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My Latest POLITICO Piece: The Dems, Weiner and Sex

I have an opinion aritcle in POLITICO today on the hypocrisy of Democratic leaders on Anthony Weiner. They gave every reason they could think of to force him out except the one that was real: he was a political liability. From the Kennedys to Clinton, Dems have accepted this type of behavior from those who are more powerful – and better liked – than Weiner.

I hope you enjoy it.

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23 Responses to My Latest POLITICO Piece: The Dems, Weiner and Sex

  1. Very well written Keith.

    Yes, it comes down to the liability in this political world, but I think that the diffference between the political world and ours is morals and ethics. At times, these two worlds collide and thus the fix that the polito’s find themselves in, especially it seems the Dem’s. The Dem’s are so embedded in Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals that they are more focused on the end instead of the means to the end. All Weiner did was draw attention from their aims.

    • Russell, your point about Dems and ends justify the means is interesting. Since they believe so strongly in government – and themselves and their ideas – seizing power becomes all the more paramount.

  2. I recognize that my opinion that Weiner is as much a criminal as the sleazy, rain-coat flasher is out of step with more modern commenters, but my opinion is shared by millions of ordinary people, as shown in polls taken on this matter. The Dems had no choice but to scuttle Weiner publicly for many political reasons, one of which is that the Repub frontrunners for the Presidency are seemingly as pure as the driven snow.

    The comments on the piece in Politico reflect the long-held belief that ‘boys will be boys’ and a so what attitude about a married man’s behaviour.

    How different this whole tawdry incident would be if it were CongressWOMAN Weiner who sent frontal nude photos of herself, a la Hustler magazine, to strangers on the internet, in an attempt to share a sexual experience with them.

  3. Great piece Keith.
    Democrat Rehab has begun:

    “Starting Wednesday, Leader Pelosi, Congressman [Steve] Israel and other colleagues and friends spoke with Weiner and made the case that the situation is a distraction; and that it would be better for Weiner to move forward with his treatment without the pressures of being a Member of Congress.”

    “Less than three hours after the disgraced Dem was forced to resign from the House, he was seen with his pregnant wife, Huma Abedin, in the aisles of the King Kullen supermarket in Manorville, LI, as if the sexting scandal never happened.The store is on one of the main routes to the Hamptons, where it appears the couple is trying to get away from it all this weekend.”

    Nothing like a “treatment” weekend in the Hamptons.

  4. Just read it. Great job Keith.

    The hypocrisy is so eggregious that the talk shows yesterday and probably today with be saying, “why?” Last night, Pat Buchanan came down on Bill Press on MSNBC and asked the question, “Where was Weiner’s friends?” Yes, what he did was despicable and lewd … but Mr. Clinton actually did more – he had sex with a 21-year old intern – his employee – and was not only supported by the Democratic Party but feted by it. Weiner, Buchanan opined, had no friends, no support, no one to stand up and advocate on his behalf and was cut loose when he became a political liability; Bill Clinton was a liability after he lied to the grand jury and the nation.

  5. I think you summed it up quite well Keith. I think the Democrats are really worried about 2012 and Mr. Weiner had become too great an embarrassment to remain in office. I had been marveling at the flexiblity of the moral standard of the leading Democrats–I don’t seem to recall them being soooo upset over good old Bill’s little piccadillos. Mr. Weiner was a minor figure and easy to toss overboard.

  6. Really enjoyed the article, Keith. Great analysis of the larger picture. Love it when the facts point out the hypocrisy of Dems, not just appearances.

  7. Great article Keith. Once again you step up to the plate and say the things nobody else in DC has the courage to say. The ’emperor has no clothes’ analogy is so appropriate in this case. Every DC insider was quiet on Weinergate up until he started bloviating to the press. When he was proven to be a liar, and the press kept pounding on him, he became a liability to their cause and they turned on him. How many of those that joined the mob have their own dirty little secrets?

    I am in agreement with srdem that Weiner is no better than a common criminal. In the olden days, before the Clinton Oval Office BJ, any politician exposed to the American people as a sleazeball would be run out of town on a rail. We have been sliding downhill morally since that time. How else can you explain Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel, and the multitude of other criminals currently serving in congress. The American people are to blame for turning a blind eye to their corruption and bad behavior. As long as these crooks bring home the bacon, their constituents will continue to return them to office over and over and over again. How depressing…

  8. Only in American politics can you sleep on the job; send inappropriate text, tweets, e-mails; be drunk or spend the night drinking and have a hangover that affects your thinking the next day; sleep with a sub-ordinate; cheat on your taxes, expense reports or bounce dozens of checks with no intention on repaying them; lie to your boss (the American public) and still have a job.

    Do ANY of the above in the private sector, and you will be shown the door so fast that it will make your head spin. Maybe it’s time to privatize Congress and the Presidency.

    • Larry Flynt offered him a job, I heard, at 20% more than his Congressional salary, which I considered piker-ish. Having seen some of his “writing,” though, I would have to say he is not that good at talking dirty. Here is my cat, can I see yours etc? Not world-class stuff.