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Well, What a Bad Idea This Was

With unemployment at 9.1 percent and the White House and Congress supposedly busy closing the deficit so our Treasury notes don’t head toward junk bond status and our economy doesn’t descend into Hellenic-style Hell, is this really what Americans want to see? Our leaders joshing it up in the clubhouse?


How ostentatiously tone deaf are these people? Golfing. And for what? To satisfy some kind of frat boy wager between President Obama and Speaker Boehner?

I don’t care if you can get on a public course for $12. Golf is perceived as – and so often is – the sport of the Lexus set, the retired, and the leisure minded. Doing it every weekend, as Obama does, is a middle finger sent skyward to the many in this economy who are struggling to eat decently. And the sight of the four of these characters putting away in their goofy country club outfits is indeed a reflection of Nero fiddling.

The transparency White House apparently isn’t even giving out the scores. From the pool report:

This was provided on background from the White House with approval from the Speaker’s office:

The foursome had great time and really enjoyed playing golf at Joint Base Andrews today. The President and Speaker Boehner teamed up to beat the Vice President and Governor Kasich. The match was won on the 18th hole – the President and the Speaker won $2 each.

After finishing their round, the President, Speaker Boehner, the Vice President and Governor Kasich went to the patio of the clubhouse where they enjoyed a cold drink, some of the U.S. Open coverage and visited with service members.

On background, I’ll just tell you that I’m so glad they had a great time.

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  1. This is proof that all of us are not feeling the economic crunch. After all, 9.1% isn’t all that bad, is it? I’m glad that Rep. Paul Ryan is still on message.

  2. These three (can’t really comment on Governor Kasich as I don’t know a thing about the man) are prime examples as to why the majority of Americans hate politicians and politics. They have over inflated salaries and ego, staffs that do their beck and call, perks that no average Joe the plumber will ever have, and yet they feel that they are “in touch” with the guy on the street.

    Let them come to my neighborhood. We have one house that sits empty, another where the father has taken back in the grown son because the kid (he’s 25) can’t find work, a third were the oldest son was shot and killed while standing on the front porch of his mother’s house, a fourth were two or three families from Mexico are living (and it’s a one bedroom), I could go on but you get the point.

    These now elected for life (unless you let it all hang out in a tweet) charlatans have become the American version of “aппара́тчик” apparatchik. With NOTHING to offer but words, just words.

    Bush had his many faults, many, but at least he respected the ideals of the American people. Clinton had even more, but was such a damned fantastic liar that you some how believed him when he said, “I feel your pain.”

    But these guys, Moe, Larry and Shemp, I mean Boehner, Biden and Obama make you not want to laugh but rather cry for the beloved country. There is a breaking or tipping point in all societies, where those who truly believe in the ideals of freedom will rise up. Sadly, I think we are rapidly approaching that tipping point.

    The only question to be asked now is: is there a modern day Washington or even a Lech Wałęsa (minus all the booze) amongst us.

    Apologies to the Three Stooges, they understood the world better than the “id ten t”s in Washington.

    1. Well put.

      Rich, elite, bumbling, weak, stodgy, pathetic, feeble Republicans like Boehner, Ryan and Kasich are the reason this nation HATES politicians. While Americans suffer these FOOLS harrap it up with the Bigot in Chief.

      Keep f—-g it up Mr. Speaker. You will find yourself OUT of job in 2012.

    2. Well written, Shofar. I live in Florida and our new senator, Marco Rubio has impressed me as an honorable man who is in touch w/ the common people. His parents came from Cuba and worked hard to give their children the American dream – opportunity. I think he understands and believes in those ideals of freedom.

  3. I believe most people are so busy trying to keep their raft afloat they have no idea or concern he has golfed 70 + times.

    I am 54 years old and I am caught in the middle of helping aging parents, a child that has a degree with no job and knowing that I have nothing for my own retirement. I am scared, and the leadership thumbs their nose at our plight. I am not looking to the government to help me, but I wish they would stop shooting me in the foot with their decisions.

