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Michelle Obama to Hold Four Calif. Fundraisers

It’s a common and questionable practice pursued by recent presidents, Republican and Democratic: Fly somewhere to raise money, throw in an official event, and have the taxpayers pick up the dime for some of the travel since a portion of the work is government business.

Now, it appears, the first lady is and will be and active participant in this seedy practice, at an extra cost to taxpayers.

Mrs. Obama will be in California today and tomorrow, visiting Los Angeles, Pasadena, Oakland and San Francisco. She will hold two official “first lady” events and be the star attraction at FOUR fundraisers.

Whether she would have attended the official events if she wasn’t going to troll for money is anyone’s guess. But what seems likely is the cost of flying Michelle out to the West Coast so she can soak the legions of wealthy Californian Democrats for cash is being mitigated by having the official appearances on the schedule.

The first lady’s office did not respond to a request for information about whether and how much of the trip will be paid for by the government. But with official events scheduled, it’s very safe to assume that a chunk – perhaps most –  of the first lady’s travel aboard a specially equipped air force plane along with her security detail and entourage will be paid for by taxpayers.

Mrs. Obama today will hold a fundraising luncheon in Pasadena and a dinner in Los Angeles. Tomorrow, cash will pass hands at a breakfast in Oakland and a lunch in San Francisco.

TV crews will be BARRED from the fundraising events, which will instead be covered by a limited “pool” of print reporters.

TV crews will be permitted, however, into Mrs. Obama’s first official event today at 10:00 am PDT, an appearance with Hollywood types to promote her “Joining Forces” initiative to support military families. At 3:00 pm, she will tape an appearance on the iCarly children’s show, again to promote Joining Forces.

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  1. FLOTUS??? Don’t you mean flino – first lady in name only (lower case used intentionally). Little brown toes is fine with me – in flino’s case not so sure how little they are.

  2. Obama and her are the worst thing to happen to my country in my memory. They have polarized the race issue and set back race relations at least 15 years. They are nothing but a couple of welfare sucking Section 8 leeches who only know how to collect and spend the money of other people. If we are to fly her fat behind out to California she should NOT be participating in any fund raisers. Let the DNC pay for that. I will never vote for this pos and am doing all I can to make sure he loses as badly as possible in ’12!

    1. You must be only five years old then, or your memory must be very bad. Lying about weapons of mass destruction to get us in a war with no end would be worse. As for the welfare quip, it’s obvious you don’t think highly of people of color, your robes at the cleaner, Grand Wizard (BTW, I don’t think either have EVER lived in Section 8 housing, or received welfare checks)? I don’t like Obama either, but I can actually point to policies and actions to justify my belief, you only throw out hate. Please vote against Obama, but don’t elect another know-nothing, act-before-thinking idiot.

      1. Frankly, I can’t think of anyone who would be worse than what we presently are having to endure. As for the previous President, had GWB truly have been guilty of lying to get us into war in Iraq, he would promptly haver been impeached by the Dems so “that dog don’t hunt” anymore and just one more of the Media Matters and Move On. propaganda.

        1. It was widely and generally accepted that Hussien was in possession of and developing weapons of mass destruction. Both Clintons said so, along with John Kerry,, the French, Itialian, British, and Spanish Intel people were formally on record with the matter. Hussien had used such weapons during the war with Iran, and later he used massive amounts of poisoned gas on his own countrymen on seven documented (by trhe UN) occasions.
          Facts are facts. The UN Security Council voted to approve the application of force in order to bring Hussein into compliance, twice. So did the United States Senate….twice.

        2. Yeah, that old mantra is SOOOO played….yellow cake WAS found, to the tune of 500 metric tons and shipped to Canada for disposal….etc. etc.

      2. Every time I read about Bush lying about WMD I quit reading because the writer has lost all credibility about anything else in the post. The assumption is although almost everybody in the world thought Saddam had WMD, Bush was so incredibly intelligent that he knew better but wanted a war anyway. And I thought you libs thought he was dumb!!!! Only one president was proven to have lied in the recent past, and surprise…His initials were not GWB.

