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Today’s Obama Poll || Six in Ten Say Nation on Wrong Track

In a potentially ominous sign for President Obama, 62 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 12 percent more than when the question was asked last month.

The result could have implications not only for Obama but for the deficit talks with more and more Americans, it would seem, prepared to swallow the tough fiscal medicine being proposed by Republicans.

Nevertheless, the poll puts Obama’s approval rating at 49 percent and finds that 45 percent would vote to elect him compared to 40 percent who would support an unnamed Republicans. Mitt Romney, who the poll shows has widened his lead among Republicans, would receive 43 percent of the vote compared to Obama’s 49 percent.

Among actual and potential GOP candidates, Romney’s support now stands at 30 percent, with Sarah Palin at 14 percent and the rest of the field in single digits.

14 thoughts on “Today’s Obama Poll || Six in Ten Say Nation on Wrong Track”

  1. That 40% of the people polled would vote for anyone other than MrO is a biggie. His base in this poll is 45% and will probably reflect the actual votes cast for him. The 15% who haven’t decided yet are the ones who will make the winner next year.
    MrsPalin is not a candidate for the Presidency and shouldn’t be included in any poll. Her inclusion only skews the results.

    1. SRDEM is right as rain.

      Listen folks, its those 15-20% of independents (most likely higher) that will make the difference in this election, especially in the swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Obama won all three in 2008 and will have to win them again …. several pundits have stated that Virginia and North Carolina (both of which Obama won) may swing red this time.

      Mr. Obama still does not realize that its not about HIM. It’s the Carville doctrine of politics which may spell electoral doom for a second term.

  2. While there is some value in tracking how the population feels about the direction the nation is on, there’s no value in an election poll this far out. There was an old SNL news skit where the “anchor” said, “And a recent poll revealed that if the election were held today, most people would be really confused because it’s usually held in November.” It’s also instructive to remember that in 1991 George H.W. Bush looked so unbeatable that the Democrats threw a third-stringer at him named Bill Clinton.

    1. Yes–I am one who says it’s too far out–I am afraid people will be so beaten down, they just go, oh, whatever, maybe he can do something if he has more time…

  3. I never trust poll results and this one reminds me why. It is slanted…a lot.
    “Do you have a landline in addition to your cell phone, or is your cell phone the only telephone you have?
    Have a landline….TERMINATE
    Cell phone is only telephone….CONTINUE
    Not sure…..TERMINATE”
    Why don’t they want the opinion of people with landlines? My guess is they don’t want to know the opinion of homeowners.

    The first comment tells the rest of the story:
    “The poll is skewed to the left. It does not ask what the participants party or ideological identification is but it does show a 10 point difference between those participants who voted for Obama and those who voted for McCain when the spread in 2008 was actually much narrower. This cannot be a reliable poll.”

    1. You know, I overlooked the landline part the first time. It is interesting that they chose to exclude persons with landline telephones. That would also cut out a good portion of older voters who are less likely to use cell phones.

      1. Excellent point. We’re seasoned citizens and our landline is our primary phone. We have one cell phone that we use when traveling.

  4. When it comes to polls and polling I am reminded of Twain’s comment:

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”

    Polls are nothing more than well paid for fancy statistics.

  5. Personally, I would vote for Donald Duck if it meant the sleaze bags in the WH would no longer be there ( especially since what we have there now is so Mickey Mouse ( no insult intended to the mouse ). Wonder how long it will take them to get the smell of cigs out of the place……

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