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Lawmakers File Suit Over Libya War

We’ll see what the White House says about this at today’s briefing. I don’t know how they are not in violation of both the spirit of the Constitution and the letter of the War Powers Resolution by failing to get approval from Congress for the war with Libya.

From Fox News.

A group of lawmakers plans to file a federal lawsuit Wednesday against the Obama administration, questioning the constitutional and legal justifications for military action in Libya, Fox News has confirmed.

The bipartisan group is being led by Reps. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, and Walter Jones, R-N.C., and includes GOP presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul.

6 Responses to Lawmakers File Suit Over Libya War

  1. This man has gone too far. Now he’s saying we aren’t in a war with Libya because NATO is running it. Boehner needs to keep a stiff spine and pull the funding for this operation now, but he probably won’t. He’ll be kickin’ back at the Congressional picnic schmoozing with the tyrant. Wish these guys could take a look outside their DC bubble and see what they are doing to America.

  2. What happens next?

    Can Congress force the Presidents hand? Can they demand he cease and desist? Is there something written into the War Powers Act that holds the President accountable?

    Whats the next step for Congress to take if Mr. Obama does not follow through and explain whats going on?