        1. I managed to stomach the liberal swill a bit longer, but he lost me with the typical race-baiting tactics so loved by the so-called “intelligentsia”.

          Of course, I would expect nothing less from someone who still believes the “Bush lied” bit, in spite of all the evidence that exonerates him.

          1. After reading your reply, I held my nose and read the rest of “Nobody’s” post. I agree about the race-baiting, but also noticed the popular trick of beginning bloggers of pretending to be someone who they are not. “I don’t like Obama either” belies the extreme leftist content of the rest of the post. “Nobody” is a hard-core leftist and nobody believes “Nobody”.

      3. Actually, Barry was taken into Punahou in Honolulu on scholarship. For those of us from Hawaii that still have a memory-that is the most exclusive and expensive school in the Nation.

        And by virtue of the fact that everything he has worked for in his and Michelle’s life has furthered the socialist cause-I think he is a welfare lout.

        But you’re right-hate doesn’t work-I just despise the liberal, progressive ideology-a total and abject failure. It rots society from the inside out.

      4. They found over 50 tons of yellow cake uranium and 2 tons of enriched uranium in Iraq. That’s a historical fact. You can look it up. The Lame Stream Media didn’t report it much because it didn’t fit in with their “Bush lied, People died” agenda.

        While the uranium was not refined enough to produce an atomic bomb, it was refined enough to be usable in the production of a radiological bomb. A radiological bomb is a conventional bomb that’s designed to spread radiation when the bomb explodes. Not as big an explosion as an atomic bomb, but can be more devastating to the local area as the radiation can be very concentrated.

        Obama’s policies are those of a wannabe Marxist dictator. We can see the success stories of those policies around the world. WIDESPREAD abject poverty for everyone but the very top of society and the confiscation of everything from any who don’t toe the party line. Continuing his policies will cause this country to go into a Greater Depression. His EPA has put out new regulations that will kill tens of thousands of jobs in the coal and electricity generation industry AND cause electricity prices to go UP 15 – 35%. How’s Grandma on Social Security going to pay for that? And where are the tens of thousands of displaced workers going to go? Green jobs are truly recipients of corporate welfare as they are not self sustaining. Without money taken from industries which earned it, being pumped into companies that didn’t, green companies can not survive. Look at how well the “green” jobs fiasco has worked for Spain. Even worse economic condition than the US, except that Spain isn’t borrowing billions to hand to hostile other countries liek the US is doing. Just another policy that needs to stop and NOW.

        1. You almost have it correct. It was 550 tons of yellow cake they moved to Canada. It was not disclosed before July 2007 because of security reasons. Also, the ‘Oil for Food’ program violated countless resolutions and Clinton was too much of a spineless, draft-dodging hippy to do anything about it. The Europeans were getting stinky rich and didn’t want their cash-cow to die. The Russians were owed over 50 billion, so they didn’t want to see him go either.

      5. I agree Dr. Ron Paul is the only measured politician that has yet to break from his beliefs, and I do not believe he will. Priciples and honesty are what is required from our leaders not hedged partisan ideology. Stop thinking like sheeple and open your minds. Thre Dem vs Rep, the Black vs White etc ideolgies are designed to keep us at each other and not looking at our leaders.

      6. Your color remark and the WMD snark are really old and tired. Obama was black in 2008 I believe. It has taken some people in this country a little longer than others to figure out what a miserable Marxist Obama is. People are scared and angry about what he’s doing with EPA, DOJ, the economy and unions. If everyone in positions of authority in US and in our allied countries agreed that Saddam had WMD, but you knew differently, why didn’t you speak up? Syria probably has them now, anyway.

