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Obama Impersonator Shows Up at GOP Conference

An Obama impersonator materialized earlier today at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. I thought you might want to have a look.

He was on about 20 minutes. Everyone enjoyed him while he mocked President Obama, but then they yanked him when he started going after the Republican field. It almost seemed like they started to think he really was Obama.

20 Responses to Obama Impersonator Shows Up at GOP Conference

  1. I have no respect for President Obama because he is a racist, anti-Semitic narcissist …. but I beleive the GOP screwed the pooch on this one. Once more, the elitists of the GOP shoot themselves in the foot, so I wont be suprised if the left-wing press runs with this for the next week and its the cover story on HuffPo, DailyKos and covered in detail on MSNBC, ABC, CBS and CNN. Haley Barbour warned: DO NOT ATTACK HIM PERSONALLY. And what does the RLC do? Attacks him personally with various racial comments!

    For heavens sakes … are you guys in the RLC THAT f——g stupid?

    • I didn’t see it that way, but he should have gotten the boot after the Romney comment. Nasty.

      I liked the Barbara Bush joke the best and the people at Free Republic will love the Woozie one.

      He had most of the mannerisms but his delivery needed some work. Let’s hope he’s out of work after 11/12.

  2. It’s a mild attempt at humor and it’s not performed very well. You can tell by the “polite” laughter through most of it. Still, I’ve got a couple hundred that says it’s described as racist by the old media if anyone wants to take me up on that.

    • Another home run Granny Jan. Love the side by side picture on the same day. Guarantee your video would have gotten a lot more laughs than that comedian! He is on Huckabee’s show a lot, so that is my guess where they got him.

      When it comes to racist comments, this guy doesn’t hold a candle to Obama, but the PC liberal press will pull that race card and run with it faster than the speed of light. How they can blame the GOP for something a comedian says is beyond me, but they will find a way.

      Happy Fathers Day Keith and all the other Dads! Your role in the the direction of your children’s lives is the most important job you will ever take on.

  3. The only part that I really laughed at was the Sanford and Son pic.

    I had to think, when he was talking about the shovel ready jobs and building bridges and tunnels, that we already have huge tunnel jobs going on in the US. Unfortunately, they are along the Mexican border, and are being built by the drug cartels. Maybe that was the shovel ready jobs the real Obama was talking about.

  4. Someone else who showed up was Gov. Perry of Texas. He gave a powerful 20 minute speech. Drudge has it as his lead story today.

    • GovPerry’s admonishments to quit acting like whipped dogs is a breath of fresh air into the stale political air that surrounds most of the candidates. He’s reflecting what the voters told Congress last year when they removed the elected officials who only represented the Dem party and not the wishes of the public.

      • Have to hand it to him, Perry can give an inspirational speech. He can talk the talk, but he has a lot of difficulty walking the walk. He will have a very critical test in the very near future. Texas legislature is about to pass a bill banning sanctuary cities. If Perry signs it he may convince me a leopard can change its spots. He has been very soft on illegals in the past. In-state tuition for illegal aliens really sticks in my craw.

      • I am from North Texas. I had a county commissioner friend. He and the other commissioners and the county judge were in charge of doing the budget. He said the biggest problem they had was Austin mandating them to do such and such but would not give them the money to implement it. I have heard Gov. Perry make the same complaint about Washington.

        • I live in Dallas. Perry is a liberal RINO, like Bush was … another over-educated, rich, flag-waver who writes books about the Boy Scouts to get elected, yet will champion a highway through the center of our state “for business purposes” and sell us to the highest bidder like McCain and other freaks on Capitol Hill.

          As for the “comedian” – read a former RNC staffer’s comment on why the Republicans can’t seem to attract minorities: its *CRAP* like this.

          Barbour and Jindal told the RNC and RLC directly: DO NOT attack Obama personally – the press will simply close ranks around him.

          MEMO TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY: Your not fit to lead if your highest priority is comedy or “entertaining” the folks in the audience.

  5. Bad move on the part of the RLC. Nothing good could possibly come from mocking the President, especially if the humor has racist overtones. As Tom asks below, are you THAT f_____ stupid?

    Take the high road and Liberalism is beat back for a decade or longer. Keep doing stupid stuff like this and Obama is in for another term.

  6. Idiots. We have this numbskull president well positioned to kick him out next year and the so-called leadership of the Republican Party does something bone-headed like this? The very fact that they had to come on stage to give him the hook indicates that they did not have a clue about his shtick. And this is the quality of planning that will support the eventual candidate for the GOP?

  7. Question:
    Why is NO ONE allowed to “make fun of” BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and his “life & background” ?

    I would luv to see a story or two about BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA’s “college days” at “Columbia Univ.” or “Harvard Law”…
    My college time made me the Man I am now… Yet, Obama has NO ‘life story’…???

  8. So when “is it cool” to make fun of Barack Hussein Obama’s “college records” from “Columbia Univ.” or “Harvard Law”?

    -just asking…?

  9. I don’t get it. He was escorted off the stage because he was going after the Republicans? He was ribbing both parties. Maybe it was really because he wasn’t that funny?!