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Obama Somehow Gets in Some Golf

I know this will be surprising to everyone, but the president has gone golfing.

Having obviously had enough of the solitude of Camp David, where he and the family were making a rare weekend sojourn, the president choppered early this morning directly to Andrews and headed straight to the Air Force base golf course. Not clear whether Michelle in the girls are still at Camp David or if they’ve returned to the White House.

This is the last chance for him to practice before next week’s smackdown with House Speaker Boehner. The foursome will also include Vice President Biden and John Kasich, Ohio’s Republican governor. Kasich, a former senior GOP House member who worked closely with Boehner for many years, was chosen personally by the Speaker to be his second in the duel.

And, given that the king, the first in line and the second in line to the throne will all be in the same place for about five hours, LOTS of Secret Service will also be in tow.

Today makes 11 weekends in a row that Obama has gone golfing. It’s his 14th outing this year and the 72nd of his presidency.

From this morning’s pool report:

Good Sunday morning. Reuters standing in for scheduled pooler, who had a problem getting cleared in at W.H. gates.

Potus has returned from a couple of nights at Camp David for a game of golf. The president landed at Andrews Air Force Base at 8:25 a.m. and exited Marine One, wearing a white polo shirt, slacks, sunglasses and sneakers. His blackberry case could be seen attached to his belt.

At 8:30 a.m. the motorcade left the landing area and the press vans split off while Potus and his entourage headed for the golf course.

Golfing partners are the familiar Ben Finkenbinder, Marvin Nicholson, and David Katz, per a W.H. official

Your pool, which left the White House at 7:00 a.m. to travel to Andrews, is holding at the not-yet-open food court on base.

Jeff Mason
White House Correspondent

199 thoughts on “Obama Somehow Gets in Some Golf”


      1. Really Jon? not everyone can be as computer savay as you I guess. Why go there? you dont want to read it dont, I how ever did read it and it was not vomit.

  2. You know, there was a time when the comments about his golf seemed to be a bit ridiculous, but now his golfing has gotten to be a bit ridiculous. There should be an aide shouting in his ear, “You know sir, this is a bit much. You can’t keep doing this when the middle class who used to get out golfing once a month is now lucky to get out once a summer. You have 3 wars going on and even the loathsome Bush quit golfing after he got us into the first of the 3.”

    All this really does is prove he’s out of touch. But then again I always felt that he didn’t “get it”.

    1. Dan… GWB had CLASS
      characteristics that this jerko knows nothing about…can’t even give his two daughters a FULL week-end of attention…I believe he is like the Weiner…he loves HIMSELF…

  3. Here is the difference between a man who cares about the country and a man who doesn’t. respect ..

    From an interview with Politico and Yahoo News:

    “I don’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf,” he said. “I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.”

    Bush said he made that decision after the August 2003 bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, which killed Sergio Vieira de Mello, the top U.N. official in Iraq and the organization’s high commissioner for human rights.

    “I remember when de Mello, who was at the U.N., got killed in Baghdad as a result of these murderers taking this good man’s life,” he said. “I was playing golf — I think I was in central Texas — and they pulled me off the golf course and I said, ‘It’s just not worth it anymore to do.'”

    G.W. Bush

    1. “Lady” friend? Oh, dear, I don’t believe that is the case.

      I know it’s just rumours…but of the same ilk as the John Edwards/Bill Clinton/Ensign/Spitzer/Frank/Sanford/Kennedy/Dodd rumours….Where there is smoke, there is fire. He is not a “ladies” man. I have a few acquaintances/friends who are gay men in Chi…who DO NOT KNOW EACH OTHER…and all four have told me the same rumour about O and Rahm being pretty constant customers at the tubs=Man’s Country…in the late ’90s.

      This is so rampantly believed in the “boyz town” community it’s quite unbelievalbe that no journalist even looked into it. But, of course they did and backed off and protected Obama…just like they did with Edwards. Also, and sorry for all you that know this, Rev Wright shepherded a bunch of fellows on the DL in his flock….and there were brutal execution style murders of two of these men….who had (I’ll be kind here) casual ties to Mr. Obama.