      7. somebody in particular

        I love how you instantly make it a race arguenent because someone spoke the truth about king Obama. Welfare and section 8 is abused by all races, so the assumption that its a quip directly against people of color proves you are the 5 year old idiot. at this point you see people drive into the welfare offices in nice newer bmw and Mercedes and they play with there iPads and iPhones while they wait to make their claim. One of my friends actually milked his benefits for two and half years by just saying he was applying for jobs he wasn’t, no one checks the claims anymore system is corrupt. As for Bush the basis of weapons of mass destruction was Iraq had under a handful if any and the time it took to get UN inspectors out there and wmds were already long gone. Furthemore Bush did receive congressional approval for the initial operation, something Obama neglected to do with Libya. I’m tired of Liberal p.o.s. like you that make anything against Obama a racist arguement and blame everything on Bush simply because he does not represent the liberal superiority complex. If every citizen of America is equal why are some entitled to more because of their race or religion? They shouldn’t be and that’s exactly how the liberal superiority complex has destroyed this country

      8. “As for the welfare quip, it’s obvious you don’t think highly of people of color, your robes at the cleaner,”

        No one mentioned race and most of the people on welfare (I read constantly in lib posts) are white.

        You’re looking stupid.

      9. michelle getting $300,000+ from a hospital for diversity outreach or whatever – that’s in the same ballpark as section 8 – taking something ( a lot!) from others in exchange for being useless

      10. FYI – The “Robes” ALWAYS belong to Democrats. Sen. Byrd, D- W, Va. – he died, but not his despicable life and legacy of everything “Byrd”. Corrupt and Crooked – motto of anything from the Democrat Party and Moooochelle is a prime example.

    2. I have never seen a less qualified and less liked President. I never thought I would see one worse than Carter but alas, here he is.

  3. Everything is being done in broad daylight. All of them, Republicans and Democrats, are in this together. The peasants, that would be you and me, simply suffer in silence since it really does not matter how hard we holler.

    So, what can we do, you may ask? Well, the only real remedy is revolt. We have to stand up and say, I’m mad as h*ll and I won’t take it any longer!

    We will all have to get out of our cozy little existences and revolt. I don’t see that happening so I guess we will all have to go down the path of the Russian, Cuban and North Korean people and bend over.

    1. A good first step will be to throw them all off and support Ron Paul for president, he’s the only non-establishment candidate.

      If that doesn’t happen, we’ll need a revolt. Even if Obama loses to someone else, it’ll be the same damn thing, except the status quo GOP will be dishing it out.

      So, let’s get ready for 2012, eh? This country was due to have a revolt over 100 years ago.

      1. Here here, Ron Paul for President, make a statement America, no more politics as usual. Both the Rebpublican and the Democrats have abandoned their ideas in favor of special interestes.

        1. RuPaul…. Yeah, that will fix everything.


    1. She goes to the Military so often because it’s a captive audience. They have to show up.
      So do nursery schools, day cares and elementary schools.

  4. The Obamas = poverty and misery for all.

    Libya is an illegal war.

    There are no jobs – only debt, Obamacare waivers to unions, Pelosi’s district, and Reid’s State, and tax $ giveaways to unions, illegals, and foreign countries.

    Get rid of these country destroyers in 2012 or impeach before!

  5. AlreadyMOOCHele has spent more money on White House parties than all First Ladies put together.Her husband loves these parties because it gives him an excuse to get drunk.
    Thankfully even long time Democrats are not helping out with donations and are leaving the Party in droves.
    One thing I did not like about the article was the use of the word “democratic” when describing Democrats. They are not democratic they are take it or leave it.

  6. I just got through writing checks for my quarterly tax bills. It gives me a sickening feeling to know that a large percentage of MY money will be misappropriated for Michelle’s grand 5-star fundraisers for the democratic party. BTW, my family is just getting by, and paying taxes is painful for our well-being and security. Have fun, Michelle.

    1. I’m doing the exact same thing too, Ron, paying my quarterly taxes. My wife and I are fortunate that I make enough for her to stay home and homeschool our 3 boys but it is HARD and we are just getting by. Our boys will NEVER attend a public school, ever, so it is worth it. But we are just getting by and it makes me sick to give MY money to the government so they can waste it. I would rather flush it down the toilet to help keep my pipes clean than give it to the IRS and people like Moochelle.