    Maybe he should spend more time on the golf course, which would leave him less time to think of ways to destroy what is left of the United State of America.

    Happy golfing President Obama, Michelle says you never take time off.

    1. News junkie – shooting the American people in the foot is the least of my worries. What happens when the class warfare they are trying to start begins? I think they will be aiming a lot higher.

      1. I also love NPR–yes, I listen a few minutes in the morning—when they describe being poor or destitute–in that whispery golf commentary voice, they say, “There is no paint on the walls of her home and trash is piled outside…Inside there is a cloth partition…” The New Yorker does this, too, describes a life people will never have a clue about. At least on this list, we keep it real-ish,

    1. Oh Boehner inspires me to vote again. It is going to take more than one election cycle to clear out the deadwood in both parties.

      What a proud moment that must have been for the service member to receive the Purple Heart from the President of the United States. To post a photo where the faces of all involved is cropped is really despicable, no matter what the reason. He is a vile man.

    2. GJ – what happened to the video you posted yesterday on “Quote of the Day”? You Tube says it was removed by user. Really wanted to watch – going thru GJ/JK withdrawal as we post. Boo Kitty

      1. It was WH’s West Wing Week. I made a bad link.

        It’s probably not worth seeing but I got a kick out of the first minute.

        I’m working on a new video about Obama’s grey hair. It’s not about his hair dye, that’s a given, but I’m not entirely sure yet of the direction it will go. Usually, I just do my own thing and everyone can draw their own conclusion. But no matter what I do everyone will focus on the hair dye.

        He’s used his greyness lately as part of the theme of how hard he has been working. Michelle has been the prime mover of that theme. He also talks about it because of his narcissism.

  4. Total POS’s- all of them. Anyone with integrity and a real work ethic sure as heck isn’t going into politics as a career.

    One final point- can you imagine what the reaction would have been if Bush had pulled this stunt?

    1. The biased, liberal “mainstream media” Obama sycophants just luv this B.S.

      Heck, Obama should take out most of the WH “propaganda corps” darlings for a few rounds of golf…

  5. The audacity of dopes

    (unfortunately I think they are far from dopes – the Obama does’nt know any better argument went stale a long time ago-it is all calculated)

    You are right Keith it is a big middle finger from all of them

    Arrogant bastards

  6. I went out of my way not to watch the coverage of Rep.Weiner..I had better things to do. It is a shame we have people like him and these golfing guys. It is a real downer to see that they are the ones we are allowing to make the rules we live by.

    Then I get uplifted when I see someone like Sen. Rubio of Florida. If you want to feel better about the sorry state of affairs in Washington go to You Tube and watch “Senator Marco Rubio’s Maiden Floor Speech”. It is 14 minutes long. Time well spent.

  7. I wonder if BO and the speaker enjoyed a few smokes during their round. Of if Boehner simply blew the smoke in Barry’s direction so that he could truthfully tell his despicable wife that he is still on the wagon.

  8. I spent today outside on the green and on the green too.
    I weeded half the garden and mowed the lawn, and cut up a truckload of firewood..
    Guess I’m going to spoil myself and do the other half tomorrow.. Yay for me, I might make it thru the winter…
    If he goes again tomorrow Im gonna flood that inbox at the white house with all my spam..
    I wonder if I can just have ALL my spam forwarded to the White House???

  9. MEMO TO REPUBLICANS: This is a *rich mans game*. DO NOT play golf.

    If Mr. Boehner and the goofball from Ohio were smart they would have TURNED DOWN the offer to play golf with Obama. But then again, elite, rich, cocktail-swilling Republicans are as out of touch with the nation’s voters as The Messiah.

    This is one of the reasons I left the Republican Party and became a Libertarian. Republican elites are more interested in winning elections and beating liberals; Libertarians are more interested in maintaining our individual liberties and capitalism.


  10. Today my hiking club worked to improve our section the Appalachian Trail including removal of blown down trees, check step installation, weed whacking, and trash cleaning. They golfed. I laugh at their feebleness.

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