As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || June 15, 2011

More than two years after President Obama took office vowing to banish “special interests” from his administration, nearly 200 of his biggest donors have landed plum government jobs and advisory posts, won federal contracts worth millions of dollars for their business interests or attended numerous elite White House meetings and social events, an investigation by iWatch News has found.

The Obama administration and Rep. Darrell Issa seem to be headed for their biggest showdown yet as the House oversight committee chief prepares for a Wednesday hearing into an undercover, federal gunrunning investigation.

Obama courted the Latino vote with a trip to Puerto Rico. The White House was forced to defend itself from criticism of Obama’s joke that shovel ready jobs were “not as shovel-ready as we expected.”

In a bit of good news for the president, gas prices are coming down.

The White House is pushing back against predictions that Obama’s Middle East policy will prompt many Jewish voters to switch their vote to the GOP nominee.

The Biden group got back to business, focusing on discretionary spending and the Obama administration’s domestic agenda. Some Republican governors want to save money by geting Obama to allow them to tighten Medicaid eligibility requirements, posing a test for the president.

The White House said it will provide Congress with more details about Libya following a demand by Speaker Boehner that it get approval for the war.

Michele Bachmann’s debate performance elevated her candidacy, forcing her rivals to deal with her. Her national security knowlege is becoming a central part of her campaign’s narrative.

New Jersey Gov. Christ Christie says he is certain he will not run.

11 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 15, 2011

  1. Would like to see the press pool thoughly question Carney on the demand by Speaker Boehner that the WH get approval for the war in Libya from Congress as the constitution says.

    My bet is that O will go golfing this weekend and let the deadline pass.

    • This could be the biggest constitutional issue we’ve had to face in years. The question is if the Prez just ignores the demand does Congress have the votes to push this forward.

    • Going by his track record ,my bet is golfing will rule the day. has anyone totaled the hrs spent on the fairways as opposed to the hrs. spent in the oval office ? Would be very interesting.
      BTW: Shellie recently talked how the job has taken its toll on her husband. Considering the toll his failed presidency has taken on our country, we’re far worse off.. but then , its all about them anyway !

    • Good catch Granny Jan. CPI is another “watch dog group” funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute. Amazing how far Spooky Dude’s tentacles stretch.

  2. Always suspicious when MSM writes glowing articles on a Republican candidate they have denigrated in the past. Part of their well worn strategy to build them up in the beginning, only to tear them down in the end. Wish we could get it across to them that it isn’t working any longer. New media has exposed their game and they are no longer relevant.

    Besides you Keith, honest DC journalists are few and far between. Once in a while Jake Tapper surprises me. He wrote a piece exposing a DNC/Jim Messina propaganda ad of cherry-picked clips taken from the Republican debate. The video makes it look like Republicans are out of touch. What a despicable bunch of hacks Obama has working for him.

    • Thanks Susan. I do give Jake some credit too. Despite a liberal background, he asks some of the tougher questions in the briefing room – not that the competition is particularly heated – and does some good accountability work.

  3. Funny how each politician is always against “special interests” but none of the people and groups who help that politician get in office fall into that category.

      • Well, it’s true for every politician; Pres. Obama is not an exception. Every time I hear a politician bash “special interests” I remember that scene from O, Brother, Where Art Thou where the guy running for governor of Mississippi attacks the incumbent for “service to the interests.”