As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Quote of the Day

“I told Weiner, he just went too far, he’s going to have to resign . . . What do you mean, ‘Am I serious?'”

– Bill Clinton

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote.

7 Responses to Quote of the Day

    • I wondered a little about the name “Jihad Kitty”. Now I see. What a darling, so beautiful. She looks somewhat glum in her outfit. She probably thinks it is a little impractical when she goes hunting for mice. I am a cat lover and I have lived in “abstinence” ever since we lost our old cat last year. In two weeks we will get a new kitten. I am so thrilled. A home without a cat is just a house.

  1. One of the differences between MrClinton’s and MrWeiner’s scandal is that we didn’t see photos depicting the actions of MrClinton and MsLewinsky.

  2. Do love the Quotes of the Day feature!
    They’re so acidic in the fact that they’re always so true…..

    Weiner sure loves himself. How old is he, 46? What is this obsession with snapping shots of his pecs, arms and other private areas? Does he think he’s that perfectly irresistible/charming/handsome/studly?

    Science should study him! Upon doing so, they would find the perfect a**hole!