      Am I missing something? I get that Larry Sinclair was a flawed guy, so it was easy to dismiss his claims of love in the afternoon in a rented town car and snorting coke at a Holliday Inn….(although, I do believe him)…but honestly…what about the DL club that the pious Rev Wright ran? What about the 2 murders?

      I’m just about out of caring anymore. The country deserves who they voted for: A fraud. I just don’t understand how we sank so low and how we abandoned this wonderful experiment the Founding Fathers gave us.. Ugggh.

  4. He plays entirely too much golf for a man with young children at home. When he’s old, he’ll never be able to apologize to his girls by saying “I spent too much time with you.” But he will apologize to them with this: “I’m sorry that I played so much golf and was away from you on weekends when you were little girls.”

    Golf is not a game for a man with a family unless, of course, the whole family plays the game.

    1. …dont worry about the kids too much. Something says they will grow up to be spoiled, elite DC princesses who will never have to deal with the ‘real world’ for the rest of their lives.

  5. I’m sure those who normally play golf on the course he is on are not very happy. They probably close down the whole course just so he can chase his little white ball around. Or did he buy a golf course with bail out money? I wonder who pays his green fees? Does he have a preidential budget just for golf? Here’s a good question. You have four politicians playing golf. Who do you trust to keep an honest score? NO ONE!

    1. He is actually playing on the Air Force golf course… so he is taking MWR (Morale Welfare & Recreation) time away from the troops in the DC region… what a stand-up Commander-In-Chief huh?

      You want to know what is really ridiculous? When he shows up for his round of golf, they give him cart #44… even if someone is using it, they will send people out to get the cart. How effing ridiculous is that!!?!?!? I doubt he pays the same green fees that the troops pay… he makes me sick and is definitely NOT my POTUS.

  6. I am an avid golfer. I try to get out as often as I can, but still spend time visiting friends and family and spending time with my wife and dog. How Obama can golf 72 times with a family and a job that is of far superior importance to mine is beyond me.

    I understand everyone needs time to cut loose no matter who you are, but I can’t comprehend how he can fulfill his duties as POTUS and as a father if you are golfing 72 times in a little more than 2 years.

    1. I only started golfing 7 years ago with my adult son. I have no idea how a family man can take 4-5 hours away from his family every weekend without it being noticed by his children. I love golf too, but it IS a total waste of time.

    2. Having lived with someone who was a drug addict, I can tell you that nothing matters as much as the next fix. Not mother, not father. He tries to rationalize the irrational. Everyone seems to notice that his golf games are excessive.
      He is smoking funny stuff, and doesn’t want to do it on Federal property. His friends must be supplying him.
      I will bet his speech tonight will be full of uh uh uh and his eyes will make him look like a space cadet.
      His speech and his thought processes are all messed up because of it. I have seen it first hand, unfortunately.

      1. Coy,

        How can you tell what eyes look like when he never looks at the camera? He only knows how to look at the teleprompters.

    3. The answer is simple, he is no where near fulfilling his duties as POTUS. He is; however, fulfilling his duties to his puppet master Spooky Dude by working diligently to destroy our economy and way of life.

      1. Just wondering, Jim, when is all of congress going golfing with him? They’re already on the green with him. Are they just resting in the clubhouse until he can come in and tell them what to do?

    4. If you figure 365 days x 2 years= 730 + 4 months of this year@30 days each, that’s 850 days divided by 72 outings, that’s playing once every 11.8 or 12 days. With all that is going on in this country ( not to include the rest of the world) & being the President besides, that is one hell of a lot of golf.

  7. Isn’t it funny, I just saw an article in the Daily Mail with the President lamenting that he doesn’t have enough time to spend with his children. When he does have time, he goes golfing…Again.
    He’s a peach!

