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Obama Visits With Wounded Warriors

President Obama today spent about an hour and a half doing one of the most difficult but also potentially rewarding parts of his job, spending time with wounded veterans.

Obama traveled to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he met with 21 wounded warriors, 16 of whom served in Afghanistan and five of whom were in Iraq. The president awarded two Purple Hearts.

I don’t have any statistics, but I seem to remember George W. Bush doing a lot more of this than Obama. But Obama also makes the pilgrimage, and his trip today comes on the heels of a similar visit by Michelle to Walter Reed on Memorial Day.

Both visits were done right, without fanfare. I don’t think Michelle’s trip was even on the schedule. I’m glad they each took the time to visit with our veterans and comfort them on behalf of the nation.

And rather than a burden, it hopefully provides a benefit. Some of their recent statements suggest they are struggling with the demands of their roles. What better way to put our problems in perspective – even if we’re the president – than to meet with those who have sacrificed so much for us and whose challenges are so much greater than our own.

11 Responses to Obama Visits With Wounded Warriors

    • No matter what his motives, he can’t walk out of there without a different perspective. Only a psychopath along the lines of a Ted Bundy or Jared Loughner could walk out without being effected.

      • Well you say that but his ego wont allow him to be too affected. He’s visited the troops before. Please remember, his track record shows how everything he says & does has been to pander if not to others, then to feed his self-centered agenda.
        As in the past, he will say & do ANYTHING for political gain.
        And right now he’s in full re-election mode…
        A campaign creature of sorts in his natural habitat..
        And this is what makes him tick..

  1. The sights, sounds, and smells of a place where our most valiant and patriotic are treated for their wounds will always be in his mind as a graphic reminder of the consequences of war.

  2. Well said Keith. It,s always important to acknowledge the sacrifice these young soldiers have made for their country. No matter ones political viewpoint.

  3. …”struggling with ther roles” indeed: very charitably put. Better late than never, I suppose. If it’s their usual template, the only Vets he visited were AfAms.

  4. Lets hope Obama didnt bring along Valerie “treating a Flag Officer like a waiter” Jarrett…she might be confused why all the “waiters” are injured?

  5. B.O. couldn’t be a pimple on Bush’s derriere….!! Obama is a sorry excuse for a Commander-In Chief….he was a “zero” at a community orgainzer….and a far worse leader of this Great nation….!!! Go home…. good Americans don’t need or want you…!! Kenya is calling….!! And take your “sacred cow” with you too.