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Today’s Obama Schedule || June 14, 2011

11:45 am || Arrives San Juan, Puerto Rico
11:55 am || Delivers brief remarks; Luis Munoz International Airport
12:55 pm || Visits La Fortaleza
2:55 pm || Interviewed by El Nuevo Día and Univision of Puerto Rico
3:50 pm || Attends fundraiser; Caribe Hilton, San Juan
4:40 pm || Departs San Juan
8:05 pm || Arrives Joint Base Andrews

All times Eastern

11 Responses to Today’s Obama Schedule || June 14, 2011

  1. SanJuan is a scary place. Lots of crime. Bad Guys. Federales wearing uzis, driving armored vehicles. They already closed the airport where AF1 will land. Blocked off roads in all directions where MrO will travel.
    Authorities have rounded up and secured known troublemakers.
    The Security guys must be sweating bullets over this trip.

  2. There are more Puerto Ricans living in the USA than on the Island. Most of them in NY and FLA. Most Texans think the reason there is a dual language ballot is because there are so many Texans of Mexican decent…..not true it is because there were so many Puerto Ricans in NY.