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Obama Gets French Kiss from ABC

Well, the White House got the puff interview it was looking for. After a surprisingly inquisitorial session with NBC Today’s Ann Curry – who perhaps was looking to prove herself as new host of the program – the president sat down with reliable Obama cheerleader and softball pitcher Robin Roberts of ABC.

Roberts asked him about Weiner, gave him a chance to dismiss all those mean Republicans who are picking on him, and then got right into important subject matter like what it’s like to be Sasha and Malia’s father.

You may remember, she got to interview Obama on Inauguration Day. Here’s how that discussion began:

ROBIN ROBERTS: “Mr. President.” Sound good, doesn’t it.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: It’s got a certain ring to it.

ROBERTS: It was beautiful, watching you dance with your wife, just one of the highlights of this long day. When you walked out and you saw the sea of humanity all the way back to Lincoln, what are you going to remember most?

Sure, today’s segment, which aired on “Good Morning America,” had some cute moments. But why even ask any political questions?” If we’re doing fluff, let’s do fluff.

16 thoughts on “Obama Gets French Kiss from ABC”

  1. It’s not that Obama can’t speak without a telepromptor in interviews like this. He can. It’s just that he sounds as if he were still on the telepromptor…too canned…too programmed.

    1. I’ve heard that he rehearses every speech he gives. Since he most assuredly had the transcript of this interview before he went on camera, his answers were well rehearsed. How did you like that camera angle…where you see him both on camera and monitor? What an opportunity see that big fake smile twice in the same camera shot.

    1. He has–Baer and O’Reilly. The latter thought he was making his bones interrupting the blather…

      This interview sounds cringe-y. I guess this icky factor is never going anyplace. Did she ask him if he is going to get those pesky ATMs removed–they have replaced workers! Out with them! (remembering a scene in Breaking Bad).

  2. I couldn’t bear to watch the love fest. Did she tell him that she still cherishes the memory of the Obamas dancing? Yeah, that was a real highlight of human history.

    I wonder what makes this particular reporter such a flunky for Obama. Is it the history, the mystery, or the majesty of his The Oneness?

  3. More of a ‘french kiss’ than a peck on the cheek in my opinion… His discussion about Malia turning 13 was something else. “A great incentive for running for re-election is that it means they never get in a car with a boy who had a beer.” What the heck does that mean? He can only be a good father if he gets re-elected? The man is so fake and so disingenuous that I find it hard to believe the cheerleader interviewing him is actually buying the tripe he is spewing.

      1. I liked the change! As for the boy and beer comment–awkward! Remember, when he went to the Senate, the kids stayed in Chi-town during the week. Check out his father of the year thing in Parade Sun. I don’t like to bring the kids into any of this–but he does do it.

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