  7. Hollywood types gathering to support military families? Transparency at it’s finest! What a joke- the First Lady shilling for her husband’s war chest on MY dime, shmoozing the bastion of the Left who 364 out of 365 days a year are bashing the fine men and women of our military to impress their fans here and abroad.

    Michelle, why don’t you and your entourage of 21 “assistants” shut up and stay home? The fact we taxpayers have to tolerate this crap makes me sick.

  8. Remember when Obama was campaigning in 2008 and all he talked about was “if you are tired of the status quo…” and how he represented “change.”
    Does anyone really believe that anymore?

  9. MoochMORE! I love it! As good as MOOSEchell. Obama & Co. have no problem spending other people’s money. It’s what the liberal dems do. They don’t care; their whole time in the White House is nothing more than party time. Despicable. What really yanks my chain is that there’s not a damn thing we, the taxpayers, can do about this nonsense. Boy, do we need to clean house in 2012! All those dummies who voted for this loser should be hanging their heads in shame.

    And on another note. Has anyone else noticed how The Dope in Chief salutes when he comes off Air Force One (or Two)? He salutes DOWN. Definite sign of disrepect.

    1. Here’s to hoping that folks aren’t dumb enough to vote in another pseudo-conservative like Bush.

      Romney comes to mind, so does Pawlenty, certainly Gingrich as well.

  10. Look out, the last lady is rumaging through the nations piggy bank again. Its funny that there still is money in the bank for this loser to just throw anywhere she wants. Hopefully it blows up in her face, and makes a monkey out of her. What a serious waste of peoples oxygen.

  11. With this economy, do we really need a first lady out doing official events? Do we really need to be paying for this? We didn’t elect her. Even the “official” events she does are really just intended to boost Obama’s ratings. We need to just cut off all funds for such “official” events. If the first lady wants to go around campainging, let the DNC pick up the entire tab.

  12. The usurpers in the White House consider themselves the new Royalty of the USA now that the Kennedy “Camelot” is long gone, dead and buried. Please God, please allow a fair election come 2012 and please let the generational, non-producing takers be sleeping off a drunk or hanging out at the track and forget to vote so we can dump these useless crooks.

    1. It’s a good thing her feet are that big! A girl that TALL with a hind-end that big needs a big base to keep from falling over!

  13. Please everyone, research Ron Paul. He is our last hope for stopping the corruption. He’s not a typical Republican, he can appeal to both sides. He’s a Libertarian and a Constitutionalist. At least give him a chance and research his political ideologies. There’s a reason the mainstream media isn’t covering him, he’s a big threat to the corrupt establishment, namely the Federal Reserve (aka the private bank that is running our economy into the ground). He’s the perfect man for president in 2012. Keep and open mind and look him up. There’s some great videos on YouTube that are very informative. He’s a true president. I hope that Americans wake up and do their own research when it comes to deciding our president in 2012. We can’t rely on the mainstream media to tell us about honest people like Ron Paul. Here’s a few facts on Ron Paul:

    He has NEVER voted to raise taxes.

    He has NEVER voted for an unbalanced budget.

    He has NEVER voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.

    He has NEVER voted to raise congressional pay.

    He has NEVER taken a government-paid junket.

    He has NEVER voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

    He voted AGAINST the Patriot Act.

    He voted AGAINST regulating the Internet.

    He voted AGAINST the Iraq war.

    He DOES NOT participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.

    He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

    1. I’ve voted for Ron Paul for years, while I’m not as venomous as some against the Obama’s (they are not doing anything new, almost every previous administration, regardless of party, has done the same thing); I’m not a fan of their’s. I’m against military adventurism (which again EVERY administration has done before since WWII), I actually think we need to cut the Pentagon’s budget, terrorist don’t have jet fighters, submarines, or aircraft carriers, so why do we need to build new ones?

      1. While I agree with you about all administrations and their adventures I disagree about the DOD budget. While you are correct that the majority of terror groups do not possess such weapons other more advanced threats such as Iran and China do, which warrants having ‘new ones’. I would prefer a cut in the Health and Human Services budget. Maybe it’s time for people to start taking responsibility for their lives and solve their own problems instead of looking for hand outs.

