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Obama Interviewed by NBC’s Ann Curry

President Obama takes almost no questions these days and sits for few interviews with Washington reporters who know the national issues and might be able to cross examine him a bit.

But word just came from the traveling pool that Obama submitted himself this afternoon to the withering inquisitorial fire of NBC Today host Ann Curry following his speech in Durham, North Carolina.

It’s a little hot in North Carolina so I hope they did the interview under the fawning. I mean, the awning.

I can’t wait to see this. “The economy’s not doing so well, how are you holding up, Mr. President?” “Are you ready for your golf match with Speaker Boehner?”

Hopefully the spirit of her former colleague, Tim Russert, decided to possess Ann today. Otherwise, I doubt this got very scary for Obama.

6 thoughts on “Obama Interviewed by NBC’s Ann Curry”

    1. So negative..hmm. MsCurry is known for her hard-hitting, take no guff questioning skills. She’ll have MrO wiping sweat off of his brow when the interview is over and the flying pigs land on the patio.

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