  8. Nobody is mentioning how this affects the people who are involved in getting this family from point A to point B on an early Sunday morning. The people who have to provide protection, transportation, even the pool reporters are prevented from attending Sunday church services if they so desire. Just because the Obamas’ choose not to attend worship in the Christian faith, doesn’t mean the individuals in their service have the same beliefs. But then when does he care about anyone other than himself?

    Keith, have you heard from Granny Jan? Can’t imagine she would miss the 11th golf outing in a row.

    1. Someone should calculate how much each of these boondoggles cost the tax payers and the impact on all those in the surrounding area when his majesty comes driving by. Bet we could knock a trillion off the debt if he would just stay in the White House.

      1. Good to have you back Granny Jan!

        Something is wrong in his behavior and your video exposes a very real concern. Thank you for being brave enough to bring to light what many of us suspect.

  9. This empty suit should be impeached now. He is the worst president in the history of this country taking the tittle from the penut man and thats going some.

  10. The Obama’s sure seem to be enjoying themselves and using every opportunity to utilize all of the luxuries of the Office. Wonder how they’ll adjust to normal life after their 4-year Country Club lifestyle comes to an end?

    72-Rounds of Golf since taking office on January 20th, 2009…great if you’re retired, but Obama is in the highest office of the land at a time when we face economic distress with unemployment of 9.1%…not to mention wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and now the new “secret war” in Yemen. Obama just doesn’t get it. He only feeds the idea that he is destroying the nation on purpose and even more, seems to be rubbing salt in our wounds by going golfing in the midst of unprecedented suffering here at home and around the World.

    I will need prescription medications for clinical depression should Americans make the mistake of electing Obama to another term. He obviously was not qualified to be President the first time and has made it even more clear that he has no concept of the priorities and etiquette it takes to be President.

  11. Wasn’t it just days ago that Obama bemoaned his not being able to spend as much time with his kids as he would have liked? The letters to convey my utter contempt for his hypocrisy do not exist on my keyboard.

    1. BINGO! Good catch, deb.

      I, like you, are on to Obama. I think it is going to end very badly for he and the FIT, INTERNATIONAL STYLE ICON.

  12. Obama Bin Lyin, round the world he go’s flying, taxpayers are crying, from trying to pay for Obama Bin Lyin to go flyin.

    Obama Bin Lyin, says Libya is no flying, says days not weeks, and now it all reeks, Obama Bin Lyin.

    “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” – Sen. Barack Obama December 20, 2007.

    BIDEN FLASHBACK: ‘If he gives authorization to war… without Congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him!’

  13. Maybe it was a pun…as in to be “thrown out of office”. Maybe Michelle is first in line since she seems to stay around the office more and is probably the one doing most of the work.

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  15. Good thing all is well in the wide wide world and since I have so much extra disposable income these past few years, I too will take up golfing.

    Appreciate the information. One thing though I noticed. “thrown = throne”


  16. Since he is headed towards his goal for a full 6 months out of his 1st term on the golf course, Im curious how many other vacation days he has taken so far as well, I’m guessing what 40-50 so far..
    Where else can you take a year off for working 3?
    I understand we are in 5 wars (Iraq and Afghanistan officially, Libya, Pakistan and Yemen off the books) with another brewing on the border (Mexico) and a couple in the works (Syria and Iran) not to mention the massive problems here on our home front…
    I think it’s time you either get your ass to work,or get out of the way

    1. I would much prefer he get out of the way and let someone who cares about this country and who is competent to lead get the job done. This ass clown couldn’t run a weed eater much less the greatest country on earth.

  17. maybe if mr obama would try to spend some time in church on sundays when it isn’t just for show or in the pew of some left wing radical hate monger god may just enlighten him although i dought if there is that much enlightenment in god’s little bag of tricks

    1. While Obama feigns being a Christian, the truth is that he doesn’t go to church because he actually worships himself. Either that or he truly is a muslim.

  18. But…just think of all the new jobs at hosting golf courses that are generated when the Pres hits the links-gotta love that “Summer recovery”..

  19. New poll shows presidents popularity shrinking in Obama family! Family complains being married to professional golfer takes up more time than if being married to a president!