  14. Congratulations on making Drudge again. Please be watch to see if all these soirees use her new My Plate guidelines. We wouldn’t want the rich and powerful acting like hypocrites. No froi gras, lobster in butter, ribs, and creme brulee.

  15. Hmmm – wouldn’t make sense for the White House to allocate the cost of the trip the respective purpose (6 events, 2 official, 4/6 of expense paid by the campaign)? Of course that would be applying sound accounting practices and who can expect that from this regime?

    1. I think you (we) have no idea how bad they are. Wait until they are out of office and BHO starts to spout his TRUE political philosophies like Carter does now. Everyone will be shocked at how deep this socialist/Marxian crap really goes in him.

  16. Well Obama did promise change. Only nobody new he meant, “Change is the only thing i am going to leave in your pockets.”
    He fooled us in 2008 shame on him, if we let him do it again to us for 4 more years than shame on us!

    1. As I noted a little earler: I think you (we) have no idea how bad they are. Wait until they are out of office and BHO starts to spout his TRUE political philosophies like Carter does now. Everyone will be shocked at how deep this socialist/Marxian crap really goes in him.

  17. When has travel and security for the first family NOT be covered by tax payers? The secret service deals with travel and security for the first family and multiple members of Congress. When “Agent Orange” (aka John Boehner) went to OSU to cry and deliver an address to the grads, who do you think paid for his secret service protection?

    This isn’t a new practice nor there anything wrong with it. The first family, since forever has always been responsible for all personal events, hotels, all things inside the white house (like toothpaste and stuff like that) and any non state sponsored events

    The first lady’s staff probably didn’t respond because your questions are common knowledge and a waste of time

    1. This country is under dire economic stress and the Obama’s are poking a stick in the eye of all Americans with their cross-country campaign jaunts, fancy high-cost fundraisers in OUR White House, and extravagant vacations. They preach to us about eating grass and seed while they dine on only the best beef and lobster. They preach to us about commuting to work in electric golf carts while they take take separate planes and all the attendant motorcades on their numerous outings. They sure don’t need apologists providing coverage for their un-American activities. He works for US and he should respond to our inquiries into his wife’s extravagant lifestyle.

    2. Another DUFFUS LIBERAL….The united states secret service does not protect the speaker of the house (aka John Boehner),,,nor his family. Nor do they protect multiple members of Congress. The United States Secret Service is tasked to provide protection to the President (POTUS), Vice President,,their families and other Heads of State (foreign) as directed. They also protect Presidential Candidates during the campaign. Lastly as part of their mandate, they protect former Presidents for specified periods of time,,,including Slick Willie, both Bushes, though generally most of that detail work falls to the Uniformed members of the Secret Service, not the Field Agents. So yeah the MESSIAH family is burning the cash faster than JET FUEL…

    3. The answer to my question is not “toothpaste and stuff” and if there are guidelines there is not harm in my asking and a distinct lack of politeness in my not getting a response.

      I am curious because this First Lady appears to be working the perks and that has brought the issue to my attention. You have misstated my question. It was not “does the taxpayer cover travel and security for the first family.” It was “what are considered to be ‘personal expenses.'” As I said above, there is nothing wrong with my asking and a great deal wrong in my failing to receive an answer.

  18. Its sleezy and they all do it. Its time for the good ol boys to go and regular Americans take over and CHANGE the rules so this stuff STOPS. Why do we have to pay for his fund raising. How do we find out just how much they actually pay? If this was a private business you can bet the CFO would put a stop to it. The problem is they all do it so no one will say anything, or if they are not doing this they are doing something else that they dont want to go public so they just say nothing…

  19. Seriously, people? You can pretend that this First Lady is the first to spend taxpayer money, but you that is all you would be doing: pretending. The fact is all first ladies take these trips: all have and all will. Do a little research and you will find all sorts of extravagant expenses by first ladies and their families. Try this one:

    War Crimes?! I don’t necessarily think we should be at war in Libya, but then again, I don’t think we should have gone to war in Iraq; I also wouldn’t accuse the President of war crimes. There is a difference.

