As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || June 20, 2011

Defense Secretary Gates said the U.S. had made preliminary contacts with the Taliban, but he indicated substantive talks aren’t likely soon.

Gates vigorously backed the Libya policy he was said to oppose internally. But Congress is becoming increasingly critical.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said a short term increase in the debt ceiling of a few months is possible. The unemployment numbers may be less ominous for Obama than they seem, writes Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post.

First Lady Michelle Obama will arrive in South Africa today for an official trip intended to improve relations between the U.S. and Africa and promote youth engagement, education, health and wellness – while getting in some sightseeing with her daughters and mom too.

Leaders of a national Hispanic organization are criticizing Obama for skipping their annual conference for the third consecutive year after he promised as a candidate in 2008 that he would return as president.

Republicans are steering away from George W. Bush and his efforts to move the GOP to the center through “compassionate conservatism,” writes POLITICO.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is trying to determine what it would take logistically for him to get in the race. The lack of a southern GOP candidate may leave Perry an opening. Jon Huntsman’s family’s business with Iran poses a peril for the candidate.

The Daily Caller has a slideshow of Sunday’s Obama-Boehner golf outing.

And on Father’s Day, Obama took his daughters out for ice cream.

19 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 20, 2011

  1. The portion of this update that pertains to Gates andf the “the U.S. had made preliminary contacts with the Taliban” deeply concerns me. I wish more were looking at this and wouyld hope that Carney would be drilled on this in depth. It seems that every country that has tried to make deals with the taliban or radical muslims have had serious problems. Take a read of any book on the subject, I recommend “While Europe Slept” by Bawer for example and you will quickly see what happens. Now we have a administration that wants to have a relationship with the taliban and the muslim brotherhood? There is much danger there.

    • yes russell, it is also very telling how obambo values the treasure our country has spent in blood & borrowed money.. it smacks the families of those whose loved ones will always be seen as sacrifices in vain.
      No matter how hard he tries to hide, every day brings a new revelation who he REALLY is.. an elitist,islamist sympathizer,college professor hack who has never seen the America which you or I know.
      And as Palin puts it, “he sat in a church (so called) for TWENTY YEARS under a maniacal racist ranting about America & White people”.. FACT: Several months before obambo was “crowned” president, I personally contacted that place & spoke to a “minister”. With a bogus arab accent I told her how I was muslim & wanted to join the church.
      “no problem” she said, “we have lots of muslims in our church”!
      ..need I say more?

  2. Mitch McConnell needs to grow a spine. Has any “short term” debt ceiling increase, tax increase, or “temporary” government program ever been rolled back? Ever? No more kicking the can down the road Mitch. We are busted flat broke. Good thing all spending bills originate in the House, otherwise the progressive Republicans in the Senate would be giving Obama a piggy-back ride to the finish line of a second term.

  3. We know they have ice cream in the WhiteHouse, but there’s no one there to capture the Daddy moment like there is in public. So, call out the motorcade, the dozen Security guys, the photographers, the Press and the gawkers so that everyone can watch Daddy buy his girls ice cream.

    And now, MrsO will improve relations between the US and the continent of Africa by…,um, using her position to…,advising the young to…… AHA! by showing her children the wild animals or something. She might even point out that the USA only bombs the White people of north Africa and not the Blacks of central and south Africa.
    What hogwash! she’s taking her family on a taxpayer’s paid vacation.

    • After watching a raw video of the Daddy buys ice cream trip:
      the street was taped off, vistors were held behind yellow tape, people were shouting at the motorcade, Security guys went inside the store with Daddy and the girls, and the girls ran out of the store to get into the SUV to avoid the gawkers.
      Those poor children had looks of alarm on their faces, not happiness.
      This was a shameless photo op.

    • It is despicable how he uses his children as pawns. Why couldn’t he spend one day out of the spotlight to practice what he preaches? Now that Michelle has our eating habits by the scruff of the neck, he’s launching a new initiative to teach men how to be better fathers, since he is undoubtedly so great at it. Didn’t he just celebrate his 73rd golf game of the year?

      Since we didn’t elect her to any office, how could Michelle’s summer vacation be titled an ‘official visit’? Nothing more than another taxpayer funded vacation for Michelle, Granny Robinson, the two Obama children, and their two cousins. Fun times if you can afford it.

    • srdem,

      I find it fascinating that you reference the fact that NO ONE bombs the middle of Africa, not this administration, not any of the others, save Clinton and the aspirin factory, and that was not really in the “middle” of Africa.

      The amount of genocide that has and is occurring in sub-Sahara Africa is well documented, and yet no one seems to care. I guess it is because there is no oil. However, there are vital mineral interests in these other countries. How sad it is that, given we now have a man who “claims” to understand the plight of the black man, he refuses to lift a finger to help those being slaughtered by inter-tribal conflict, and ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims in Africa.

      Yet, when rebels in Libya strike out at Qaddafi, the US enters into an illegal military operation (no Congressional approval). If/when the rebels prevail will we have another truly radical Islamist state to deal with? Probably. Yet the slaughter of non-Muslims will continue further south in Africa, and no one will care.

  4. Why do I continue to get the creepy, very scary feeling that it is Valerie Jarrert and her crew that are the ones pulling the puppet strings?