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Top Ten Things Obama Hates About His Job

Michelle Obama made me sad Monday when she said at a California fundraiser that the job of being president is hard on Barack, with him having to get up early, work hard, feel worried about things, read memos in their entirety while taking notes, and so forth.

Cameras were barred from the fundraiser, but she said something similar last month at an event that was videotaped.

It’s just not clear to me anymore that the $400,000 a year salary, the chauffeured limousine, the free mansion, the catered meals, and the opportunity to be the most powerful man in the world is enough compensation for what he has to go through. Gosh, all of you out there who are unemployed, count your blessings that you don’t have to work like this.

I made some phone calls and a source deep within the White House revealed that President Obama has written down the things he doesn’t like about his job. After sending my source a bottle of his favorite brand of scotch, he sent me Obama’s list, titled, “The Ten Things I Hate About My Job.”

I print it here for you.


1. White House is great, but smoking not allowed in federal buildings.

2. Chauffeur sometimes accelerates too quickly.

3. Tired of Lobster Parisienne every day for breakfast.

4. Salary of $400,000 is pretty good but can’t get direct deposit.

5. Military dudes always laugh when I ask them about the environmental impact of their activities.

6. It’s tough having meetings when Hillary is there because she always thinks she’s the smartest one in the room when really I’m the smartest one in the room.

7. Must have lunch once a week with Biden.

8. Must have lunch once a week with Michelle.

9. Every room is a different damn color.

10. Being both the president and the Messiah is just a little too much on my plate.

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    1. 13. Resolute desk so high, feet go numb when propped up on it.

      14. Secret Service guys’ radios sometimes squawk while teeing off.

      15. Golf game interrupted by national security events.

  1. with him having to get up early, work hard, feel worried about things, read memos in their entirety while taking notes, and so forth.

    We all do this just to criticize him! And that doesn’t count the staying up all night worrying, the crying, the cleaning of cat leavings, losing friends over no longer being a Dem, dreaming up ways to earn money, doing those things, dreaming up more ways, etc.

  2. Great list Keith, but I think you got fleeced. Most of the items on your list are fairly common knowledge.

    Woe is me. Poor Barack hunched over those papers just so he knows more than the people who are briefing him. No wonder we are in such sad shape…he believes he is smarter than any of his advisers.

    Please whoever dresses this lady, set aside a few bucks to buy her some sleeves. Between the sleeveless outfits and the 3″ eyelashes she is starting to look ridiculous. By the way, this spiel sounds very familiar. Didn’t she try this trick last year when he was sinking in the polls?

    1. Yes! A suit–a nice suit–Pelosi, for all her faults, dresses attractively. This is Washington, not Vegas, although we all know Vegas is a waste of money and we shouldn’t go there…So I guess they are bringing it to DC.

      What…Voters live in Vegas….? Never mind.

  3. The original C-span video of Michelle at the 5/19 fundraiser has never been on You Tube but now I have a copy of the whole 20 minutes.

    It’s rich. Did you know that Obama is very fussy about drapes? I’m not surprised. My husband is always pestering me about the drapes.

    I will probably download the whole thing soon. A little clip just doesn’t do it justice.

      1. I might be confused. In LA she was at a fundraiser at Michael Smith’s house. He is the WH decorator. Maybe that’s where she talked about Obama and the drapes. Then I must have read it.

        I haven’t even heard the full 20 minutes of the C-span fundraiser but I was thinking of posting it unedited just for “historical” purpose.

        I was very surprised except for one minor clip taken from a cell phone that the DNC event hadn’t been on You Tube. Yesterday’s Politico was the first time I had seen it. I ended up paying $5 to download it from C-span. It was worth it.

        1. Great new video Granny Jan. Michelle’s sob story juxtaposed with his Puerto Rican adventure. Didn’t catch the finger sniffing the first time I watched the video. What is up with that?

          Wonder how his meeting with Luis Fortuno, the new Puerto Rico governor went? John Stossel interviewed Fortuno for his special “The Money Hole”. When I saw one of Reagan’s desk plates “It CAN be done” on his desk I knew he was a true reformer. Hope Mr. Obama took some advice from him.

          1. I thought the hand over the mouth was one of those involuntary reflexes that body language experts say is indicative of deception or lying but I might be giving her too much credit.

            The Puerto Rican Governor’s wife looked and acted like she was a former hostess on The Price is Right.

          2. Good heavens–he knows more than his briefers because he reads the whole book (which I don’t even believe)? Those briefers read MANY whole books, stacks of raw disconnected, random info, scanned the net. etc. All so your overburdened husband didn’t have to…because supposedly he was busy with other matters affecting 300 million people just in this country. Catch up on how Washington works, Michelle.

  4. 17. That damn ‘Hail to the Chief’ music is just so not cool.

