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Obama’s al Qaeda Success Story

One of President Obama’s stated goals upon assuming office was to focus the U.S. military on destroying al Qaeda. In this, the only war we are waging for which he seems to have some enthusiasm about pursuing, the president appears to be succeeding.

Bin Laden is a trophy shared by Obama and George W. Bush. The seeds of the pursuit that led to al Qaeda mastermind were planted under Bush, and the prey was bagged by Obama.

But Bin Laden’s killing is emblematic of a larger victory for Obama in furthering Bush’s success at decimating al Qaeda and damaging – if not crippling – its ability to launch major operations against the United States and its allies.

The New York Times today reports that the U.S. fleet of drones, expanded by the Obama administration, has exacted a devastating toll on al Qaeda’s top brass.

The intense campaign of drone strikes and other covert operations in Pakistan — most dramatically the raid that killed Osama bin Laden — had left Al Qaeda paralyzed, with its leaders either dead or pinned down in the frontier area near Afghanistan. Of 30 prominent members of the terrorist organization in the region identified by intelligence agencies as targets, 20 have been killed in the last year and a half, they said, reducing the threat they pose.

With al Qaeda growing its presence in Yemen amid the instability there, Obama is increasing U.S. counter-terrorism operations in the country and even building a new air base in the area from which to launch drone attacks, according to the Associated Press.

Such activities amount to a sustained effort, a comforting sign that a decade after the World Trade Center attacks, the government continues to wage war directly against those who would destroy us.

The families of those killed on 9/11, the soldiers who have sacrificed selflessly in the battle to date, and the innocent civilians who could be in the crosshairs of future attacks deserve no less.

7 thoughts on “Obama’s al Qaeda Success Story”

  1. Good. These leaders will be replaced, “radical islam” is a huge pool of people. But it’s good to know that we’re having some effect.

  2. Yes, we all read the stories about killing the #2 man, how we just got them on the run and we’re just that much safer from a terrorist attack on US soil.
    Our drones will kill this one and another but it doesn’t mean anything in the long run against the radical Muslim agenda to kill all non-believers.

    Al Queda isn’t a identifiable group that wears a uniform, or colors and has certain bases of operations. They’re individuals from every Muslim community who blame us for all their real and imagined failures and believe that killing billions of people will guarantee their ascention into heaven.

    We cannot kill them all, we cannot convince them that their way of life is wrong, but we can protect ourselv es and our country by being vigilant here at home.

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  4. Yes , drones seems to be useful in aimed strikes against an enemy but it is also a troubling weapon. Soon they will be in the enemies hands and then…….If the modern wars are going to be fought with computers and robots there will be mostly civilian casualities.

    1. If we were truly at war with islam, there would be no muslim brotherhood gaining power in egypt, libya, (whom we have enabled by suppling arms & borrowed money) and beyond. Our panderer in chief bows to the king of the saudis referring to him as “his majesty” never uttering a word of the king’s family involved with terrorism. Obambo treats Israel with distain while the brutal streets of syria are littered with bodies.
      Not really a war, more like a “pick n’ choose” policy which will come back to bite this country… excuse me while i grab a chew of nicorette.

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