    I paid my taxes this year too and the amount was disconcerting, however, it would be hard to blame that on President Obama. I don’t make anywhere near a million dollars per year, so last time I checked the President had said he wasn’t in favor of raising my taxes. If the rich people in this country and companies like GE paid their fair share of taxes, it would be easier to justify lowering taxes for the rest of us. Those people are the real criminals.

    In short, I appreciate that you disagree with the President and his wife, but it is so much more powerful to argue with facts and evidence than playground name calling.

      1. I think if you look through the comments, you’ll find people are certainly stating their true opinions. I won’t have people on the blog, though, making references – direct or indirect – to the Obamas’ race in a derogatory or gratuitous fashion. This should be common sense and not require a policy statement.

    1. I read your link. Did you? Article says Laura Bush spent a lot of non-taxpayer money purchasing dishes for the White House. That’s a little different than Michelle spending taxpayer money to raise money to get her husband re-elected.

      Bush got Congressional approval for Iraq, Obama siand he did not need to bother with Congress. There is a difference.

      What Obama says does not matter. What he does matters. Obama is raising everyone’s taxes through excessive, socialist regulations if nothing else. Even the poor person’s costs are going to jump to cover costs of socialist programs. Obama and his socialist supporters are the real criminals.

      How can you say anything about facts when you have none? I can see why you support Obama.

    2. re-check your facts–or is Google too tough for you?

      AP, via ABC News: The $493,000 set was inspired by a few pieces of green basketweave-patterned French china in the White House collection believed to have come from James and Dolley Madison. It was paid for by a privately funded trust of the White House Historical Association, which also purchased a second, less formal set.

      Article states this set — the higher priced of TWO sets in the above purchase price— was purchased due to breakage of pieces in the original historical set. Your price was way off and the purchase was privately funded. By the way, did you know that 97,83% of all stuff on the internet is made up on the spot? LULZ to you, original poster–caught in multiple fibs again!!

    3. Really??? Please define ‘fair share’ of taxes. I probably consume less goods and services from the government, but not only do I pay a much larger nominal amount (that would be actual quantity of dollars for you liberal idiots), the rate at which I pay is much higher than most. So please, what in your mind would be fair…should I be taxed on everything I make above the median income so we can all have a fair outcome. While most liberals were going to college (if they did at all) taking useless majors like ‘Art History’ and ‘Sociology’, I was busting my hump in a Mathematics degree with Chemistry and Physics minors. Joined the Army and served in the Desert Storm to pay for my education. So seeing that I had an above average input to my success, I believe I deserve to reap the rewards of my sacrifices, not give them to some lazy deucebag who didn’t want to put down his game controller.

      1. We pay a huge amount and TAKE NOTHING…if the libs think they dont pay enough write a check and pay what ever share you want. But why should the gov take money from me and give it to someone who WONT work.

    4. Oh yeah, Laura Bush had to spend so much on dishes and other items for the White House because the Clintons stole most of it when they moved out. It will be interesting what the next POTUS will need to buy when the Obamas move out.

  20. Republican and Democratic:
    That should read “Republican and Democrat:”
    If I have to bring the grammar up to 8th grade reading levels, I want to get paid!!! Every day there is something in Koffler’s blog that makes him look like a product of the US public school system.

    1. Actually, a few years back the Democrats began insisting they are to be called “Democratics”. Yeah, I think it’s stupid, too, but adding the “ic” is also correct.

  21. Easy way to fix this:
    If the press is allowed to attend, then let them charge it to me (a taxpayer).

    If the press is barred – then the DNC has to pay.

  22. Michelle Obama did the same with her ‘private’ travel to Spain. She had a lunch/meeting with the King of Spain, so WE picked up that tab,too!

    Just don’t like moochers.

  23. An end to this whole practice regardless of whether they have a D or R after their name. If I am not mistaken, the practice was most recently revised while George W. Bush was at the helm and I disagreed with it then. Now we have the First Lady doing it as well.