    18. Have to photo-op with the ‘winning’ teams that I didn’t pick…may never get to fist bump LeBron now…

    19. AFToo! never looses Michelle’s luggage.

    20. They’re not all buying ‘its Bush’s fault’ anymore…must promise MORE entitlements for that to ‘fly’ somemore.

  5. While I get the humor in all this, behind the laugh is the new plea to feel sorry for MrO, MrsO asks her audiences to “pray” for him and he brings up the specter of not choosing to run for a second term. When he said that his family would be behind him if he chose to do “something different”, I was floored by his casual dismissal of the highest and most respected position in our country that he now holds.
    While there aren’t many who would disagree that MrO is way out of his depth and beyond the ablility to read a telepromter there isn’t much there, there.
    His lack of understanding of how a capitalist society really works, what his role as the Commander in Chief really imparts and his lack of empathy with the misery now speading all over our country is so discouraging that he’s lost any reason to run for reelection other than his own vanity.

    The main reason he hates being President is that he’s expected to make everything right and he doesn’t know what to do.

    1. That would be pressure, SrDem, but I never really feel that he feels it–with that flickering inappropriate smile, lame attempts to deflect with so-called humor, I don’t know–he just isn’t authoritative…

      1. I mean, honestly, what if YOU had to decide to let some guy in front of a computer zap someone dead or order potentates to leave their countries pronto, or pretend to understand people who have been out of a job for years–what do they use for money, do you think, how do they keep going, are they angry, afraid? Or what if YOU had to fully understand the world oil market, derivatives, housing, the realigment of nations and industries…this is not an easy job. But he doesn’t seem that nonplussed…to me, anyway. I would be!

    2. You were “floored” by the one term thing? Remember he said, even before he took office, that one term would be fine with him. It’s not anything new.

      1. I didn’t express my feelings correctly.
        A man who spends 18months and $750+millions to be elected as the POTUS, then after 2 years in office contemplates doing something “different” doesn’t understand where he is and it’s importance. He has the position of the most powerful man in the civilized world, a place that Americans revere and trust, and the ability to destroy the world as we know it but he might want to do something “different”? wow.

        1. srdem, I think you are touching on something very important, which is the narcissism, the sense that this trip is about him. If you don’t want to do this, stop bellyaching in public. I don’t remember hearing that Johnson did that – he just got out. Same with Truman. This isn’t ultimately about him.

          1. GREAT COMMENTS by everyone on this thread.

            By the way, the same narcissism Mr. Weiner broadcast, is very much, the same narcissism exhibited by Obama. The only difference is, Mr Weiner tweeted his with abandon.

            Congressional service (whether a Congressman or President) is about serving your constituents, not a pulpit to grab your Johnson or bitch about how “tough” things are.

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  7. Has OBAMA ever had a “real job”?
    No one knows his past? He just walks into Columbia Univ. & Harvard Law? He was a “community organizer” in Chicago? He was “elected” to the Illinois govt? He was “elected” as a US Senator? and now OBAMA is one of the worst Presidents in US History

  8. Keith, I saw this video elsewhere. I also heard she made the same speech, like you said at a fundraiser. I thought the same darn thing!! How many Presidents have aged quickly during their first term?? Didn’t we see the early signs of gray on each President?? Why does she think he’s so special that he shouldn’t be “worried”? If he can’t handle the stresses of being a public servant maybe he shouldn’t campaign for a second term. To hear her vehement voice quivering in this video is upsetting. I doubt Obama knows more than his staff briefing him. Besides, he has czars, appointed Secretaries of State, Treasure, Education..etc to help him carry out his “stressful” duties. Your article does not mention other amentities include household staffers, security, several expense accounts for personal needs and medical care in addition to $400K. Presidents have usually used discretion for the number of vacations taken. This President & First Family doesn’t care about propriety so I am very upset that she has the audacity to be indignant towards her audience, thus the American people.

    1. This is exactly the point I was trying to make. It’s incredible how in only two years they are so used to the office that they think they ARE they office, that someone should cut Obama some slack for working hard. I can’t imagine Biden whining in this manner, or others who have been through the trenches and understand that the office of president supersedes them. Please, throw lamps around in private, do what you must to relieve the pressure, but don’t go crying to the public – and our enemies – that this is so difficult.

  9. Yeah Michelle, “your Barack” is really hard at work turning our country into his Socialist dream – EVERY DAY. Just ask Debbie W-S, she says BO and the Dems claim full ownership of this miserable, sucky economy.

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  11. If he reads every single word then can he explain how the latest health care snafu that the CBO caught in the bill (of people who are above means can be enrolled in medicaid) made it past his diligent eyes.

    Please don’t go on record touting half truths as truths. Given how long everyone was allowed to read the healthcare bill before the vote, very few in Wash actually read it.

  12. This guy thought the Presidency was going to be a piece of cake…get up in the morning, have coffee, a danish and a cigarette…meet with a….s kissing staff; sign a few papers, then golf….have lunch….go back to the golf course, come home for dinner with Michelle and the girls, watch a movie…and off to bed. Not bad for a former community organizer. In the meantime, the U.S. is a dying country; bloated with debt; three wars where our boys are dying; millions out of work; houses in default; a medical system signed into law that no one wanted; and there you are…All in a day’s work. Hey Michelle, if you need me…call me on the golf course…

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