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Today’s Obama Poll || GOP Voters Want a Winner

Republicans would prefer a candidate who can beat President Obama over one with whom they agree on ideology, according to a new Gallup poll.

The poll finds that 50 percent of Republicans surveyed seek a candidate who “has the best chance” compared to 44 percent who “agree on the issues” with them.

In a matter for the psychologists – and maybe some of my readers! – to explain, men broke out 56-40 percent favoring someone with the best chance, while women were 49-43 percent in favor of getting a nominee who agrees with them.

I think overall this clearly demonstrates a strong desire to win stemming from animated dislike of the president, his policies, or both. But the margin by which electability is preferred over ideology is not so great that it would bar someone perceived to have less chance of winning, like Sarah Palin, from getting in the race and taking the nomination.

Also, contrary to what you might think listening to the mainstream media, Republicans are satisfied with the current GOP presidential field by a margin of 67-27 percent, according to the poll.

6 Responses to Today’s Obama Poll || GOP Voters Want a Winner

  1. This goes to the repeated theme of “anybody but Obama” that we hear at home or work, and read every day on every post and every comment.
    The ObamaTeam has to be hearing the same thing, too.

  2. I can tell you this. I had to nag my husband incessantly to get him to attend a Tea Party event with me. He is a by the book, no frills, nose to the grindstone kind of guy. He had the impression that all Tea Party people are nuts, except for me of course. He changed his mind after attending one event.

    There are more women in the Tea Party movement than there are men. What you are seeing, I believe, is more women looking for a true conservative candidate. Republican men wouldn’t mind if another RINO wins the nomination because they don’t have faith that a constitutional conservative, especially if she is female, can beat Obama.

  3. I’ll withhold my firm guess on a GOP candidate until the fur flies in the upcoming debates. Popcorn and lounger at the ready, and hopefully the green backdrops have been trashed from a few years ago.