    As far as I am concerned, the FLOTUS needs to be totally defunded. If she or the next first lady wants to do something, then they pay for it. We, the taxpayer, needs to stop these junkets immediately.

    Furthermore, the overall arrangement needs to be if there is ANY fundraiser then the party should pay the full freight and not the taxpayer splitting the bill, as we all know the “official” businesss is nothing more than a rouse to get we the people to pay the bill.

  24. MT for re-redistribution

    BO and Mooch hate this country, and they are going to do whatever the f they want to pillage it for what they can get. Their only goal is to stay in power. If they have any idea of the effect their ‘reign’ is having on the country, they sure as hell don’t care, as long as THEY can still live their dream.

    Come on, we’ve all heard the election stories, how the libs round up homeless, illegals, and the unemployable, and promise them good stuff if they vote for a dem. What the hell kind of responsible actions are those? Stick it to the man, right? But who is going to fund it? The dems have the most ridiculously irresponsible, unsustainable policies imaginable. The worst part is that the dumb people are getting dumber, and their numbers are increasing. There’s going to have to be some tough love for the freeloaders.

  25. The Hollywood Left supporting the military? The same military they cast as the force of evil in their movies? (Avatar comes to mind). The same military this administration send to brush fire wars with ridiculous “rules of engagement?” Now Moochelle is courting our military heroes for votes around election time (at taxpayer expense of course) – disgusting.

  26. Stop the money corruption of buying influence for corporation deals.
    and making TAXPAYERS pay for these corruption affairs is disgusting.
    And Taxpayers are to pay for White House Dinner to get Wall Street bankers/investors to give even more money to Obama.
    Corruption run wild.
    Wall Street is loaded with money from bailouts with the REAL Gordon Grekkos of today…… remember the movie Wall Street – Gordon Gekko “Greed is Good” w/Michael Douglas?
    Check out about Off Shore Investments.
    there will be no jobs created. do your research/homework.

  27. SO much for transparency – if they are going to use taxpayer money to solicit donations, they can at least let us watch them steal our tax money on TV so we can use those clips in tea party fundraisers. Who cares about the country defaulting on its debt? No this couple! Wonder if she will spend $2000 on each of her dresses? Or a $1,000 handbag?

  28. “We are up against the belief that it’s ok for lobbyists to dominate our government – that they are just part of the system in Washington. But we know that the undue influence of lobbyists is part of the problem, and this election is our chance to say that we’re not going to let them stand in our way anymore.”
    Barack Hussein Obama – Jan. 26, 2008

    ‘Nuff Said

  29. So when are the taxpayers of the US going to revolt? We hear about this stuff all the time and nobody screams bloody murder about it. I guess we taxpayers are just used to being stepped on, after all, it’s only our money. And now the US is broke with unfunded liabilities and an unsustainable debt. I’m looking at $12 a # butter in two years.

  30. we should think about changing the way congress does. we must limit the terms so they do not stay in forever. also change threir pay on the way out and the healthe benifits; as for ther President he is on the way out as we have had enough of his bs/ let him go and live on the golf course.

  31. Hmmm…. wonder if while in the area and doing an “official event” promoting the initiative to support military families will she happen to stop by Berkeley and scold them for their deplorable treatment of our military? Meh…. methinks not. This is simply a “two-fer” photo op to kiss up to the military (who, by the way are not oblivious to this disengenuous gesture) and to grub some desparately needed funds for hubby’s sagging campaign.

    True enough, both Republicans and Democrats do this, but it should be STOPPED (regardless of party). Incumbent politicians should be required to campaign on their own time and their own dime, just as their oponents have to. But… who would have to pass that law? Oh yeah, right, the INCUMBENT politicians… Sorry if I’m a bit cynical.

  32. This MOOCH never ceases to amaze me with her and her husband’s constant mooching off of We the People! We’re SO far in debt and all they can do is spend more of OUR money. And everything now is about his re-election. I don’t know anyone that’s voting for Obama, so they should just save our money and face the fact. The narcissist will never admit he’s a loser and I look forward to seeing him shellacked again in 2012.

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