  20. I want to see the scorecards from the Obama vs. Boehner matchup. Something tells me that while Obama golfs every week that he is still probably a horrible golfer.

  21. I thought i read in a recent interview he regretted not spending enough time with his kids? Its becoming clearer this ambitious Socialist in the White House is neither a good husband, father or president. I gave up my passion for golf when I realized it was either spending valuable time with my family or my friends. The decision was easy for me even though I, much like Obama, did not have a good male role model in my life. But then again, I lack the arrogance that makes this man somehow think he was going to save the United States by moving it away from what makes it great. Its looking more certain that in less than two years Obama will have plenty of time for golf and maybe he will allocate a little more of it to his family..

  22. This bozo never WAS in touch! Congress needs to call a special session to draw up charges of incompetence, illegality, and high crimes and misdemeanors against this failure-in-chief.

  23. The USA headed straight down the crapper and 300 million + americans deeply worried— we are right on the cusp of going over the cliff, and yet maybe this is the best place for him. I would rather have this clown goofing off at the course than trying out more of his treasonous, radical, marxist, crazy ideas on America.

  24. If he doesn’t have enough time with his kids he should take them golfing. But with the amount of time he spends golfing they would probably get sick of him in no time.

  25. You only need to go back to the third day of his presidency, January 23, 2009, in a meeting with congressional leaders from both parties. When confronted with push back in regards to his stimulus package, the rookie spoke the two words that we all need to recognize. “I won.”

    And that is all that matters.

    “Mr. President…..I know that is only a 5 footer for a triple bogey, you can have it You knock them in all the time.”

  26. Look the man has more vacations than any 10 people about 1 for every 100 lies he tells us, So whats a few hours away. I think he is focusing like a laser on job creation on the golf course, same as OJ was looking for Nicole’s killer on the golf course.

  27. The President probably should stay at the Golf Course and not return since *** new *** explicit photos of Congressman Weiner (sigh) were released by TMZ today, showing the Congressman exposing himself (but covering his erect genitals with a towel).

    In other news, TMZ reported that Mrs. Pelosi’s Swamping Draining Machine is, unfortunately, broken.

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  29. “Owe” is a loser at symbolic politics. Whether bowing at foreign leaders, golfing, dining and being entertained like royalty, traveling as the rich and famous, old “focused like a laser on jobs” fails to show any empathy with the People. This behavior is derived from arrogance and improper handling by fellow out of touch progressives. His arrogance, in turn, is based on a shallow life of privilege: ‘teaching’ law, writing books he did not actually author.
    He must not be re-elected.

  30. I’m not a golfer myself. But sometimes when I have something to think about, I find it helpful to go for a walk. It changes, the scenery, allows me to relax a bit, and let the ideas shake out; changes the perspective a little.

    It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  31. No doubt when Obama made the deal to be president he was told it would be a piece of cake. He just needed to look and sound good delivering speaches and he could golf as much as he wished. I hope whoever bought him is at least patriotic about America.

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  33. When he loses in November 2012, actually, when he gets shellacked, he will not retire like most former presidents. He will live in exile, unwelcome wherever he is. His condescension and hubris are surpassed only by his flawed philosophies and destructive policies. The millions whose lives have been so damaged by his belief system put in action will see to it that he lives a life as a recluse when he is evicted on January 20, 2013.

    1. He may well live in exile, but he won’t be penniless. He will have his billion dollar campaign chest to keep the family living the life of luxury they have been accustomed to ever since he lied his way into the Oval Office.

  34. Why did he even bother to go to Camp David for the weekend? Then he gets up early on Sunday morning…probably didn’t even have time to enjoy breakfast with the family…to race off in a helicopter to his golf game. It isn’t just one helicopter either. There are multiple helicopters involved for security reasons. All the transportation costs to get the family to Camp David and then get them back to DC separately doesn’t even phase the “royal family”. No wonder we the little people can’t afford to take a vacation with our family this summer. We are too busy paying for their lifestyle of the rich and famous. These people have no shame.

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