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Ed Henry to be Fox News White House Bureau Chief

The word is out today that CNN White House bureau chief Ed Henry will move one door down in the White House basement, taking over as chief White House correspondent for Fox News.

I’ve worked with Ed for years, and I will tell you, this is good news for Fox News. Ed is something many TV news reporters are not – he’s a real reporter.

Before moving over to CNN seven years ago, Ed was the gossip columnist for a newspaper I also later worked at – Roll Call, which mainly covers Capitol Hill.

Why, you might wonder, did CNN take a gossip columnist and eventually put him in charge of its White House beat?

Ed Henry
Ed Henry outside the CNN booth at the White House.
Photo by Keith Koffler

First of all, the gossip columnist at Roll Call operated under normal journalistic standards – that is, he had to make sure his stories were true before they were published. Not the typical gossip columnist.

But like all good gossip columnists, Ed was a shoe leather reporter, developing sources, ferreting out stories from beneath people who didn’t want the stories reported, and writing and assembling piece after piece on a relentless deadline. These are skills many in TV world never really bother developing, or at least never get particularly good at.

Ed is also one of the tougher questioners in the briefing room. He is less likely than others in the room to ask “What does the president think” and forget to ask, “Why does the president think it?”

Once, I was walking up the White House driveway and I noticed a line of lawmakers’ cars waiting while their owners met with the president. It was probably about eight or nine years ago, while Ed was at Roll Call and I was covering the White House for a publication called CongressDaily.

It was a warm Washington day, and I noticed one of the cars, a large SUV belonging to Rep. Sherry Boehlert – a self-proclaimed “green” Republican from New York – was idling with the air conditioner on. Forty five minutes later I walked by again, and the motor was still churning with the windows closed, cooling the driver while keeping the car on ice for the Congressman.

The driver could easily have gone into the White House waiting area or just hung out outside like the reporters and cameramen who were milling around.

My publication was policy-focused and didn’t do such stories, so I called Ed and told him on background – it can now be revealed! – that Mr. Environmentalist was busy making his own contribution global warming.

He confirmed it with Boehlert’s presumably unhappy office and wrote it right up.

9 thoughts on “Ed Henry to be Fox News White House Bureau Chief”

  1. Good for FOX. I watch CNN about a third of the time and have always thought that Ed Henry was a cut above the normal CNN reporter and never figured out why he was there. FOX continues to kick CNN’s butt. I love it.

  2. This guy sounds promising.

    The Jon Stewart/Chris Wallace smackie was kind of annoying. Stewart is sooo disingenuous, it’s laughable (yes, the mainstream press is just lazy, Jon, not liberal or prejudiced or ideological)…and of course, Wallace was barking and yapping like a chihuahua on meth.

  3. That is a great story Keith. Just goes to show what an ethical reporter you are. You see a story and know it isn’t something you can write on so you pass it on to someone who the story can be told. If he has a recommendation from you, I’m sure he will be very good for Fox. They need someone with a background in investigative journalism for that job.

    I refused to watch that show, Star. What is wrong with Chris Wallace booking a leftist political comedian on a hard news program? Liberal drones watch imbeciles like Stewart and Colbert thinking they are getting the real news. That was a ratings ploy to get all the koolaid drinkers to watch the show.

    1. Since people listen to Stewart, I thought it was legit. I quit him at the strike and never went back. He is now a giant smugbag, in my not so humble.

  4. I have watched Ed Henry for several years and I have always found him to be smiling, cheerful, upbeat and on target with his commentary. He is also dogged with his questioning even though he looks almost juvenile with that baby face of his.

    FOX continues to wipe the floor with *all* the liberal MSM, so eventually FOX will begin to take the best CNN has to offer.

    Good luck with the new digs Ed … and watch your six.

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