in the debt ceiling.

    Camp said that a temporary extension is “not a good idea” because it doesn’t provide enough certainty. But he added: “Because this is going to take some time to do, you may see that.”

    Similarly, Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., said getting a deficit deal by Aug. 2 that tackled Medicare and other entitlement programs would be “very, very difficult to do.”

    Boehner–if you have time to golf with BHO, then you better have time to listen to the majority of Americans who say do not raise the debt ceiling–no compromise! Get it or get out!

  7. really, are you that dense ?

    we have failed to raise the debt ceiling several times …

    the Treasury can always cut checks … How do you think they paid for QE1 and 2 ? They didn’t borrow a dime to buy almost 2 trillion in bonds from the market …