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Please Everyone, Don’t Worry About Golf

Some of you have expressed concern that because President Obama and his family are making an unusual sojourn at Camp David, the president may be forced to skip golf this weekend. Many of you probably know that Camp David is in Maryland’s Cactoctin Mountains, and while there are plenty of hiking trails, there probably isn’t a golf course.

But truly, there is no cause for alarm. The outlook for golf this weekend is good.

First of all I found a beautiful course where Obama can play if he gets tired of the isolation of Camp David, which presidents have traditionally used to take time to think about world and national issues.

The Musket Ridge Golf Club is just southwest of the Catoctins in Myersville, Md. Here’s a nice photo of the place.

What’s not to like, Mr. President? Okay, that sand trap looks a little brutal, but at least you’ll have a great view while you’re operating the pitching wedge.

The weekend rate between 11 am and 1 pm, when you usually get out, is $75 and includes the cart. And there’s good news for the junior staffers who generally go with you, the “junior rate” is just $35, though I’m not sure any of them will meet the 15 & under age requirement to get the deal.

If you want to prepare for your showdown with Speaker Boehner next weekend, lessons are $75 each, and you can get five for the price of four. Based on what I’ve seen of your swing, this may be advisable, though the video I saw was shot some time ago and you certainly have been practicing.

But, gosh, none of this may be necessary. The pool has been told to show up at the White House at 9:30 am Sunday, which points to a morning return for the president.

I doubt he’s coming back to go to church.

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  1. Isn’t Princess Sasha’s birthday this weekend? They probably took a bunch of kids up there for the weekend for a birthday party.

  2. with barry, golf trumps church any day.. so funny he “claims” to be a Christian (which seems as common pandering to many) yet is unwilling to take his daughters to worship the Jesus he claims to know..In the meantime, our WH has a growing reputation of being a vulgar,profane place. I remember on the campaign trail when asked about a meaningful scripture in his life, all barry could do is talk about the golden rule….yet he sure has no problem quoting from the “holy koran”..
    He insults our intelligence at every turn.. poor guy hasn’t a clue..
    I pray the Lord will remove the scales from his eyes…
    then remove him from office !

  3. Keith, You are so nice to think of his welfare out there in the wilderness of Camp David. Don’t believe he will take you up on those great rates though. Why pay the fees when he can golf for free on a military installation.

    Drudge is linking to an article about Boehner selecting Gov. Kasich (Ohio) as his partner, while Obama chose Biden. Good that they can get together for a friendly game to discuss the future of our country. Maybe they will let us in on their decisions. Nah…wishful thinking.

  4. Sitting here in AZ where it hasn’t rained since, well, the last time it rained and the temp will be around 102, makes one yearn for some down time in the green hills while being pampered by a full household staff. Resting on a lawn chair outside, sipping a lemonade………….sigh.
    He should stay there for a few days, reflecting on the state of the union.
    We’d understand if he wanted some real time to himself, out of the never-ending news cycle, to clear his mind and make some decisions that might help the country he’s supposed to be leading.
    We wish he would do just that.

    • Hope you are no where near the wildfires srdem. Same here in my area of Texas…high temps and no rain in sight. Keeping my vegetable patch alive has never been this challenging.

      Beth may be right about the Camp David visit. Kids love camp-outs. I have come to accept that he knows exactly what he is doing to our country, and the havoc he is causing is intentional.

      • Thanks for your concern but no fire here where I live.
        The fires are north and east of the Phoenix area, high in the mountains of AZ. The little towns there are charmingly old Arizona where they might hold their CityCouncil meeting in the local restaurant or bar. Blue collar or no collar towns where everyone knows everyone and they don’t like the ‘commie-dems’ who want to tell them what to do. Lots of cattle and real cowboys.
        This fire is devastating and has destroyed not just the pine trees but the grasses that the cattle need to survive.

  5. THIS is the reason I left the Republican Party.

    GOLF. The rich man’s game. Cocktail-swilling, cocaine-sniffing Republicans. Rich men. Power. Authority. “Conservativism.”


