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The Obama Morning News || June 17, 2011

White House Chief of Staff William Daley gets an earful from manufacturing executives about grievances over president’s policies. Vice President Biden said “the hard part” of debt talks is just beginning.

Attorney General Eric Holder is pressing the case for using civilian courts to try terrorism suspects.

Democrats were quick to pounce on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s remark that he can relate to the jobless because “I’m also unemployed.” Pawlenty now says he should have gone after Romney during the debate this week. Romney let Obama have it for canceling his daily economic briefing.

The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may launch on July 21 without a director, resulting in a slew of enforcement actions against major banks.

The White House released its staffers’ financial reports, including expensive tickets taken by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to see the Redskins play.

And an unemployed Indiana mom will sell a letter she got from Obama to help pay the bills.

6 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || June 17, 2011”

  1. It’s nice to see the manufacturers starting to reassert their role as the employer of the government. For too long people have looked at the government as in charge of us rather than the other way around. It’s a shame that it took the kind of overreach we’re seeing, and that will take years to undo, to wake people up.

    As for Carney and the Redskins: who would want to go watch the loser Redskins? WHO DAT!

  2. This is how the debt ceiling battle will go… They will have these ’round the clock’ meetings behind closed doors up until the deadline. We will all be drawn into the drama of how hard both sides are working and how close they are to a deal. Then comes the climax…hours away from the pivotal moment when they come out from behind closed doors all sweaty and ties askew with a milquetoast agreement. Obama will keep mum up to that point because he doesn’t want to be involved in any of the hard work. He will dismiss any serious debt reduction proposals as “distractions” and congresscritters will all scurry back behind closed doors. Moments before the clock strikes midnight, they will emerge with what will be labeled as a historic agreement. Of course, the American people will most assuredly be on the losing side of any agreement Obama deigns to sign. In the end, our legislators will have sold our sovereignty and our freedom down the river for their own selfish reasons. Hope I’m wrong about this scenario. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this movie many times before, and there is never a happy ending.

    1. Yes, indeed. Like the old “buy this now, save $50” sales pitch.
      They’ll raise the debt limit but cut some spending.
      Net result: same old.

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