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Carney: We All Own the Economy

This is very sweet him. President Obama has decided to share credit for the overall economy with everyone.

Which is a sure sign that White House economic advisers have been busy running their models and tinkering around with the numbers and have figured out the THE ECONOMY SUCKS and that IT’S GOING TO STAY THAT WAY.

On Wednesday, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Schultz Wasserman accidentally claimed the economy for Democrats, declaring, “I’m going to take ownership right now!”

Well, cooler heads prevailed at the White House, where Press Secretary Jay Carney was sent forth Thursday to reel that one right back in.

We all own the economy. We all work together in Washington to devise policies to improve the economic situation. I think what the Congresswoman was referring to is the fact that the turnaround that we have seen, the turn — the change in direction reflected in the fact that when the President was sworn into office we were losing 700,000 jobs a month, and for the last just six months, we’ve gained a million jobs; in the, I think, 17 months, or 15 months, it’s been 2.1 million — reflects a change in direction for the better. The fact that we were contracting severely as an economy by something like 6.4 percent when he took office has been reversed, and that we have grown for seven straight quarters.

So she meant to say Democrats own only the improvements, meager as they are. They’ll share the still crappy overall result with the Republicans.

How could she have strayed so far off her talking points? Maybe since she has two jobs, as Congresswoman and DNC chair, it’s difficult for her to imagine that so many people have none.

Or maybe she’s reading some Harry Truman biography, where the main character talks about “the buck stops here” and so forth.

Debbie, that’s ancient history! Get with it.

17 Responses to Carney: We All Own the Economy

  1. Maybe she strayed off her points so much because she is not the brightest bulb on the tree. Remember, she recently accused republicans of wanting to treat illegal aliens as if they were doing something illegal.

  2. MrsWShultz was supposed to be the Dems answer to the well-spoken (and attractive) Repub women, like MrsBachman and MrsPalin.
    What they got instead is an out-spoken woman who exaggerates the Dems positive talking points while simultaneously earning the sad nickname of “DebbieDowner” for her dire predictions of any Repub legislation.

    The WhiteHouse seems to be playing ‘wack-a-mole’ lately. They no sooner get Weiner off the reservation then MrsWShultz pops up and there’s DOJHolder sliding into MrIssa’s tar pit and who knows what VPBiden will say next.

  3. Oh, and by the way, NO I DON’T own the economic issues. If it were up to me, I would have plotted a course out of our oil $$ hemmoraging in the ’70s when we had the ‘oil crisis’, I would have told the marxists in Congress to buy people homes they can’t afford with their own spare money in the ’00s (which they have much more of than I do), and I would have made sure people heard the word “NO” (in response to requests for cash for social programs) much more than they are used to. Furthermore, to share the love on the right, I would have gotten the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as we whacked the main targets, as they will never be peaceful free cultures, not that we would be there anyway since we would no longer be dependent on their stinking oil.

  4. Either Carney or DebbieDowner (thanks srdem) better pull those Democrat talking points back out and memorize a little better. If you’re gonna lie about the statistics, at least get on the same page with the phony figures.

    DD said we were losing 750,000 jobs a month for the last year Bush was president. Those 50,000 jobs per month may not mean much to you folks but they sure do to middle America.
    DD said Obama created 1 million jobs in the private sector in the last 6 months. Understand why Carney left the ‘private sector’ out of his spiel. I would be embarrassed too.
    DD said Obama created 2.1 million jobs in 15 months. I know that is nitpicking. Doesn’t matter whether the memo says 15 months or 17 months, it’s a lie either way.
    DD said we’ve had 15 straight months of manufacturing growth. Carney said we’ve had 7 quarters of growth (7 x 3 =21). Which is it 15 or 21 months? Doesn’t really matter, because every figure these Democrat drones are repeating are nothing but lies anyway.