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Ann Curry Doesn’t Cut Obama Much Slack

Well, NBC Today aired host Ann Curry’s interview with President Obama today. I predicted yesterday that she would go easy on him, and of course I was . . . wrong. Not too bad, Ann. Have a look.

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25 thoughts on “Ann Curry Doesn’t Cut Obama Much Slack”

  1. Keith, like you, I thought Ann Curry did a good job. Surprised me, because she is apart of the MSM. I did noticed that BHO seemed to be a tad defensive or almost angry during the interview. He seemed frustrated and uncomfortable. She must have hit a nerve. I doubt that she will be interviewing him any time soon. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Excellent interview. She was nothing like the slobbering Katie Couric. He really is clueless if he thinks we ‘ordinary folks’ think he has empathy for Americans. If he really did have empathy, he would tell all his alphabet agency toadies to cease and desist with their effort to regulate us into slavery.

    Republicans are resistant to any kind of revenue? Depends on what your definition of revenue is. We know his definition. Revenue = Tax increases.

  3. As Kicking Bird would say…”man speaks with a forked tongue…and grey hair is caused by words not matching deeds. Much brainpower required to keep track of the BS he feeds the public and the real world”.
    Re; Jobs
    Maybe his is shooting 100 on the golf course because he is thinking about jobs instead of playing the game. Maybe a good thing is for him to have just the one term. Go on the lecture tour, make much money to keep up with Mrs. O and golf every other day.

  4. -ATM’s and airport kiosk’s are to blame for our record unemployment??? Finally, an invention from the 60’s and one from the 80’s are fingered for this debacle!

  5. I got as far as what a public “servant” should be and how much “stuff” he has to do…and I just couldn’t. Forgive me.

  6. OK. There were reports of flying pigs, but I’m suspicious that he knew what questions were coming and prepared accordingly.
    All of his answers were his standard boiler-plate and gave him a chance to smack the Repubs once again.
    His defense of pushing Obamacare was misleading and shows a lack of understanding how our economy works.
    If he really believes in the ‘shared sacrifices’, perhaps he can tell us where he and the family are cutting back.

    1. You’re probably right srdem. Good soap star actors or sincere statesmen? Wouldn’t put it past Obama and Pravda (msnbc) to set up a fake-out staged interview to take his laughing about our jobless rate off our minds. Remember those “shovel ready jobs” I promised you? Well, joke’s on you…ha ha ha ha!!!

      They really must think we are all dumb as a rock.

      1. Shared sacrifices #112: MrsO, the two children, FirstGranny, WH staffers and Security had a fun day at UniversalThemePark in CA.
        MrsO was the star attraction at 4 Dem fundraisers in CA.

  7. The most disturbing part of this interview is the claim that people are writing to him seeking help for their personal problems. Do people really think its the job of the nation’s chief executive to help them with their mortgage? If that’s the case, we’re done as a country. We had a good run, but we better get ready for a complete collapse and realignment; if it’s true.

      1. Sounds to me like he’s not talking about them. He’s talking about people who work for a living and have fallen on hard times. I fell on hard times once and never even considered that the national government, much less the president, was the answer. If people now think that the government is the answer when they hit a spot of trouble, we’re doomed because the fierce independence and self-reliance that once dominated the American character are in decline.

        1. You are right, we are facing some of the worse times in my lifetime. You are probably too young to remember the gas lines in 70’s and interest rates through the roof. We Americans made it through those lean years without any government help and look what the 1980 presidential election brought us. The Reagan Revolution.

          Don’t forget…he lies..a lot. He made a joke about half of those letters calling him an idiot.

          1. The gas lines–me, too… This time it’s a much huger realignment of …everything…worldwide. We are just getting shredded in the machinery. And I agree–joking about those supposedly helpful projects being a sham is disgusting. I am a certified contractor and believe me, it is almost impossible to break in. The construction companies already contracting or scientists already researching just added projects to their to-do lists and keep on going. No jobs, no new businesses, no nothing.

  8. Sorry, Keith.

    She’s continuing the spin: “since the recovery began” at 2:09.

    “Corporate America is enjoying record profits” – why didn’t she ask why GE paid no taxes and why Jeffrey Immelt (CEO of GE) is the head of the “Jobs and Copetitivness Council?”

    And check the pic of Obama and Immelt in the report.

    This was a puff piece.

  9. “do you think they’re bluffing considering how financially disasterous it would be for the United States not to have the debt ceiling raised”

    Yep, another hardball question.

  10. My how things change.

    After the election, the MSM slobbered, kissed and m*sterb*ted their feelings of The Messiah: 60 Minutes spent an entire hour asking Mr. Obama “how it felt to be President.” ABC and NBC ran specials calling Mr. Obama the “greatest President since Lincoln” (granted, he had not even stepped foot in the Oval Office) and MSNBC put together non-stop specials (led by Olbermann and Matthews) about Obama’s upbringing and ascendancy to the “mantle of American power and prestige.” He was fete’d all over the world … and later handed the Nobel Prize … even though he had done nothing (yet).

    Liberals: Now take a look at your man.

    And even today, I talked with a *HARDCORE* Texas Democrat (who is gay) who told me that he has “absolutely no respect for this man” since Obama only moved on DADT when it politically benefitted him. I asked my friend, “what do you think of him now?” My friend replied, “I wish he would just step down. He’s a disgrace.”


    I personally never thought I would see a President burn out and shrink from view, like this man has and it really upsets me. I wanted to see Obama succeed but the more we got to see of him, hear him speak, we realized this young man was woefully unprepared for the office of President. As each day goes by, he burns out more, he becomes more frustrated, mad, angry, is heckled more, and is unable, to really, honestly, get a grip on the job and instead retreats from his responsibilities to the golf course or innumerable vacations.

    Mr. Obama has become, President George W. Bush.

    1. That bugged me, too. O’Reilly also noted it. Subjunctive. To me, coming from the president, that was like “You done good” or “Me and him went.”

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