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The Obama Morning News || June 14, 2011

Republican candidates spent last night’s debate pummeling President Obama rather than defining the differences among themselves in what turned out to be a remarkably friendly affair. The candidates took aim at regulation, calling for the scaling back or elimination of environmental, labor, financial and health-care rules.

Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney came out winners, according to the Washington Post, Tim Pawlenty not so much. Bachmann used the debate to announce that she’s running.

Obama is trying to make sure you know he cares about the economy, even though he is out of big, immediate steps to fix it. Obama wants credit for cleaning up the “big mess” he inherited. The sputtering economy could complicate deficit reduction talks amid talk of the need for more stimulus.

An Obama fundraiser in Miami last night played to empty seats. Michelle Obama says the presidency has taken a toll on her husband.

The White House is trying to pare down the exploding number of government websites.

The FBI is probing peace activists and labor organizers, raising the hackles of progressives.

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    1. Thanks William for reminding us. Its these simple things that we should keep front and center.

      Happy Flag Day and Happy Birthday Army!

    2. Thank you for the reminder William. Happy Birthday to the US Army! They have been a proud and noble force since the birth of America. Today our American flag is flying high on our veranda as it does every day of the year.

          1. Please point out any time. The English language is a wonderful tool which should be treated with proper respect. I certainly wish sometimes I had an editor, but then I remember how editors can be . . .

            See, I might have answered you by noting that “Mother of God” is, I assume, a reference to Mary and arguably should be capitalized, but I didn’t . . .


          2. MT for re-redistribution

            Ha, I had it capitolized at first, but I wanted to be more tongue-in-cheek, so I changed it just before submitting. You can delete this whole section of the comment thread.

    1. Now that Politico has reported on a protester and empty seats, they might very well be banned from the next fundraiser, so you probably won’t see a story like this again.

  1. My husband and I watched the debate last night and came away with the same conclusion. It is tough having a debate when you have a liberal trying to play gotcha at every turn. I can guarantee you this election will not be about gay marriage or religion and those type of questions were just a waste of air time. Not to mention the “either or” stupidity. I thought the Fox debate asked way more relevant questions. And what was with King and his grunting noises throughout the entire debate? It was very annoying.

    Michele Bachmann hit the ball out of the park in my view. Newt is a great debater, personal issues aside. Applaud him for his defense of Cain’s Muslim loyalty pledge. Overall, I would vote for any one of those candidates over Obama…hands down.

  2. The “partisan rhetoric” clip that Granny Jan linked to last night is on Drudge this morning. Wonder why the Politico article didn’t mention anything about it? Pretty big revelation that he won’t be their guy if that is what they want. I know all us bible clinging, gun toting yokels out in flyover country are sure glad to hear that.

    1. Sorry, same link. I was remarking on her almost identical words from a month ago. There’s not a word of truth in her remarks especially since she used the exact same words a month ago. I’m sure it’s about their internal polling.

      1. GJ and Keith…I think there is MORE to this ‘worry and stress creasing his face’ meme than just ‘he works too hard’–so ignore all the golf outings.

        Nope. Dear Leader isn’t looking (to me) to be in tippy top shape (healthwise). Follow me here…do you think, that given the horrible internal polls they must be receiving, coupled with the outright boredom he projects on the job, that the ‘Obama won’t run for health reasons’ excuse is starting to be floated (by the closest source, FLOTUS?)

        Just a theory…especially given the repeat scripting…

        1. Well, he has always claimed he’d rather be a great one-term president than a bad two-term president. If he opts out of a second term for health reasons, he can blend the two.

          That said, he’s doing a little too much fund raising for me to think he’s not going to run.

        2. I thinks it’s just a way to garner sympathy and his/their narcissistic tendencies. He always talks about how much he’s aged in three years because being the narcissist that he is, it really bothers him.

          I think he’s running because he lives for adulation, can’t take defeat, and can’t admit that he’s ever wrong. He’ll go bonkers after he loses, though.

  3. Yeah, I saw the president yukking it up over how shovel ready wasn’t shovel ready and how he didn’t want to spend “his” money on some dopey singing website of govt employees. It was all very … stupid. Also hello–subjunctive mood–Harvard–disconnect…When he said, “If it was me, I would resign” That should be “If it WERE me…” I wish it had been.

      1. With Sheriff Joe in charge, you can count on it costing a lot more to datamine all the various .gov sites than it will save in the end. Like looking for a needle in a haystack. Would have been so much more cost effective if they took a look at the GAO study Senator Coburn released. Lots of money to be saved in all those useless programs.

  4. NEWT won me over last night.

    He stood up, called for a litmus test of anti-Semitic, racist, fascist Muslims …. and took the heat. I was blown away. I had heckled Newt on this forum for quite some time, but every time he spoke, he drilled home the point in such a way that made sense and answered the question. Romney and Pawlenty sounded like political commericals. And when Herman Cain began to back step about the Muslim issue … Newt stood up and took over the debate.

    I’m sold.

    If Newt makes it out of the primaries (which he probably won’t), I will vote for him.

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