    There is absolutely NOTHING conservative about Boehner, Ryan, or the rest of the little boys on Capitol Hill. They are all blowhards. When push comes to shove, they will remain *silent* and sell you, me and the country to the highest bidder.

    Golf. WTF! With Obama!

    No thanks.

    Our nation is going to HELL and these “men” are playing golf.


    • Don’t mix all us Republicans together Tom. There are definitely two different camps — constitutional conservatives and the establishment. Boehner is in the establishment camp.

      Read some really interesting history yesterday. Shortly before the Civil War the Whigs were splintering into two different camps — pro-slavery and anti-slavery. Abraham Lincoln, a former Whig, was one of the founders of the Republican party in 1854. He was the first Republican elected as president. Maybe history is repeating itself. It is time the Republican party to rediscover their roots, otherwise they will become another footnote in history and go the way of the Whigs.

      • Both sides of the aisle have a lot of explaining to do to their constituents. They lose whatever morals or ethics that propelled them into politics and only do what’s neccesary to keep what must be the best jobs in the world. None of them leave office broke but rather become very wealthy and enjoy lavish pensions.

        We, the people, are to blame for re-electing the same people to office term after term. Elected positions were not meant to be a person’s life career.

        • The Vichy Republicans still hold court in D.C.: Boehner, Ryan, Cantor. And SRDEM, your right (hell sir, your always right) when you wrote, “we the people are to blame for re-electing the same people to office term after term.” We’ve found the enemy, and it’s us.

          Susan, I don’t put all Republicans in the same camp, but the majority of Republicans are nitwit syncophants. Especially the new Chairman, Mr. Preibus (sounds like a new electric car). I heard this cupcake talk the other night and I could not believe it: what a dope. A sissy. A p*ssy. A pansy. WHERE are the REAL Republicans. Who elected this freak? Oh, right. We did.

          We need studious, atheists or religious – doesn’t matter – but well read, hard-working, dedicated, professional, straight talking politicians that will stand up and speak truth to power. Anger the media. Piss off Rachel Maddow … and tell her to go to hell. Anger the left … and the right. Tell Obama he’s a bigot … and then STAND LIKE A MAN and take blowback. Tell Boehner to stop playing footsie with the White House. REPRESENT your district! Stand firm! Tell the cocktail-swilling elites to KISS your ass.

          They won’t. They can’t. Too many Republicans suffer from cancer of the spine.

          “One should either write [ or speak ] ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up.”
          -Arthur Koestler

          • I’d vote for you in a heartbeat Tom. We need real patriots like you representing us in DC. No more prim and proper appeasers. I disagree with you on Ryan. I don’t believe he is in the same camp as Boehner and Cantor.

            Agree with you and srdem, WE are responsible for the people we elect to office. We are heading downhill fast, and that poll of Weiner constituents who wanted him to stay in office made that crystal clear.

          • Tom, I really like your passionate cry for brave, good politicians. You are absolutely right. Seems like there are too many cowardly posturers out there. Brilliant Koestler quote.

  6. Actually there is a golf course at Camp David. I did a Google “Is there a golf course at Camp David?” Go to the second page and see “About Camp David”. It is second from top..

    In the menu under activities they list golf. Ike had a one hole course designed by the famous golf architect Robert Trent Jones. It is just outside of the presidential Aspen Lodge. The hole has 4 tees which gives four different ways to play the hole. Camp David also has a driving range.

    In the drop down menu under activities see basketball and see Obama playing basketball.

    President Bush #41 had a chapel built.

  7. I love Myersville, though I’ve never been to the golf course there. I go often from D.C. to hike on the AT as it crosses Maryland, through the Cactoctins before winding into Pennsylvania. Absolutely wonderful part of the world!

    • It’s a beatiful golf course. I shot my best round EVER on Musket Ridge. Highly recommend it if you’re a golfer.
      Just the drive through Middletown is worth the trip.